first_imgIn the past year my interest in social media has drastically increased. The topic area appeals to me for sure; though I have a feeling that my role as a marketer at a Boston venture capital firm has contributed to this new source of intrigue.In my personal life, I am an avid Facebook fan. I enjoy exchanging pictures, writing messages, and simply keeping in contact with old and new friends. I also like to use LinkedIn to build my professional network. I take pleasure in checking out new social sites and learning about the new features and capabilities of each.As interested as I am in this area, for whatever reason, I have never been able to get into Twitter. It wasn’t until recently, that my interest was piqued and I decided to give it a try. Working at a VC firm that takes an active interest in expansion stage tech companies, it’s difficult not be influenced by all of the techies swarming around. I joined Twitter about a month ago. I currently follow 43 people, a combination of family, friends, and professional contacts – and have 29 followers of the same type. I have 0 tweets.I recently became connected “following/followed by” a gentleman by the name of Andrew Davis, who spoke at one of our events two weeks ago. He responded to my follow with “no tweets?”I read this message and pondered it for quite some time. No, I don’t have any tweets. Is this because I don’t have anything to say? Nope, that’s not it. Is it because I don’t know what to say? Well maybe that’s getting a bit closer. Is it that I don’t know what to say or when/how often to say it? Yes, I think that might be it.When I think about the social sites that I frequent, there is a clear distinction in my mind that Facebook is for my personal life and LinkedIn is for my professional life. But where does Twitter fit in? I am following friends and groups of interest, also colleagues and professional connections. The lines are blurred. Do my family and friends care about the newest fads in raising venture capital? I doubt it. Do my professional contacts care if I’m out to dinner with my sister? I doubt it as well. What to write…Another factor contributing to my 0 tweets is the “content promise,” a phrase coined by Joe Pulizzi, content marketing extraordinaire. When you promise your followers or target audience a content delivery schedule, the expectation has been set. If you don’t deliver on that promise, you’ll lose the trust of your audience. If I add 4 tweets one day, followed by a week of nothingness, what are my followers going to think? I don’t want to disappoint them, so I have yet to tweet.A recent article states that “more than a third of [Twitter accounts] have not posted a single Tweet.”After seeing this, I am intrigued that I’m not the only interested yet inactive Twitter user; though I wonder if anyone else shares the same tweeting anxieties… AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterShare to PrintPrintShare to EmailEmailShare to MoreAddThislast_img

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