, but taste is the core!


we live in a world of economic globalization, but the way we look at the world still has a strong national colour bias.

editor’s note: Hagai Tal is CEO of mobile advertising platform Taptica. He has participated in a number of companies investment, management and development and other related matters, including Kontera, Amadesa, Payoneer, BlueSnap and Spark Networks.

China is now Israel’s third largest trading partner, the total economic trade between the two countries last year reached $11 billion which is a very important figure for Israel, the country’s GDP is about US $300 billion.

I went to the

2. Huang Taiji is optimistic about its business model,

"It’s time to stop looking for Western versions of WeChat apps,"

1. "rich handsome pancake" Carnival and new period has passed;

, for example, "Huang’s taste so bad, why investors still vote for him?" in this article, lists the three main reasons why Huang Taiji can still get investors’ favor under the premise of "unpalatable":

clearly, Silicon Valley’s view of China’s technology industry is out of line with the market. But Israel’s views on China’s technology industry are very different. Since 1990s, Israel has taken the lead in China’s expansion plan.

3. changed into multi brand after eager to win, the lack of mature management system;

in the past few years, Chinese companies have been spending heavily. They began investing in all sectors of the economy or acquiring company. At present, the technology company is the third largest investment target of Chinese investors. But Silicon Valley media tend to believe that the purpose of Chinese investor acquisitions is to introduce western technology into the Chinese market.

! "

, for example, when the Chinese company voted Grindr the first gay social application, the media focus on the potential market China gay community dating application, and we rarely pay attention to Silicon Valley in the Chinese copy successful products although this kind of strategy to the market also brings certain challenges.

WeChat backs >

concluded that Huang Taiji’s failure was due to

3. catering O2O>

in the past, China bought our technology because of the lack of ability to develop the technology industry in china. But things are different now. Today, China is developing its own technology and is trying to push China’s technology to other countries.

can see, after a long and minute statement all after detailed analysis of the various media, most of the "this session of Huang Taiji pattern no conclusion.

4. pay high rents and high fixed costs, operational resources are multi brand scattered, brand awareness is far better than other Huang Taiji;

in the process of Chinese, I have used WeChat to authenticate and connect the public Wi-Fi to pay expenses, taxi tickets, catering, arrange to meet and chat with friends and colleagues.

‘s current gap is reflected in economics and culture, not technology,


and some xianyihouyang or the devaluation of real praise, was suspected of Huang Taiji "bad" do a full bedding.


, a technology reporter, reported in his recent visit to china. Like anyone who has been in China for a long time, I agree with you.

Abstract: "Huang Taiji used the Internet thinking tricks, just use people’s freshness and curiosity, in order to" life "will continue, he constantly create topics, from Huang Taiji 1 upgrade to multi brand Huang Taiji 2, and Huang Taiji 3 brand shop + factory shop takeaway……

5. after the core business to take away, there is not enough traffic, resulting in experts to B end cooperation, merchants cost too high.

: for example, in Silicon Valley, people ask about the world’s largest consumer market. When will China fully open its doors and embrace technology giants like apple, shlf1314, and Facebook?. However, China’s technology industry is concerned with another question: when will China’s technology companies disrupt the western market,

so why would the media generally avoid the "unpalatable" problem,


but, for a problem, they all chose to say "

, Huang Long’s founder, long ago, said: "good food is not the only standard of fast food success.".

these days, WeChat, "public chopsticks play thinking" and "commercial property" were released "Huang Taiji factory store closed, takeaway co tenants collective home business model, finally return to where?" and "Huang Taiji’s 2016" two, half of the factory shop closed article, is a large share in the prospect and destiny of the same circle of friends, also let Huang Taiji this "Internet restaurant originator" is again in the media spotlight.


in many media reports, from the media agency to see the title is this:

2. to spend money to cultivate the market, the pancake as a lunch, dinner, the consumer is still not enough to drive the entire restaurant traffic;

1. Huang Taiji, is this person he Chang;

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