Web page optimization can be analyzed in detail to enhance the user experience

fourth, multi reference and analysis of others website article. When a lot of good and bad we can’t judge an effective way.

third, paragraph layout must be conducive to the user experience. For example, the word is more attention to reasonable section, whatever your style of writing, for their understanding of the problem from the write out of my heart, I believe that this is a neat paragraphs each viewer is very popular in primary school, when we all know, writing when the teacher often emphasized neat handwriting, most of the time the teacher did not see scribbled on the interest even if you literary grace is very good, in this article writing, while writing everyone is the same, the difference is reflected in this paragraph, the reasonable site layout, make it look more clean, do not discuss the quality how, at least users see after the first eye is very cool. Very clean, interested to see.

as everyone knows, website optimization process, the content page optimization is the core of the core, as the Shanghai dragon Er how we do the optimization details the content page in the website optimization process is very important, the author mainly talk about the content page and the details are worthy of our attention, we are good Syria gossip short to enter today’s theme, web page optimization can be analyzed in detail to enhance the user experience.

second, the content of the website is standing in the user perspective for customer service. The author found that many researchers in the optimization process in the optimization of the website in search engine always stand in the angle of writing content, of course, as the Shanghai dragon Er us in the process of writing has a certain sense of optimization is a good thing, but if just write articles to optimize, I think this is mainly because of the very The loss outweighs the gain., love to determine the quality of Shanghai is not only depend on the number of original and pseudo original such a simple way, the important point is to analysis the user in the page retention time, imagine a optimize to optimize web content. No value, natural user’s residence time is very short, even if your article is original but users do not pay the search engine will think problems of website content quality, this is the author talked about in the optimization of the site in addition to time Consider the search engine for users to consider to help users solve problems in reality to help users is truly worthy of focus.

first, site title is the first major points of the content page optimization. Site title like a woman gentle touching face, the first impression is very deep, standing in the user perspective excellent website title to attract users to the eye is one aspect, more important is to let the user feel the value and significance of the article, standing in the angle of our search engine analysis website title is effective methods we build long tail keywords, so the author thinks that a good title not only to the user into account, but also to stand in the perspective of a search engine, there are unique, scarcity, and the title of the Internet as much as possible not to repeat, so that we can quickly obtain effective ranking of the long tail word.

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