I heard about his new start in a speech earlier in the Tencent by Wang Feng. Impressive, though still wearing the iconic leather pants… But often the theme of his speech and lyrics such as "ideal" and "faith" is not what big energy relationship, but a naked on the "music and money" problem: "can’t starve music."

through the above things, how to quickly enter the 1W Wangzhuan yuan? I think there are so few points:

Although ?

then, he will fall on the way of emotion, just in the on-line "broken music" on. Then, in the "content entrepreneurship" environment, the music field "content platform" can become a good medicine to change the plight of the industry? read more

After the

in the rapid development of social environment, such a situation is normal. Political journalists want to report the president and the Supreme Court, not the state. Similarly, tech journalists want to report businesses with valuations of $one billion. An investor with $one billion in assets would like to invest $50 million in a successful business, and a $100 million exit would be considered a consolation prize, not worth cheering about. On this basis, a $more than 100 million capital withdrawal would be like an outsize takeover. read more

Sun Taoran’s entrepreneurial experience is very suitable to use "surprise" to describe. His first successful career was in the media. In 1994, the Ministry of Civil Affairs under the four group after 3 years of hard work, Sun Taoran served as general manager of the group’s four advertising companies, a year later, he decided to go the "Beijing Youth Daily" published the monograph for computer, two years later, his client at that time all the mainstream brands across IT. When the momentum of the company Mengjin, the whole company is an optimistic, but Sun Taoran began to worry. With the North Green cooperation agreement once the expiration of the contract may not renew, even if renewed contract, its cooperation conditions will inevitably be harsh. Also at this time, BlueFocus PR company. read more

on the eve of Spring Festival in 2010, China minon attack has already begun, including the Spring Festival Gala, some words registered will feel the fire, do not know if you remember there is a little girl named Wang Xianni in the spring of 2010, the surname is wangxianni back, corn, Amoy small mall in February 10, 2010 Knight dress the query the domain name that has not been registered, when the spring festival day look has been discovered in 2.12 to be registered.

as e-commerce matures, more and more enterprises have realized that in the fierce competition in the international market in an invincible position and sustainable development, development of electronic commerce is the best choice and the only way which must be passed. Of course, it is far from enough for enterprises to develop e-commerce, and only by establishing a website for product promotion and publicity. Then, how can the enterprise succeed in the actual combat of e-commerce? Below is the actual combat experience from the forefront of e-commerce: read more


by the net red economy Dongfeng, the network broadcast platform also ushered in explosive growth. However, each broadcast platform in a star factory at the same time, also has the data fraud, walking and other scandals. Finally, SARFT sat still, in September 9th a notice, will live platform normative issues once again put on the agenda.

in simple terms, is YY, Betta, Huya platform, to carry out business after the webcast, are required to obtain "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit", and TV, TV, tiger flag panda TV platform may need to consider matters name. read more

in the open letter Wencheng Fai in the venture from the company’s point of view to present said layoffs provide a reason, but why should the gift of layoffs, but did not mention.

had received a total silver phone, that I would throw my ginkgo, very excited: I do like my total silver point? In fact, I just know later, silver in circle of exceptional professional investment. It’s normal to be dismissive of small projects in his position, but he remains highly sensitive to investment opportunities, regardless of size. read more

June 2014, Brazil World Cup ignited the infinite passion national fans, and the arrival of the graduation season has 7 million 270 thousand domestic graduates fell dejected. The reason is because fell dejected, not only to endure endless parting sorrow, but also faces enormous pressure on employment.

1, do the simplest ideas. That is to say, not to use the public acceptance of a powerful and unconstrained style, fashion, in the popular mind to ideas, such as the front of the 61 to BBS, SNS, blog and other common types of websites on the Internet, some understanding of the people will know you have this refers to children’s classes, community forum or blog. If you do what you think and do it yourself, you can only get what you want. You can always stay in your world forever. read more

it can be said, as long as your site is normal, no violation of the terms of the alliance of what is generally not what domain name can, basically registration time limit and site traffic restrictions, because my station was on the line for a month, of course, the flow is not very high, so also can through, so if you apply for the two union basically no difficulty what.

"Taobao alliance" is based on "Taobao" based online advertising advertisers and advertisers. "Taobao" promotion is the core, Taobao union advertising and advertising promotion, in addition, window display, package advertising, advertising click billing and channel / promotion activities in various forms, there are a lot of Taobao alliance forms of advertising, it is also very simple to use, of course, I personally think that Taobao is a new station is difficult to make money, of course, some individual Taobao customer Master is not the same, some time to see the forum above others when hundreds of thousands of Taobao alliance income, I was far behind some ah, Taobao alliance allows advertisers to introduced more traffic and increase the shop and commodity exposure and let it become possible with read more


black mom went bankrupt? Have you heard of it? Do not know if this is where the rumor, I didn’t hear the relevant reports, according to the network is said to Taobao insiders revealed the news, rumors of Ali mother will declare bankruptcy in the near future, I heard this information a little too Ali mother surprised. It is the behoove bankruptcy. Is the popular sentiment, welcomed.

even more, not to mention the continuous supervision fees, and even listing fees are not paid.

recently in a chat, a large brokerage investment bank executives complain to each by the investment treasure, now some new board is really wonderful, in accordance with the pre signed agreement on continuous supervision, sponsored by brokerage three new board company continued supervision fee, every year in January 15th to pay annual payments, but some companies until now is not to pay money, urged many times, the enterprise only said "no money, no pay." At present, the hosting broker’s continuous supervision fee is generally 10~15 yuan, more than 15 Wanda to 200 thousand yuan also have, but not much. read more

passenger should be able to say that a year ago, when listening to friends that there is a way to make money is to use their sites to help others to promote their products and the Commission, after the query to sh419 slowly learned that the so-called Wangzhuan is at present most people do Taobao off. See the Taobao home page that the guest billboard after I moved, feel like Taobao off the home page that Taobao really make money off.


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webmaster information alliance group: 5084047 read more