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article. "In two and a half years, the Facebook platform has developed from zero to hundreds of millions of dollars.". This reflects a wide range of social changes, and people spend more time playing casual games." From here you can see out, the money is mainly wanted to come out, and if others think very profitable projects, do not go in, go in and die, not expect the future of the project is much better. And platforms like the Facebook platform are sure to continue to grow. What about a platform like this?

when individual owners become a kind of occupation, when more and more 80, 90 after a successful example in front of us, see a day to earn 500 yuan, or even more publicity, we can not help to say Wangzhuan really is on our side.

finally use Ma Ma’s words, "today is cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, the day after tomorrow is very good, but the vast majority of people die in the evening, can not see the sun the day after tomorrow."." So insist on seeing the sun the day after tomorrow.

in contributions!

"Nobody anticipated such rapid growth," Smith said in the


in order to succeed in online money making, and sustained, steady rise in money, then the most important thing is not what you get, but in what you give the user content. When you master this truth and persevere, then you will become closer and closer to success.

I know a personal webmaster, he spent more than a year to collect and tidy up the 1500GB video training lecture. It covers everything, and then he builds the www222, which provides services to those who need it. Although the fee based services, but we analyze, in the ordinary CD disk as an example, 1500GB need to burn 2500 to Zhang Guangpan, the current market is the most low-end CD CD as an example, to each 1-2 element, 2500 pieces of about 2500-5000 yuan. It doesn’t count the time, labor costs, or the cost of collecting and purchasing them. And the price that this stationmaster sells these resources is the price of a mobile hard disk only. It’s like you’re spending less money on a 1500GB’s ultra large mobile hard disk. Unlike direct purchases, you get extra 1500GB high quality content. That is to say: the product gives users very large added value, and these additional values do not require additional spending. As a user, why not,

maybe these big brothers are far away from us. Well, tell me about the people who are standing by us. You’ve seen a number of webmasters making successful models on the basis of fees. On the contrary, most of them offer free services and make profits through other models. In other words, that is, by giving the user first and then getting it.

when we join this "avant-garde" industry, but there are many people under the banner of high returns to recruit so-called "offline."". As a blend in a circle a few years old, it is necessary to name the wangzhuan!

said that although many users, even many webmasters, bought his resources and resold them, they made a lot of money, but he didn’t have to worry about it

we observe the development of the entire network industry, most of which are based on the "free" banner to get high returns. free chat, but rely on value-added services to make sh419 from the early awfully; for the portal provides search technical support to their own free search for users, also make very happy. Other Sina, Sohu and other web content is not free to users to browse, but they have earned high advertising costs.

I am a new webmaster to tell the truth I do is at work I get money, I have built two stations a fee is free at the point of this network has been built for three months, now a little income are not, there is a site connected to a website just on the line every day; I will go on A5, the Black Hawk such sites look at other webmasters to write something every day can see the master how to promote your web site, how to make money through traffic, look at the same time I would go to think about whether there are other ideas, others have no idea.

today I see a news on the Internet, "09 years of virtual goods revenue will reach 1 billion, the social gaming giant benefit: according to foreign media reports, released on Wednesday by the" inside virtual goods "Inside Virtual Goods said in a report, due to such as Facebook and MySpace social network game has been on the site amazing development, virtual goods in 2009 operating income steadily towards $1 billion, more than doubled over the same period last year." In the sales of virtual goods is not so hot we can learn something from it? The big guys eat meat, the middle guy soup, can we and some water? I remember some time ago in the black hawk on see a friend to write the kind of auxiliary software by selling the farm to make money, buy a dozen to several blocks; I think this good idea. In fact, the method is people want to come out, even the RMB is created by people, people earn RMB, it should not be very difficult thing.


a webmaster hard up, a station, the ultimate purpose is to make money, but now many webmaster don’t make money, or earn very little. Want to buy the domain name from the project, to find space in the program to find some Adsense program or yourself, change the code, add the content, finally to the promotion of this is very troublesome, but is always behind the promotion and management of long-term work, since we should return to pay.

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