The first season of college football’s playoff era will come to a close Monday night, as the Oregon Ducks face the Ohio State Buckeyes for the national championship.The Ducks come into the contest favored by most sources, including the consensus of sportsbooks in Las Vegas and ESPN’s Football Power Index (FPI). But there’s disagreement on the degree of Oregon’s edge. The FPI, which includes results from every game of the 2014 season (plus a preseason rating as a prior), thinks Oregon would beat Ohio State by about five points at AT&T Stadium or another neutral field. Vegas, however, spent most of the past week favoring the Ducks by more — as many as 6.5 to seven points, according to the bookmakers listed at was looking like a sure sign of the markets’ skepticism over the ability of Buckeyes quarterback Cardale Jones. Jones began the 2014 season third on Ohio State’s QB depth chart, behind Heisman candidate Braxton Miller and touted redshirt freshman backup J.T. Barrett. Then Miller was injured and lost for the season in an August practice, upon which Barrett took the reins and led the Buckeyes to a 11-1 record (on the strength of one of the nation’s best passing performances) before going down with a season-ending injury in late November.Now Jones is at the helm.Jones, a sophomore, was only regarded as the 41st-best QB prospect in his freshman class, according to Phil Steele’s recruiting aggregations, and had thrown just 19 career passes before starting in the Big Ten title game against Wisconsin. But Jones and the Buckeyes were spectacular in that game, winning 59-0, and then upset favored Alabama in the College Football Playoff semifinals. (Jones’s numbers were less impressive against Alabama than against Wisconsin — but then again, Alabama also has a slightly tougher pass defense.)It effectively created an interesting Bayesian problem: How do we balance a sample of two great games against the prior assumption that Jones is a lightly regarded third-stringer? The initial discrepancy between Vegas’s Oregon-Ohio State point spread and that generated by season-long power ratings seemed to indicate how much of a downgrade Jones was relative to Barrett: roughly 1.5 to two points by the market consensus. As a point of comparison, this is a smaller margin than the typical gap between a starter and a backup QB in the NFL.Complicating matters now, though, was the news early Saturday that Oregon wide receiver Darren Carrington, the team’s second-leading receiver, failed a drug test and was declared ineligible for the title game. That shrunk Vegas’s consensus edge for Oregon down to about 5.5 points by Saturday morning — nearly the same as the FPI predicts using both teams’ full-season numbers. (The game’s line has since returned to a consensus of 6.5 points favoring Oregon, as of Monday morning.)Even so, it will be worth keeping an eye on which effect is bigger, and whether the market’s implicitly Bayesian assessment of Jones turns out to be on the money or not. It’s no stretch to say the accuracy of that appraisal could determine Ohio State’s fate Monday night. read more

Minnesota Vikings announced that they will start Matt Cassel over Josh Freeman as quarterback against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday.Josh Freeman, who was recently waived by Tampa, signed a one-year deal worth $3 million with the Vikings last week.Coach Leslie Frazier said Friday that it was expected that Cassel would remain in the lineup after he helped the Vikings win their first game of the season in London against Pittsburgh.The Vikings signed ex-Tampa Bay quarterback Josh Freeman to possibly compete for the starting job if needed. The former first round draft pick, Freeman struggled with Tampa before being released. He completed a league-worst, 45.3 percent of his passes, and threw only two touchdowns and two interceptions while with the Buccaneers earlier in the season. read more

Rap impresario Jay-Z is changing the sports agent game and scaring the white establishment as he’s doing it. Big-time athletes are breaking ranks, signing with Beyonce’s husband’s agency, Roc Nation, not just because it’s cool to be on his team, but also because his business acumen is producing blockbuster results.People laughed and smirked when Jay-Z announced he was expanding his empire to athlete representation two years ago. Impressively, he leveraged his popularity as an artist to attain some of sports’ top young stars’ attention and is doing right by them in contact negotiations.Jigga Man is laughing now with his latest coup, signing Dallas Cowboys star receiver Dez Bryant, who shunned agent Eugene Parker just as he is up for a new, mega-contract. Bryant’s reasons for the move mirror the thoughts of others who have shunned going with large, white firms for representation.He can relate to Jay-Z.“I feel like it fits me,” Bryant said to “It fits what I’m trying to do, what I’m trying to accomplish in life. I want to be the best that I can possibly be. It ain’t about a contract. It’s about me branding myself and being an icon for these kids. I love kids and they look up to me.“I come from dirt — point blank, period — and every day I’m writing my story and it’s getting better. I feel like they were the best choice for me. They can help me get to where I want to be. That’s what it is.”One person not laughing is Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who also serves as general manager. He reportedly talked Bryant out of hiring Roc Nation in the summer and was “not happy” when Bryant went against his wishes last week. It is unclear why Jones did not want the receiver to join Jay-Z’s agency. Jones dealt with Parker, who also is Black.Whatever the case, Jay-Z wins, and so his quest to be a mega-player in the agency game climbs another rung, even while many root against him. It will be interesting to see how negotiations between Jones and Roc Nation go, as Bryant has earned the right to a new contact around $12 million a season, which would be commensurate with his status as one of the elite receivers in the NFL.“I’d be highly disappointed,” Bryant said, if he did not get a max deal. Almost any agent could accomplish that; he’s deserving. It’s the outside-football exposure and endorsements where Roc Nation can up the ante for Bryant.Roc Nation has only 12 sports clients for now, and they include some of the athletic world’s top performers. Significantly, Jay-Z and Co. negotiated a 10-year, $240-million deal for Robinson Cano when he left the New York Yankees for the Seattle Mariners—an enormous deal that set Roc Nation in flight.Also on the Roc Nation team is NBA superstar Kevin Durant. Jay-Z earned its most significant deal for the Oklahoma City Thunder forward, an endorsement package with sneaker and athletic apparel giant Nike that could peak at $300 million. How Roc Nation pulled off the bonanza was as impressive as the numbers.It smartly pitted and created a bidding war between Nike and rising Under Armour, which Roc Nation knew was eager to make a splash in the endorsement world by stealing away Durant. The story goes that Nike offered $20 million a year for Durant. Jay-Z took that number to Under Armour, which offered about $26 million, intent on overtaking its competitor.But Nike flexed its muscle and offered $30 million a year, giving Roc Nation a landmark deal that shows other athletes, like Bryant, its negotiating power and legitimacy. Beyond that, there is speculation that Durant never had any intentions of leaving Nike—he took less in his previous contract instead of fleeing to Adidas.Other Roc Nation clients include WNBA star Skylar Diggins, New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith, Detroit Lion lineman Ndamukon Suh and New York Giants receiver Victor Cruz, among others. Don’t be surprised if that client list rapidly increases.Curtis Bunn is a best-selling novelist and national award-winning sports journalist who has worked at The Washington Times, NY Newsday, The New York Daily News and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. read more

10North Carolina State94.6%48.5%+46.2 WKOPPONENTMAKES PLAYOFFDOESN’T MAKE PLAYOFFDIFF. Which other games need to go right for Clemson and Washington?The non-Tigers, non-Huskies matchups that have the most leverage on each team’s playoff chances WKOPPONENTMAKES PLAYOFFDOESN’T MAKE PLAYOFFDIFF. 13Washington State98.073.4+24.7 Each week in this space, we examine all the things a certain contending team needs to have happen in order for it to make the College Football Playoff. This week’s edition is a double feature starring the Clemson Tigers and Washington Huskies, each of which fell out of the AP Top 5 after suffering upset losses last week.Current situations: After Clemson and Washington lost to Syracuse and Arizona State, respectively, the two teams’ College Football Playoff odds were dented pretty badly. According to FiveThirtyEight’s prediction model, the Tigers now have just a 29 percent chance of making the playoff (down from 55 percent going into the weekend), and the Huskies are at 24 percent (down from 43 percent). Six teams are currently ahead of the Tigers and Huskies in our CFP probabilities, and Clemson isn’t even the favorite to win its conference anymore. (Miami has slightly higher odds of winning the ACC.) The relatively straightforward paths for both teams to return to the CFP have now run into major complications.What the Tigers and Huskies can do: As always, winning out is paramount to getting into the playoff. If Clemson runs the table — which our model gives a 20 percent chance of happening — it will have a 97 percent probability of making the CFP, a near-lock. The Tigers’ trip to NC State on Nov. 4 is easily their biggest obstacle to that; they win that game in 95 percent of our simulations that have them going to the playoff, while they only win it 49 percent of the time in sims where they don’t make the CFP. (That 46 percentage point difference makes it the highest-leverage game left in Clemson’s season.) It should also be noted that these numbers assume that Clemson’s star QB Kelly Bryant is healthy; he was knocked out of the Syracuse loss but seems to be progressing quickly in his recovery.For Washington, the odds of winning all its remaining games are a bit higher (21 percent), although the Huskies also have a less guaranteed playoff path — only 87 percent CFP odds — even if they do win out. Washington’s most important game comes at Stanford on Nov. 10, a matchup the Huskies win 96 percent of the time in their playoff-bound simulations but only 40 percent of the time in universes where they don’t make the playoff. 11Notre Dame def. Miami49.546.5+3.0 9Georgia Tech93.675.0+18.6 Washington:PROBABILITY BY WASHINGTON OUTCOME Washington gamesWASHINGTON WIN % BY OUTCOME 10Virginia Tech def. Miami36.832.5+4.3 13South Carolina90.167.3+22.8 8Notre Dame def. USC66.563.9+2.6 12California def. Stanford17.9%14.3%+3.6 13South Carolina def. Clemson28.225.5+2.8 9UCLA95.282.0+13.2 Differences may not add up exactly because of rounding. 9Arizona State def. USC34.531.7+2.9 12Citadel100.099.9+0.1 10Washington St. def. Stanford40.537.8+2.7 10Arizona def. USC28.225.6+2.6 12Wake Forest def. N.C. State44.6%38.2%+6.4 13North Carolina def. N.C. State18.114.5+3.6 10Oregon94.578.4+16.0 11Stanford95.6%39.5%+56.1 WKRESULTMAKES PLAYOFFDOESN’T MAKE PLAYOFFDIFF. 13Notre Dame def. Stanford48.946.2+2.7 11Auburn def. Georgia47.844.4+3.5 12Michigan def. Wisconsin28.325.7+2.6 WKRESULTMAKES PLAYOFFDOESN’T MAKE PLAYOFFDIFF. 11Boston College def. N.C. State26.622.3+4.3 Which of Clemson and Washington’s remaining games hold the most weight?Remaining 2017 matchups, ranked by the amount of leverage on each team’s playoff chances. Based on two sets of simulations: one where the team makes the playoff and one where it doesn’t. 11Florida State93.562.3+31.2 Differences may not add up exactly because of rounding. 12Utah96.782.0+14.7 12Virginia def. Miami17.214.4+2.8 13Georgia Tech def. Georgia30.227.2+3.0 Clemson:PROBABILITY BY CLEMSON OUTCOME Clemson gamesCLEMSON WIN % BY OUTCOME Where they need help: As mentioned above, Clemson doesn’t need much in the way of outside help — as long as the Tigers win, they’re still almost guaranteed to make the playoff. They could benefit slightly from anything that boosts their odds of winning the ACC, however, including losses by NC State and Miami. And any wins by Auburn will automatically help Clemson because of its head-to-head victory against those other Tigers in September.Washington, on the other hand, could use more of an assist from afar. There are two categories for these kinds of games: Some — like Stanford losing to Cal in Week 12 — tend to be entangled with implications about the strength of a team’s own opponents.1For instance, consider a situation in which Team A and Team B are conference rivals. Team B might be less likely to win an unrelated game in a simulation where Team A makes the playoff, because Team B is also likely to be weaker in a universe where Team A beats them head-to-head. (Arizona State beating USC also fits this category, because it makes Washington’s loss to the Sun Devils look less bad.) But the more interesting ones come where the connection isn’t obvious: Georgia Tech beating Georgia, for instance, helps Washington because it hurts an undefeated Bulldogs team that currently sits ahead of the Huskies in our playoff odds. One good piece of news for both Clemson and Washington is that, of the six teams ahead of them in the CFP probabilities, all but likely Big 12 winner TCU hail from just two conferences: the Big Ten and SEC. Since the playoff selection committee puts an emphasis on conference championships, some of those teams will by definition see their odds plummet before the Final Four is chosen — we just don’t know which ones yet. So there aren’t many universes where both, say, Alabama and Georgia make the playoff, or both Ohio State and Penn State (to say nothing of Wisconsin).But Washington and Clemson may also find themselves as enemies down the season’s final stretch; with one loss apiece, they could very likely be competing for the same CFP slot. Indeed, Clemson only makes the playoff in 23 percent of the simulations where Washington is in, versus 31 percent of the sims where Washington misses out. (That same split is 18 percent versus 25 percent from Washington’s perspective.) With only four teams standing at the end of the season, every loss counts — a lesson the Tigers and Huskies might have learned the hard way last weekend.Check out our latest college football predictions. read more

Members of the OSU women’s volleyball team during a game against Michigan on Nov. 14 at St. John Arena. OSU lost 3-0. Credit: Lantern file photoA third-set Buckeye effort wasn’t enough to stop the Indiana Hoosiers from swiping a win from the Ohio State women’s volleyball team on Saturday. Indiana took home the 3-1 victory on their home court, while No. 22 OSU fell to 15-11 overall on the season and 5-9 in the Big Ten. The loss tallies two in a row for the Buckeyes, dropping a match to Wisconsin prior to their faceoff with the Hoosiers. OSU has just six remaining matches in the regular season. The Buckeyes will see three of those teams for the first time this season. A week ago, junior outside hitter Luisa Schirmer said that allowing teams to go on three or four-point runs is ruinous for the Buckeyes. In the first set alone, the Hoosiers went on three three-point runs and created a hole for OSU. Near the conclusion of the first set, the Buckeyes pulled within two points but it was the deadly three-point deficit that came back to haunt them. The Hoosiers took the first set, 25-22. The second set was anchored offensively by sophomore outside hitter Audra Appold, who swung for 10 kills. Even with impressive statistics, the Buckeyes were doomed to play catch-up nearly the entire set. However, OSU rallied and tied the score at 23-23. Then, Indiana’s Deyshia Lofton secured a kill and an assisted block for the second Indiana set win. By the third set, the Buckeyes had had enough, and jumped out to an 8-0 lead, assisted by multiple attacking errors from the Hoosiers. It wasn’t long before sophomore setter Taylor Hughes set foot on the service line and led the team on another three-point run to make the score 14-4. The OSU kills kept rolling, as senior middle blocker Taylor Sandbothe racked up three in a row, and junior outside hitter Ashley Wenz led the set-winning attack. The Buckeyes headed into the fourth set trailing 2-1. Down for nearly the entire set, OSU gained its first lead at 14-13. The advantage changed hands briefly before the score was mirrored at 22 each. It was the Hoosiers’ Allison Hammond who slammed down two attacks in the final minutes to take the match, 25-23. Appold and Sandbothe combined for 37 kills during the match, while freshman Madison Smeathers assisted with five blocks. OSU will have a chance to redeem its loss to the Hoosiers at the final match of the regular season in front of a home crowd. Before then, the team will first face Rutgers at 7 p.m. on Friday at St. John Arena. read more

The Ohio State field hockey team will now be waiting on the edge of its seat Tuesday night when it will be finding out if it claimed one of the at-large bids into the 2011 NCAA Championships. The Buckeyes (12-8, 4-2) fell to the host-school, Penn State, 1-0 in a defensive battle on Friday afternoon. By losing in the semifinals of the 2011 Big Ten tournament, the Buckeyes will now need their season resume to make their case as they now stand on the bubble of being a tournament team. The Scarlet and Gray advanced to the semifinals after they defeated Michigan State, 2-1, just the day before when they scored two second-half goals against the Spartans to pave their road to their eventual loss to the Nittany Lions in the next round. The Buckeyes’ play was hindered by the strong Nittany Lions defense, which ranks at the top of the conference. “It’s tough when you are going against a goalie like theirs (Ayla Halus), who was just selected as First Team All-Big Ten this season,” senior captain Ally Tunitis said. “They are a really good team, but we played to the best of our ability.” It was clear heading into the Big Ten tournament that the team truly needed to capture the title as the No. 2 seed and a frontrunner to make it a lock to be in the NCAA Championships. “The automatic bid is what we are going for,” head coach Anne Wilkinson said prior to the tournament. All the Buckeyes can do now is sit and wait as they will be unsure of the future of their season until the selection show, which is scheduled for 8 p.m. Tuesday, with a live stream on “It was unfortunate it had to end on one stroke,” Tunitis said. “If we don’t get the bid to the tournament, we will still be proud of how we played.” Penn State will now face top-seeded Michigan at 2 p.m. Sunday in the championship game as the Buckeyes will await their destiny. read more

In 2014 the Big Ten will welcome Rutgers University into the conference, in a move that, unfortunately, will also bring Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice and athletic director Tim Pernetti.An ESPN “Outside the Lines” segment that aired Tuesday showed Rice bullying players during basketball practices from 2010-2012. The coach was shown shoving players, throwing basketballs at them while they were not looking, insulting players with expletives and perhaps most offensive of all, using derogatory slurs regarding sexual orientation.According to “OTL,” tapes of the harsh practices were brought to the attention of Pernetti last summer, but nothing was done. Months later, in December 2012, an internal investigation was launched into the allegations. The investigation only resulted in a $50,000 fine and an unpaid three-game suspension for Rice. Pernetti is also on record saying he never considered firing Rice, who finished the season with a losing 15-16 record.To never even consider firing a coach who physically and emotionally abuses his athletes is outrageous.To call athletes fa–ots and keep Rice at his job is unbelievable, and furthermore, that the athletic director knew about it and let Rice stay makes the situation that much worse. Clearly neither of them has a proper understanding of how to treat individuals, let alone the young minds of those players they have been trusted to care for.To allow Rice to continue to coach seemingly condones the violent behavior toward students and the negative slurs often used toward the gay community that were hurled at his players.Perhaps most troubling, Rutgers is no stranger to dealing with acceptance, or lack thereof, of gay individuals. In September 2010, Rutgers student Tyler Clementi committed suicide, and it is believed he did so due to bullying from others about his homosexuality. The case drew national attention and even resulted in criminal charges being filed against Clementi’s roommate for invasion of privacy.Clearly the athletics department at Rutgers did not learn a lesson from this incident.The Big Ten, or at the very least Ohio State athletics, has higher standards than the way these two men have behaved and have been allowed to behave.Both OSU athletic director Gene Smith and President E. Gordon Gee have talked, before the Rutgers incident, about inclusion and acceptance of all athletes and students at OSU.“Inclusion is something I’ve always believed in,” Smith said in an exclusive interview with The Lantern on March 12. “I’ve always believed that a diverse environment allows you to have different thoughts and different views and ultimately you get the best out of that environment.”Gee agreed.“I believe that athletes, non-athletes (whatever), we want to be a university that is very friendly to all of our students and our faculty and staff,” Gee said while visiting The Lantern on March 25.Rutgers needs to let Pernetti and Rice go. A three-game suspension in December means nothing to a basketball program and is insulting to the memory of Clementi. Their behavior is not the kind that should be allowed into Big Ten athletics. read more

first_imgShe told Mr Marsh’s partner that Gabriela would not be allowed back to her school – and said she would advise other dance schools to beware of accepting her.The email war of words between the two led to each of them making a complaint against the other to the police. A Gloucestershire Police spokesman confirmed they had received the complaints.He added: “An officer has now spoken with both parties at length and given suitable words of advice. Both parties have been told not to contact the other under any circumstances.“There will be no further police involvement in this case. This wouldn’t be classed as harassment as both parties are replying to each other.” An extraordinary row over a four-year-old girl’s ballet classes has led to her father and a dance school principal reporting each other to police.The bitter wrangle began when plumber Neil Marsh, 30, asked to attend one of daughter Gabriela’s classes at the Danceworks Studios in Cheltenham because he was not happy with the progress she was making.He wanted to see for himself that Gabriela’s dancing was improving after 20 months of twice-weekly lessons at the school.But the principal, Whanita La Bouchardiere, refused – telling him she had a strict policy of allowing parents to attend only the last class of each term. Neil Marsh, daughter Gabriela and her mother Paulina BorowiecCredit:Picasa Mr Marsh said: “If I am working in someone’s house as a plumber I am happy if they want to watch what I’m doing… I would have thought the same should apply when you are paying for your child to have dance lessons.”Ms La Bouchardiere said Mr Marsh was annoyed she would only let him attend an open class. “He then took it to a whole new level and I consider he has harassed me with bad reviews – the only bad review we’ve had in 18 years.”She added: “It was in the heat of the moment that I said ‘stupid, stupid little man’.” I never expected that my simple request to attend a lesson would lead to Whanita being so hostile and abusiveNeil Marshcenter_img Neil Marsh, daughter Gabriela and her mother Paulina Borowiec Mr Marsh, of Cheltenham, said he could not go to the next open class because of a pre-booked family holiday.When Ms La Bouchardiere refused to relax her rule to let him attend a lesson Mr Marsh posted an uncomplimentary review of the dance school on social media – and then received an email from Ms La Bouchardiere calling him a “stupid, stupid little man”. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

first_imgHe added: “That manoeuvre was not a safe one. The prosecution says she created the situation.”Chair of the bench Michael Sandeman said the prosecution had proved Campbell’s driving “fell below the standard”. She was given a conditional discharge, three points on her license and ordered to pay £680 in costsCampbell, from near Worthing, had pleaded not guilty to driving without due care and attention.The I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! star smiled for photographers as she arrived at court supported by her son Dima.The other Audi driver, Harry Court, told the hearing he had been travelling home from work when the collision happened. Prosecutors said there was no reason for the way Campbell pulled out into the road, calling it an “error of judgement”. Paul Edwards said: “At 4.15pm on May 6 2016, the defendant was driving her vehicle, an Audi A6, near her home at Castle Goring.”The defendant reached the junction of the A27 and attempted to turn left on to the A27. The prosecution says that the defendant failed to give way and pulled out into the path of an Audi A3.”Alcohol and drug tests of all those involved in the collision proved negative, and only minor injuries were sustained, Mr Edwards said. Socialite Lady Colin Campbell has been found guilty of causing a three-car crash by pulling on to a dual carriageway into traffic.Campbell, 67, is said to have performed the unsafe manoeuvre when she pulled out in her Audi A6 estate on to the A27 near Worthing, West Sussex, on May 6 last year.A trial at Brighton Magistrates’ Court heard that as Campbell pulled out, an Audi A3 hit her car and was “catapulted” into a Ford Focus travelling in the opposite direction. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Lady Colin Campbell arrives with her son at Brighton and Hove Magistrates' Court in Sussex Lady Colin Campbell in I’m a CelebrityCredit:ITV/REX Shutterstockcenter_img I have made that manoeuvre literally tens of thousands of times… without a problemLady Colin Campbell He denied suggestions by Campbell’s lawyer Miles Bennett that he was driving dangerously fast, saying he was doing just under the 70mph speed limit.Mr Court said: “I tried to go round it and that’s all I can remember. I hit the side of the car and that was it.”I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t brake. All I could do was turn my wheel to avoid the car.”Witness Nicholas Ward said he saw the Audi A3 speed by him before the crash, adding: “I thought, ‘What a t–t’. I could see what was going to happen and it did.”Teacher Tessa Millington said she saw a “flash of blue” before Mr Court’s car crashed into her’s as she headed towards Brighton.Campbell sprang to fame on the 2015 series of I’m A Celebrity with her cutting put-downs, but left the show early on medical grounds.Outside court, Campbell laid the blame for the crash on Mr Court as she undermined the authority of the magistrates.She said: “Had this been in the Crown Court, this would have most likely been not guilty.”She added: “Had Mr Court not been going at the speed he was going, none of this would have happened.”I have made that manoeuvre literally tens of thousands of times in my life, not at that exact place, but hundreds if not thousands of times without a problem.” Lady Colin Campbell arrives with her son at Brighton and Hove Magistrates’ Court in SussexCredit: Christopher Pledger Lady Colin Campbell in I'm a Celebritylast_img read more

first_imgEmployees should be allowed ‘breathing breaks’ throughout the day to increase their productivity and happiness, a leading expert has said.Author and happiness guru Max Strom, who offers lunchtime breathing workshops for office workers in central London, claims that calming the breath can have a huge impact on well-being. International Day of Happiness was founded following the UN Conference on Happiness in 2012. It is a campaign cooridinated by Action for Happiness, which brings together groups for, 160 different countries to improve well-being. Max Strom  Max Strom  “The problem is 90 per cent of human communication is not done through words, it’s visual,” he added.“You can’t tell tone of voice, or see facial expressions. So when you communicate using text or email, you’re having 10 per cent of a relationship. We now have to rely on emoticons to get the true meaning across.“The internet is the new white sugar. The more you use it, the more you want to use it, and the worse it is for you. People waste so much time on technology and what they don’t realise is that time is lifespan. When you kill time, you are killing yourself.” Max Strom teaching Max Strom teaching yoga in London “In the western world there are probably around 40 per cent of people who are suffering from anxiety or depression, because happiness is plummeting. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.center_img Max teaching delegates at the World Government Summit in Dubai his Inner Axis breathing technique Ahead of the United Nations International Day of Happiness day he argues that while smokers are allowed regular breaks outdoors, non-smokers are often forced to sit at their desks for long periods of time when they should be having regular trips into the fresh air.“Pregnant women are taught to breathe because it is so beneficial when coping with physical and emotional distress, but nobody else is,” he said.“So when smokers go out for their break, the rest of the workforce should be allowed to follow them out, to go and breathe in the fresh air. It would have such a big impact.“Happiness is something we all want, and yet nobody is educated about how to achieve it. Nobody really thinks what makes them happy, they just think about what gives them pleasure. It’s not the same thing. We should teach happiness in schools. Mark Williamson, Director of Action for Happiness said: “We urgently need a change in priorities.“Ultimately we want to help create a society that puts people’s overall happiness first, rather than focusing just on economic growth. We want to encourage people away from self-obsessed materialistic and unfulfilling behaviour towards a more collaborative and loving way of living.”Mr Strom said people could take the first step by demanding that technology simplifies life, not complicates it. He also suggests working out what makes them happy, and then telling family and friends.“Some technology is good. The washing machine has hugely freed up time for people, for example” he said.“But it’s important to define happiness at the deepest level. If you never go on this journey and learn what makes you happy, you will never find it.” Max teaching delegates at the World Government Summit in Dubai his Inner Axis breathing technique Max Strom teaching yoga in LondonCredit:Karen Yeomans Max Strom teaching “And it’s largely driven by the rise of technology. People are more connected than ever, and yet they have never been more isolated. People are now starving for intimacy.”Mr Strom, author of the book ‘There Is No App For Happiness’, claims the advent of air conditioning, the television and the internet are the three worst technological culprits for breeding loneliness.Air conditioning or central heating has allowed people to feel far more comfortable in their own homes, meaning they need to venture out less. Likewise, television and the internet have allowed people to communicate without ever meeting.last_img read more

first_imgJeremy Meeks makes a court appearance with his attorney July 8, 2014 in Stockton, CaliforniaCredit:Getty Images He added: “He is really upset. He was police-escorted onto the plane.”The model came to fame in 2014, when California’s Stockton Police Department put a picture of his mugshot on their website. Getty Images Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Jeremy Meeks, the man known as the “hot felon” was reportedly deported from the UK, allegedly after hours of interrogation.Mr Meeks came to fame because of his mugshot, which many shared across the internet because of his good looks.On his release from prison, the former gangster was given the opportunity to turn his life around and secured modelling contracts.The 33-year-old was reportedly deported from Heathrow less than eight hours after landing in the country.He had been scheduled to take part in various photoshoots in London, but Border Office guards stopped him from leaving the airport and put him on an American Airlines flight back to New York. He was arrested in his hometown following an arrest for gang activity and resisting.After his release in the spring of 2016, he embarked on a successful modelling career.The Home Office does not usually comment on individual cases but reserves the right to refuse entry to a person who is currently the subject of a deportation order. It also reserves the right to refuse entry to a person who has been convicted of an offence for which they have been sentenced to a period of imprisonment of at least 4 years, has been convicted of an offence for which they have been sentenced to a period of imprisonment of at least 12 months but less than 4 years, unless a period of 10 years has passed since the end of the sentence, or has been convicted of an offence for which they have been sentenced to a period of imprisonment of less than 12 months, unless a period of 5 years has passed since the end of the sentence. He said on Snapchat:  “I’m sick of this s—. I’ve been denied. London don’t want me here having served my time. S— is crazy.”His manager Jim Jordan, who is in London along with Mr Meeks’ wife, told the Daily Mail: “We went into the UK and we went through immigration and they detained Jeremy.“He wasn’t arrested but they deported him out of the country. They wouldn’t let him come into the country.”last_img read more

first_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Maths Key Stage 2 Primary school children are sitting their SATs this week. Many teachers and parents have complained last year and this year that the system is archaic and difficult.One headteacher this year drew praise because he asked children to eat haribo and play outside instead of preparing for the exams.While some think constant testing of children is pointless, others think they are a good way for children to learn important information and to assess the teaching of schools across the country.But can you pass the test?Take our SATs quizzes below.English  Key Stage 2last_img read more

first_imgWhen Captain Hugo Webb introduces his co-pilot to passengers over the intercom at the start of their BA flight he leaves out one crucial detail.The First Officer sitting alongside him is his wife Hannah.”Although I introduce Hannah at the beginning of the flight, I have never mentioned she is my wife,” said Mr Webb. “I suppose some customers may guess.”Not that the couple are at all ashamed of their working arrangement. In fact, they say flying together helps them with the ups and downs experienced by every working parent.”It certainly helps that we can discuss and understand each other’s jobs,” said Mr Webb. “We both appreciate the demands of the flying lifestyle.” Hugo and Hannah, who have two young children, say it is "great fun" to fly side by side Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Hugo and Hannah, who have two young children, say it is “great fun” to fly side by sideCredit:Stuart Bailey/British Airways/PA The couple, who yesterday flew together on the London Heathrow to Milan route, are one of a handful of BA pilots married to each other, and because they are both trained to fly the airline’s Airbus A320 they find themselves rostered together every few months.Mr Webb, 32, said: “We are both short-haul pilots and try to get home most nights of the month, although a few nights away can be a nice break from the daily commute.”The couple, from Alresford, Hampshire, both joined BA in 2011 and married the following year. They say being a short-haul pilot is “a great profession to have as a working parent”.Mrs Webb, 34, said: “The shift patterns allow us to see our children both during the week and on the weekends.”We have taken our children on a few work trips. Our son came to Milan and our daughter joined us in Lisbon for a couple of nights.”Naturally there might be one question that would spring to passenger’s mind should they realise the people in charge of their flight are married – what if they had an argument the night before?BA dismisses fears that any ensuing tension amid the close proximity of the cockpit might lead to turbulence.“They are extremely professional, just like any of our other highly trained pilots,” said a spokesman for the airline.For his part Mr Webb said: “On an operational level, it’s no different from flying with anyone else.”last_img read more

first_imgA disappointed customer wrote on Facebook: “Sorry Blenheim. This really wasn’t good enough. It should have been incredible; a blaze of colour and smells from the multiple food stalls. It should have been like walking around a Chinese food fayre. There should have been incredible drumming and music, not just one poor pa system with one speaker in the corner timidly offering something as an excuse for it. The event was advertised  as having “a traditional Double Guan Yin Chinese Lion dance accompanied by a drummer” and organisers promised “delicious Chinese street food from a variety of stalls in the Great Court.”Promotional material for the event said: “Don’t miss out on special photos and meet-and-greet opportunities with the lion, then venture into the Palace to warm up and discover the magnificent Great Hall festooned with strings of Chinese lanterns.” Sorry, Blenheim, but this event was an embarrassment…. Nothing like what was implied in your advertising. Not worth the time or money. Street food stalls were lacking.. there was one!!!— DeeDee (@little_bakeneko) February 17, 2018 Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Look at the vibrance! You really captured the spirit of the Chinese New Year!No idea what parties you’ve been to, but 1 noodle van, 2 tatty dragons, 3 bored-looking musicians, 3 martial artists? Not your best work.— David Montrose (@MontroseCreate) February 17, 2018 Another commented: “Blenheim Palace should be ashamed of this pathetic event which the advertising totally misrepresented. We expected to find the Great Court full of food stalls and other Chinese related offerings. One rather shabby ‘Chinese’ noodle bar with no prices on display and a constant queue of 30 or more people was a disgraceful way to serve the hundreds of people who attended, many probably having traveled long distances.”If you looked really hard there were a couple of posters with a timetable of ‘events’ but there was nothing on offer between them for visitors to focus on. Goodness knows what the Chinese people who attended thought of this farce.”Blenheim Palace wrote on Facebook: “We are very sorry for everyone’s disappointment today. This was our first year delivering this event and were overwhelmed by the amount of visitors and were let down by several food vendors first thing this morning. Attendees of the £26-a-head Chinese New Year event at Blenheim Palace said it was a rather bleak affair, with food served from one lone noodle van, painfully long queues and sparse entertainment.The Palace has apologised after angered customers branded the event “a farce”,  “shambolic”, and “insulting”.Some visitors said they had managed to claim refunds after being disappointed by the festivities.One visitor complained the lanterns “looked like they were from Poundland”, and another agreed, saying they had held better events in their back garden.The main complaint was that there was just one vendor selling food, an offering of noodles and chips, after there were promises of a Chinese feast from multiple stalls.The UNESCO World Heritage Site claimed this was because they were “let down by several vendors”. Oh dear @BlenheimPalace your website said there would be a range of street food vendors but to just have one burger style van with 45 minute queues means I’m getting takeaway tonight! Poor traffic management, poor parking, poor facilities!— Ben Dales (@dales_ben) February 17, 2018 So much for #ChineseNewYear that was shocking! Very disappointed in #blenheimpalace 1 food stall that looked like a kebab van, wouldn’t know authentic if it bit it in the arse— Toni Delli-Compagni (@Toni_DelliC) February 17, 2018 “The lanterns looked no better than something you would find in Poundland. We were SO looking forward to this and SO disappointed by it. Luckily we had an annual pass but even so, we didn’t hang around. Such a shame and a wasted opportunity. I hope this feedback is taken as constructive criticism which may help in the future. We love Blenheim and want to support you in your events.” “We will be reviewing how we can make big improvements for next year knowing there is so much interest. We hope everyone will use their Annual Passes to return and receive our usually high quality visitor experience at one of our many other events. Many thanks for your understanding.”last_img read more

It is understood the trusts affected may have to store their own waste at hospitals in bespoke trailers under a contingency plan agreed by Government. Among those on standby, are Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals Trust, Calderdale and Huddersfield Foundation Trust, Northern Lincolnshire and Goole FT, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, and East and North Hertfordshire Trust, the HSJ reported. An Environment Agency spokeswoman said: “The Environment Agency has found Health Environmental Services to be in breach of its environmental permits at five sites which deal with clinical waste.”We are taking enforcement action against the operator, which includes clearance of the excess waste, and have launched a criminal investigation.”We are supporting the Government and the NHS to ensure there is no disruption to public services and for alternative plans to be put in place for hospitals affected to dispose of their waste safely.”The leaked documents showed HES’ Normanton site reached excess waste levels of 350 tonnes in September – five times its limit of 70 tonnes. In an attempt to deal with the situation, it is said body parts being kept in fridges and the company is attempting to export 750 tonnes of pharmaceutical waste to Holland.A Government spokesman said last week: “We are monitoring the situation closely and have made sure that public services – including NHS Trusts – have contingency plans in place. There is absolutely no risk to the health of patients or the wider public. A company contracted by the NHS to dispose of waste has been stripped of its contract after stockpiling hundreds of tonnes of human body parts, a leaked document has revealed. NHS England memos obtained by the Health Service Journal show that Healthcare Environment Services Ltd – attached to up to 50 NHS trusts – has allowed amputated limbs, infectious liquids, refuse linked to cancer treatment and other hazardous materials to build up at its five waste handling sites. On Tuesday, Health Minister Stephen Barclay announced the health service had severed ties with the company.In a statement to Parliament, Mr Barclay said NHS Improvement concluded that HES “failed to demonstrate that they were operating within their contractual limits.”Consequently, 15 NHS Trusts served termination notices to HES formally to terminate their contracts at 4pm on Sunday,” he said.New arrangements have been made with Mitie to “step in and replace this service” and “NHS services continue to operate as normal”, Mr Barclay told MPs.The original discovery sparked health and social care secretary Matt Hancock to chair a COBRA meeting last month, during which he ordered £1million to be set aside to help solve the problem, according to the journal. Last week, the Environment Agency revealed a criminal investigation has now been launched. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. “Our priority is to prevent disruption to the NHS and other vital public services and work is under way to ensure organisations can continue to dispose of their waste safely and efficiently.”Reacting to the leak, a spokesman for Healthcare Environmental Services said: “Healthcare Environmental has highlighted the reduction in the UK’s high-temperature incineration capacity for the last few years.”This is down to the ageing infrastructure, prolonged breakdowns and the reliance on zero waste to landfill policies, taking up the limited high-temperature incineration capacity in the market.”Over the last year, this reduced incineration capacity has been evident across all of the industry and has affected all companies.”It added that it had “consistently highlighted” the issue to environmental regulators, and there has been no disruption to services to customers. read more

Sign up for Your Royal Appointment – for everything you need to know about the Royal Family, direct to your inbox each week. However a source close to the Yorks said they were “upset” by the snub.Doubts over Prince Philip’s attendance come after the Telegraph reported that “Fergie” will be treated as “part of the family” on the big day, even though she hasn’t spoken to her former father-in-law since she divorced Prince Andrew in 1996.Philip once described Sarah Ferguson as “odd and pointless” and is said to still blame her toe-sucking antics for bringing shame on the royal family in the Nineties.Although Sarah is still close to the Queen, holidaying with her at Balmoral for the third year running in August, Philip is always notably absent when she stays in the Scottish castle with her ex-husband and daughters Eugenie, 28, and Beatrice. The Duke of Edinburgh will make a last minute decision as to whether to attend Princess Eugenie’s wedding, royal sources have told the Telegraph.At 97, Prince Philip now operates on a “wake up and see how I feel” basis, according to insiders.A well-placed source said: “The Duke of Edinburgh may not go to the wedding, just as he and the Queen did not attend Prince Louis christening in July.“There’s not a three line whip on these family occasions. Not unreasonably, when you consider his age, the Duke of Edinburgh will decide on the morning of the wedding if he’s going to be there. He now very much operates on a ‘wake up and see how I feel’ basis.”–– ADVERTISEMENT ––The revelation comes after it was announced Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, would not be attending Friday’s 11am ceremony at St George’s Chapel, Windsor, because she is carrying out a series of engagements in Scotland.Her spokesman said the invitation to help local schools celebrate harvest festival “pre-dated” the wedding invitation she received from Eugenie and her fiance Jack Brooksbank several months ago. He denied reports that it was because Camilla did not get on with the mother of the bride, the Duchess of York. “They get on very well, the couple has no issue with it – they have known about the diary clash for some time.” Her latest trip to the Highlands coincided with Princess Beatrice’s 30th birthday celebrations, where the Queen was guest of honour but the Duke did not attend. The Queen, 92, and the Duke are understood to have already travelled down from Balmoral to London in preparation for spending the weekend in Windsor.A royal insider added: “The royals are like any family in the sense they try to make family occasions but it is not always possible. I’m sure he would love to be there to see his granddaughter get married but no one would blame the Duke if he didn’t feel up to attending the wedding on the day – he’s only three years off 100.” read more

Jack Shepherd, 31, fled the UK last March and spent ten months dating women, allegedly learning to ski and living the high life in Tbilisi, despite claiming to be “suicidally depressed.” But when he appeared in court last week after finally handing himself into the authorities, prosecutor Ketevan Gurashuili described him as a “clever man” who “had contacts” to help him escape. She suggested there was evidence that he “had plans to flee to Thailand or Indonesia”. Police are investigating the network of family and friends who may have helped a convicted killer remain on the run in Georgia. A Metropolitan Police spokesman vowed to leave no stone unturned as it investigates how Shepherd managed to… read more

“There are things like who is on the reading lists, how much are you enabling a critique of different approaches to subjects, who is being recognised as being someone who can make a valuable contribution on this? That applies as much to science subjects as much as it does to arts and humanities subjects,” she said.  “Scientists come from all over the world, they don’t just come from the UK, the United States and other countries in Europe. It is really just about broadening our perspectives.”  Over the past decade, the number of BAME undergraduate students has increased by more than 50 per cent. But just 57 per cent of black students who graduated in 2017 achieved a first or a 2:1 compared to 81 per cent of white students. Qualifications before attending university can explain some but not all of the differences between degree class differences between ethnic groups.The report said that vice-Chancellors must foster environments where issues surrounding race and racism can be discussed more openly, and added that they should gather data on which approaches are effective in tackling the attainment gap.Earlier this week, Cambridge University announced it is launching an inquiry into how it benefited from the slave trade.   It will also probe how far Cambridge academics “reinforced and validated race-based thinking between the 18th and early 20th Century”.  Other leading universities have refused to bow to pressure from decolonisation campaigns aimed at names of buildings and statues, as well as their curriculum.Oxford University refused to bow to pressure from the Rhodes Must Fall campaign, which called for the statue of Cecil Rhodes to be taken down from Oriel College over his links to imperialism. Meanwhile, Bristol University announced that it will not rename the Wills Memorial Building despite campaigners claiming it is named after a slave trader. Reading lists and course structures in all subjects should be scrutinised to ensure there is no racial bias, according to Baroness Amos, who is director of the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) and the country’s first female black university leader. Universities must “decolonise” the curriculum in order to help black students close the attainment gap with their white peers, vice-Chancellors say.Campuses need to become “racially diverse and inclusive environments” if black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) are to succeed academically, according to a new report. Universities UK (UUK), which represents vice-Chancellors, commissioned a review into how institutions can ensure more BAME students graduate with top degrees.  Institutions should consult with students and “evaluate where it might be necessary” to review courses and assessments to ensure that they are not overly white and euro-centric, UUK said.    The report’s recommendation comes amid growing calls to “decolonise” the curriculum, as students urge their professors to examine whether courses are too dominated by white, male, Euro-centric perspectives.Baroness Valerie Amos, who led UUK’s review, said that many BAME students do not feel a “sense of belonging” at university.    “Part of that was about not seeing their history [and] their experiences reflected in the content of the courses that are being taught,” she told The Telegraph.   SOAS students previously demanded that philosophers such as Plato and Kant are removed from syllabus because they are white SOAS students previously demanded that philosophers such as Plato and Kant are removed from syllabus because they are white Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. In the recordings Yaxley-Lennon made on Facebook, he could be heard asking defendants if they had brought their prison bags, a reference to how the jury was deliberating and so nearing a verdict. Tommy Robinson “knew full well” what he was doing when he identified an alleged grooming gang while broadcasting live on Facebook from outside a criminal trial, a court heard.Appearing at the Old Bailey under his real name, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, 36, is accused of contempt of court for breaking a reporting ban imposed to safeguard justice for a series of linked child sex trials.The founder of the far-right English Defence League was said to have been “subjectively reckless” by failing to establish whether reporting orders had been imposed on the case at Leeds Crown Court last year.His hour-long video which showed defendants arriving was seen live by 10,000 followers before notching up 250,000 views in the following three days. Andrew Caldecott, QC, for the Attorney General Geoffrey Cox QC who is bringing the case, said: “In 2017, 29 individuals of Asian background were charged with serious offences involving the sexual exploitation of young girls in Huddersfield.“The primary case is that Mr Yaxley-Lennon knew full well that there was a reporting restriction order in the case.“He was at court and could have ascertained its terms with ease, either on the day or earlier, and it was a wholly irresponsible risk to speculate what the terms were or might be.” The self-proclaimed “citizen journalist” filmed himself referring to another defendant: “Harass him, find him, go knock on his door, follow him, see where he works, see what he’s doing.”However, giving evidence Yaxley-Lennon, who denies contempt of court, insisted that in his video he was urging the “mainstream media” to cover the trial, adding that they were not in attendance at court.He said he and two colleagues had tried to see if reporting restrictions were imposed by asking staff, looking for a notice outside the courtroom as well as scouring the court website.He said that he “erred on the side of caution” in his broadcast by only referring to elements already in the public domain, adding how he did not mention the linked trials.Michelle Dunderdale, who works at the Leeds court, admitted that there had been an “administration process failure” that day and details of orders imposed on the case had not been posted outside courtrooms or logged on the computer system. Confirming that an internal inquiry had been launched to establish why orders had not been posted, she explained that all staff knew to tell anyone who asked that strict reporting restrictions had been imposed on the trial. Tommy Robinson, who had 1.2 million followers on Facebook, broadcast for just over one hour on the social media platform from outside Leeds Crown Court Tommy Robinson, who had 1.2 million followers on Facebook, broadcast for just over one hour on the social media platform from outside Leeds Crown CourtCredit:Dado Ruvic/Reuters Yaxley-Lennon has already served two months in jail for contempt before being freed after the conviction was overturned by the Court of Appeal in August last year, in part because the defendant was not given adequate time to prepare a defence.Permission was granted for fresh proceedings to be brought against him earlier this year.Last year 20 men in the three linked case were found guilty of raping girls as young as 11. The cases were covered extensively once the reporting order had been lifted.The case continues. read more

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedGovt releases CGX oil contractFebruary 18, 2018In “Business”Guyana to place temporary block on remaining oil blocks- Govt AdvisorNovember 8, 2018In “Business”Eco Atlantic sells majority shares in oil licence to French firmSeptember 27, 2017In “Business” Government on Friday released its petroleum agreement signed by Natural Resources Minister Raphael Trotman in 2016 with Tullow Guyana BV and Eco (Atlantic) Oil and Gas, Inc.According to the Natural Resources Ministry, the terms of the contract are the same as those for Esso (Exploration and Production) Guyana Ltd and partners Hess and CNOOC Nexen and CGX.Similar to the CGX contract that was signed in 2013, when no oil deposits were discovered, Government agreed to a one per cent royalty. In addition, a 53 per cent share of profit oil and gas; after recoverable costs have been satisfied was negotiated.Moreover, Government has agreed to stand the cost of all the company’s income taxes while exempting the contractors from the Property Tax Act, Value Added Tax and Corporation Taxes.However, the two contracts (CGX and Tullow/ Eco Atlantic) differ when it comes to the amount the contractors will pay Government on the annual Licence rental charge. CGX in its Production Sharing Agreement is required to pay US$100, 000 for every year the licence remains in force, while Tulllow/Eco oil is only required to pay US$40, 000.The Production Sharing Agreement also stipulates that all recoverable contract costs be recovered from the value of a volume of crude oil produced and sold from the contract area in any month to an equivalent amount of 75 per cent of the total production.Tullow Oil, parent company of Tullow Guyana BV is an oil and gas exploration and production company, which has interests in 90 exploration and production licences across 16 countries that are in West Africa, East Africa and ‘New Ventures’, which includes Guyana and French Guiana.Meanwhile, Eco (Atlantic) Oil and Gas, Inc was incorporated in January 2011 as Eco Oil and Gas Limited as a small independent international oil and gas exploration company based in Toronto, Canada.The signed agreement, sees Eco (Atlantic) Oil and Gas, Inc having a 40 per cent interest in the Orinduik Block while Tullow Oil has 60 per cent.In February of this year Eco Atlantic and Tullow revealed that the Orinduik Block offshore Guyana could potentially contain in excess of 1 billion barrels of oil equivalent.The Orinduik Block is located up dip and just a few kilometers from ExxonMobil’s recent Liza and Payara discoveries confirming, by Exxon’s estimates, in excess of 1.5 billion barrels of recoverable oil.Eco Atlantic and Tullow had said in a release that leads are up dip from the Liza discoveries located on the Stabroek Block and are currently being evaluated and matured to prospect status on recently acquired 3D survey data. read more