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today to have the opportunity to see a global Shanghai Dragon Industry Report in Lu Songsong’s blog, to share with you the general content:

has been a confusion, and this confusion is not the first day around me. No matter who is family or friends, when they hold concern asked: what do you do? Then I will get used to the answer: Shanghai dragon. Then you will see a more than a stunned and confused face. Yes, they do not know what is the Shanghai dragon, what, what is the role of. Every time I have to spend a lot of time to explain, I do not know if you encounter such a situation also tired, anyway, every time I finished I feel tired, then develop into answering said, do not understand their own Baidu ask. read more

owners are busy, no time to scan and search and site theme related books, then we can use the resource sharing sites, such as VERYCD, Sina network resource sharing, resource sharing and so on. There are a lot of PD>

, for example, will be on a study as the theme of the website content updates, we can use the relevant keywords, for example, students studying in the United States, Britain, Australia and so on related news source search keywords. Usually, if we love Shanghai for webmaster optimization, then we can use a search of news and Google news source. Believe that the webmaster all know, news sources in the article are generally the latest, and appear in the search engine of the repetition rate is smaller. This method I mentioned here, can also be said that while the search engine is not a repeat of "resentment, we promptly" used ", this ism obviously can greatly increase the probability of the station if you included, the spider crawling frequently, and you reproduced enough action quickly, then reprint articles in general most will be included. After verification, this method is only suitable for frequent spider crawling website, update the page snapshot of the website of the day. read more

is from the demand point aggregation search and user behavior of the integration of resources, information rich in show, while providing new search experience, reduce the cost of obtaining information. For example, I search for "Yuanke Wang", in addition to her.

two, induction location search


, a personalized search

‘s real-time search is based on the user search time and adjust the different search results, according to the time, place, event dimension capture, such as Pang Riquan now search "flag", it should be the new fifteenth sets of "standard" TV series, instead of "astral" banners appear related information. For example, users can learn to search the Luohu Bus Station and Luohu Bus Station road around Shenzhen Luohu information, and even the emergence of API, allowing the user to select the departure and destination, and then shift the costs and other related information to appear in the. read more

registered blog is best for the default template, then the blog personal information complete, by the way can take what decorate pendant, title of uniqueness, let others look like this blog look carefully, if the flow rate is large, some blog administrator checks, that is not easy to be blocked.

in a blog before we must first understand the blog blocked the following reasons: illegal information 1, Article 2, SEQING; information and pictures; 3, advertising. In fact, the first two is normal, the key third, this range is too large, if the space is completely sealed off advertising, that is completely understandable, but the range of love Shanghai blocked, as long as there is the name of the enterprise, marketing and promotion, as well as the theme of the whole space optimization is a kill range. read more

: a

love Shanghai for the webmaster friends, can be said to be love and hate, because many owners love Shanghai more lucrative, but because the webmaster love Shanghai and the loss of competitiveness, causing the site operation abortion! In a word, the successful use of the Shanghai love marketing master is a minority, from the minority which method we can learn a lot about the use of love Shanghai marketing, but unfortunately, many webmaster thinks he is clever, or every letter, do not know how to innovation, so eventually enter the loser the ranks, this verified the rack the brains too clever, anti lost his tail! Here I come to the analysis of a few misunderstandings about love Shanghai marketing! read more

fourth, multi reference and analysis of others website article. When a lot of good and bad we can’t judge an effective way.

third, paragraph layout must be conducive to the user experience. For example, the word is more attention to reasonable section, whatever your style of writing, for their understanding of the problem from the write out of my heart, I believe that this is a neat paragraphs each viewer is very popular in primary school, when we all know, writing when the teacher often emphasized neat handwriting, most of the time the teacher did not see scribbled on the interest even if you literary grace is very good, in this article writing, while writing everyone is the same, the difference is reflected in this paragraph, the reasonable site layout, make it look more clean, do not discuss the quality how, at least users see after the first eye is very cool. Very clean, interested to see. read more

article. "In two and a half years, the Facebook platform has developed from zero to hundreds of millions of dollars.". This reflects a wide range of social changes, and people spend more time playing casual games." From here you can see out, the money is mainly wanted to come out, and if others think very profitable projects, do not go in, go in and die, not expect the future of the project is much better. And platforms like the Facebook platform are sure to continue to grow. What about a platform like this? read more

to see the teacher in the Wangzhuan what types of it, one is really to teach you, the real way to make money to teach you, let you grasp Wangzhuan skills, so as to prepare for the novice to make money. Usually this part of teacher is to teach you, guiding you to learn Wangzhuan direction, he will teach you, then let you according to his ways to operate, slowly increase new ability in practice.

two is to teach you how to make money online, but there are some conditions, such as return figurines station operation free Wangzhuan project, to find a lot of offline, so it will seriously to teach you how to operate these projects, but the prerequisite is that you must be his line. Often these teachers teach you with interest. Their real purpose is to teach you to make money, and then to help them make money. read more

, this is a bit of experience I’ve been summarizing for months on my own blog

blog is the Internet thing that has just started to rise in recent years. Now, people are not satisfied with the blog platform provided by the major portals. They have built their own independent blogs. Put their own shlf1314, sh419, Ali mom advertising, earn net money. But independent blogging sites make money more than just these.

my site is TXT novel download, at www.shuchina, when do the following day IP alliance is about 20 thousand, you can control your own website. Compare the following simple introduce several union I do, the following is my personal experience, if you see the union related bad words. Please forgive me, I want to know its shortcomings and disadvantages recognized we can get good reputation. read more

, but taste is the core!

we live in a world of economic globalization, but the way we look at the world still has a strong national colour bias.

editor’s note: Hagai Tal is CEO of mobile advertising platform Taptica. He has participated in a number of companies investment, management and development and other related matters, including Kontera, Amadesa, Payoneer, BlueSnap and Spark Networks.

China is now Israel’s third largest trading partner, the total economic trade between the two countries last year reached $11 billion which is a very important figure for Israel, the country’s GDP is about US $300 billion. read more