first_imgThe Argentine, who directed the subsidiary at the time, took over the first team. After a start as an interim coach, his first four wins made him initially worthy of continuing until the end of the season. However, that bad run of results at the beginning of March would curb its continuity … and the return of Zidane.Your exit. Solari led the first team a total of 32 games (among all competitions), with the following balance: 22 wins, two draws and eight losses. Madrid with him scored 71 goals (2.21 goals per game) and conceded 37 (1.06 per game). He hasn’t trained again since then, but he works for the club (Florentine he valued him in his speech-presentation-farewell: “We have not obtained results, but I have to thank his work, his professionalism and his loyalty to this club”). Now as ambassador of the entity participated in the opening of the 14th promotion of the Real Madrid University School and has attended acts of rocks. EI Madrid return today to the starting point of this second stage of Zidane as a white coach On March 10, 2019, whites traced a goal from Anuar to impose on Valladolid 1-4 (so many of Varane, Benzema -two and Modric). That victory served to forget a previous week in which the whites were eliminated from the Cup (defeat 0-3 against Barcelona), of the Champions (severe corrective to the Ajax, 1-4) and practically of the League after having fallen in Classic played in the Bernabeu (0-1). Despite the victory in the lands of Pucelan, Solari, coach of the whites, was dismissed the next day. His replacement was Zidane, the technician who had said goodbye in the spring of 2018 after having managed to raise his third Champions consecutive.That campaign had been complicated: the marches of Zidane and, above all, of Christian, added to the bad results throughout those eight months of competition made that campaign a true ordeal for players, technicians, managers and fans. At the exit of Lopetegui (It lasted five months in office), after fitting a very painful 5-1 in the Camp Nou, he climbed to Solari.last_img read more

first_imgFrom the dressing room environment, it is insisted that Quality is left over, but it is lacking in trust. Further, Lucas and Griezmann’s departures, his friends and teammates have not helped him either. The coaching staff has to manage the use of the player, who can not ignore, even less in the face of the plague of injuries. Right now, Lemar is the 17th player in minutes (987 in 22 games, ten as a starter) and has neither scored nor attended. He needs to improve, he knows it and Atlético-Granada will be his first test, just 11 days from Liverpool. The last chapter came in the Bernabéu derby. Lemar was the first change to replace the injured Morata. The Frenchman came from overcoming a muscle injury in the ischia announced on New Year’s Eve and a subsequent gastroenteritis, but before Madrid he did not give up. “He could not respond to the match we needed between the lines”, analyzed Simeone at the press conference. Tomorrow, although he is not expected at eleven, he is very likely to play. And then he will pass the Wanda Metropolitano exam. Lemar returns tomorrow to the Metropolitan Wanda, where he hasn’t played for almost two months (December 14, Osasuna) and where it was not clear that he would do it again. Because the Frenchman was one of the players with options to leave Atlético in the January market, although from the club they have always affirmed that they are still fully confident that it will explode and give the expected performance. The hobby doesn’t have so much faith, what It has indicated to him by his little profit in the year and a half which has already been in the team.last_img read more

first_imgIker Muniain, expelled in the derby against Real Sociedad, and Dani García, who saw the fifth card of the season at the Reale Arena, will lose the match by penalty of the twenty-fourth day of LaLiga which will face Athletic Club with Osasuna next Sunday in San Mamés (18.30 hours).In the case of Muniain, what He received the first red of the season for Athletic after a hard entry to Mikel Oyarzabal in the final stretch of the match, You can play Wednesday in the semifinal of the Cup against Granada if you are punished with one to three penalty games.Dani Garcia, meanwhile, his first game of the season will be lost against Osasuna after having played in the 23 games played. All of them as holder except for this derby before the Royal, in which He left the field in the 62nd minute instead of Beñat.That first hour of the match that the midfielder missed leaves Kiko Olivas, of Real Valladolid, and to Martin Valjent, from Mallorca, like the úThe only field players who have played until now all the minutes of competition. On the other hand, Iñaki Williams continues to accumulate consecutive games, although in San Sebastián he was substitute after 44 consecutive days forming in the initial eleven. The last time the game started on the bench was on December 17, 2018 against Deportivo Alavés in Mendizorroza.The Bilbao striker, author of the rojiblanco goal in Anoeta, already has 142 consecutive league games.Williams started this series on April 20, 2016, in a match against Atlético de Madrid in San Mamés, and since then participated in the four remaining meetings of this campaign, in all of the 2016-2017, 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 seasons and in the 23 days of the current 2019-2020.In addition to those of Muniain and Dani García, the Athletic will also have before Osasuna the loss of the injured Oscar de Marcos and will have to see the evolution of Yuri Berchiche and Raúl García, who missed the clash against Real because of muscle overloads.On the other hand, before the Navarrese team Gaizka Garitano will recover Iñigo Martínez, go down today in the Real Arena for accumulation of admonitions.last_img read more

first_imgNaples sees in Messi the rightful heir of Maradona and thus was received upon the arrival of Barcelona at his concentration hotel in the center of Naples. Hundreds of people stationed at the NH Paradiso hotel waited the arrival of the coach of Barcelona with shouts of “Messi, Messi”, which alternated with those of “Diego, Diego” and songs that already in the late 80s were dedicated to Maradona like those of “Mama, and seen Maradona”.The legacy of the Argentine star showed that the Blaugrana player reaches the field friend. When Real Madrid landed with Cristiano Ronaldo in the partenopea city, the Neapolitan public booed the Portuguese star.It is clear that Leo has come home.last_img read more

first_imgWelcome Marañón has written his name in gold letters in the history of football in Asia. Andalusian striker Ceres Negros rose AFC Cup all-time top scorer – continental competition equivalent to the Europa League – after scoring a double for Bali United in one of the few matches in Asian competition that were not affected by the coronavirus crisis.Marañón, about to turn five years without interruption in Ceres Negros, current champion of the Philippine First Division, reached 35 goals in the AFC Cup beating, among others, the Singaporean Aleksandar Duric, the Iraqi Amjad Radhi or the Brazilian Rico, all with more than 30 annotations. The Andalusian striker arrived in the Philippines endorsed by Carli De Murga in 2015 and since then has become one of the most outstanding players in Southeast Asia. “I can’t explain how happy I am! I can only say that the hard work is worth it,” said Bienve Marañón, who took the opportunity to thank Leo Rey Yanson, president of Ceres Negros; His trainer, Risto Vidakovic –Ex from Betis, Cádiz or Écija Balompié-, and all the club staff. The Andalusian also had words for the aforementioned De Murga, who was in Spain recovering from an injury when he met Bienve in Bilbao and offered to join what was then his team.With two wins and a draw in the first three days of the group stage, Ceres Negros leads his group in the AFC Cup with a three point advantage over Than Quang Ninh, Bienve being the tournament’s top scorer with five scores. The Philippine team to which the central defender Manuel Herrera ‘Súper’ also belongs is facing the start of the Philippines Football League, which is scheduled to start next week and has not been affected by the coronavirus crisis so far.last_img read more

first_imgFerran’s contractual situation means that proposals from the greats of Europe are already arriving. This is the second scenario that Valencia could be forced to assess in the coming months, in case of not reaching an agreement for its renewal. In fact, if the negotiation becomes entrenched, Peter Lim could start evaluating the offers that will come to him. The club could be seen in the tessitura of having to transfer it and enter a good amount of millions or risk being left without the player and without money, a few months later. Of this option, right now nobody wants to speak in the club or in the environment of the footballer. In the high places of Valencia they keep going around pending issues they had left just before the current health crisis broke out. Y One of them, perhaps the most important, is that of the renewal of Ferran Torres. For many months now, time has been running against Valencia. The player ends his contract in June 2021, in one year and three months, with what the entity is already in tow in the negotiation for a long time. Now, With the slowdown that will suffer everything due to the health crisis, time will be even more on top.The fear that one of the most sought-after and most future players in Europe will leave Valencia for free increases over time. In fact, when 2020 ends, Ferran could accept one of the mega-offers that will rain down on him in the coming months, without Valencia seeing a euro. To avoid that situation, the black and white club must fix its contractual relationship with Ferran before the next preseason begins. The solution that all parties want is the renovation of the youth squad. But for this, Valencia, in addition to guaranteeing a suitable financial contract with the present and future of the extreme (at the height of the footballers of the squad who earn the most), It must convince you with an essential sports project and social stability so that you choose to stay in the club of your life.last_img read more

first_imgWembley is the national stadium of English football where the national team matches, the finals of both cups and also the final for promotion to the First Division are held. Recently, he was already loaned to Tottenham to celebrate their matches as they built the new stadium.A calendar to decideThe unknowns about the return of football will depend, to a large extent, on the control of the virus in the United Kingdom. The latest news claimed that they wanted to resume the competition on June 1 to try to finish at the earliest date and start the next season when it was planned on the calendar, on August 8, 2020. The British government would have approved this subject plan, always, to the advance of events. The FA has made itself available to the EFL and the Premier League so that they can finish their league competitions with the best possible means after the stoppage caused by the coronavirus pandemic.As reported by The Times, the English federation will make available to both Leagues. Premier and the three professional divisions managed by the English Football League (Championship, League One, League Two), all available fields. TOIn addition to its facilities in St.James Park, with more than ten fields and even one covered, Wembley will also yield. The federation wants to help lighten the schedule and be able to host multiple games from different divisions at its training center or at Wembley on the same day.last_img read more

first_imgOnce he was operated on in Barcelona by Dr. Cugat, Brandon should be out for at least six months. What is still unknown is where he will carry out the rehabilitation exercises because his loan contract with Girona ends on June 30 and he will return to be an Osasuna player. Even if, if the rojiblanca entity achieves promotion to First it will automatically become the property of the Girona club until 2022 Because this was stipulated in his contract with a compulsory purchase clause. Brandon Thomas will go to the operating room next Tuesday, May 5. This has been confirmed this Sunday by Girona. After two postponements due to the coronavirus, the attacker will be He underwent a fracture in the anterior cruciate ligament of his left knee with meniscus involvement that he suffered in training on March 11. After a long time of waiting, Brandon will go one step further in his goal of returning to the playing fields as soon as possible.Girona’s medical services have had almost daily contact with Brandon and weeks ago they informed him that the intention was for him to be operated on May 5. And this Sunday has received confirmation. The attacker has shown great mental strength during this time and has been able to patiently endure the date of his operation. The Covid-19 caused its intervention to be postponed up to two times (March 23 and April 2), but it never showed concern because “with everything that is happening it is not a priority.” In addition, far from it has he been unemployed during this time because he has made an individualized work plan under the supervision of the doctors from Girona and Osasuna, a club that owns his rights, with the aim that the postoperative period is not so painful and cut the recovery times. It has strengthened his damaged knee, his left, and his lower and upper muscles. Particular attention has also been paid to her right leg with exercises such as squats because for the next few months she will be the one with the most weight and strength.last_img read more

first_imgHugs, kisses, thank yous and congratulatory messages were the order of the day for the three Jamaican members of the championship winning West Indies Under-19 cricket team who returned to the country yesterday.Led by several members of the cricketing fraternity, including Jamaica’s West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) president, Dave Cameron and Jamaica Cricket Association (JCA) president, Wilford ‘Billy’ Heaven, Michael Frew, Odean Smith and Shahid Crooks were met at Norman Manley International Airport.”What you did, you showed all of us what is possible when we get together as a people,” stated a beaming Cameron, who led a series of tributes at a welcome ceremony held at the airport.”It is a message that if we get together and believe in what we are doing and assisting each other, then the sky is the limit.”The regional cricket boss, who expressed apologies for Minister of Sports Natalie Neita Headley, also used the occasion to give assurance that the entire team will in due course be “properly” rewarded.”We have given you some tokens, but we believe we need to find meaningful ways of rewarding you for what you have done,” he said.Organised by WICB sponsor, Digicel, the ceremony also had in attendance several family members of the players, as well as their school coaches, principals and well wishers.”To beat India in Bangladesh is a big thing,” said Heaven.”I want to say to you congratulations and all the best in your future endeavours in the field of cricket.”SELF-BELIEFHeaven, who was also accompanied by Jamaica Under-19 chairman of selectors, Wayne Lewis, JCA secretary Fritz Harris and chief executive officer, Courtney Francis, also commended the team of their self belief.”During your send-off for the World Cup, we, the JCA, said to you at a ceremony that we believed in you and I think that you took that statement seriously,” Heaven remarked.”You believed in yourself as it is only a strong belief in yourself that could have led you to that victory.”Elon Parkinson, head of public relations at Digicel, also weighed in, expressing that Frew, Smith and Crooks had made Jamaicans and West Indians proud.”Michael, Odean, Shahid, big up,” said Parkinson.”You have made your schools St Elizabeth Technical and Maggoty High, your clubs, the Westmoreland and St Elizabeth Cricket Associations and by extension Jamaica and the West Indies, extremely proud.The West Indies last week defeated India by five wickets in the final of the ICC Under-19 World Cup, which was held in Bangladesh.last_img read more

first_imgGENEVA (AP):The fastest goal in World Cup history capped a night of 6-0 routs and The Netherlands’ further fall in European qualifying yesterday.Seven seconds ticked by when Belgium forward Christian Benteke’s shot finished his surging run through the Gibraltar defence, which kicked off but coughed up the ball.Benteke beat the 8.3 seconds that FIFA timed Davide Gaultieri taking to score for San Marino against England in 1993 and set the tone for the visiting Belgians’ 6-0 win.Portugal also won 6-0, but needed only a single excellent goal from Cristiano Ronaldo to dominate the Faeroe Islands.Instead, 20-year-old Andre Silva stepped up with a first-half hat-trick in just his fourth international match perhaps finally pairing Ronaldo with a true penalty-area predator for the freshly crowned European champion.Dutch decline has been steep since it followed runner-up and third-place finishes at the last two World Cups with failure to qualify for an expanded Euro 2016.A 1-0 loss at home to France was the latest setback, sealed by Paul Pogba’s powerful shot from 30 yards in the first half.Belgium and France top their groups, though Portugal trail Switzerland, which won their third straight qualifier, 2-1 at lowly Andorra.Only the nine European group winners advance directly to play in Russia and four runners-up will qualify through a play-off round.last_img read more