first_imgFerran’s contractual situation means that proposals from the greats of Europe are already arriving. This is the second scenario that Valencia could be forced to assess in the coming months, in case of not reaching an agreement for its renewal. In fact, if the negotiation becomes entrenched, Peter Lim could start evaluating the offers that will come to him. The club could be seen in the tessitura of having to transfer it and enter a good amount of millions or risk being left without the player and without money, a few months later. Of this option, right now nobody wants to speak in the club or in the environment of the footballer. In the high places of Valencia they keep going around pending issues they had left just before the current health crisis broke out. Y One of them, perhaps the most important, is that of the renewal of Ferran Torres. For many months now, time has been running against Valencia. The player ends his contract in June 2021, in one year and three months, with what the entity is already in tow in the negotiation for a long time. Now, With the slowdown that will suffer everything due to the health crisis, time will be even more on top.The fear that one of the most sought-after and most future players in Europe will leave Valencia for free increases over time. In fact, when 2020 ends, Ferran could accept one of the mega-offers that will rain down on him in the coming months, without Valencia seeing a euro. To avoid that situation, the black and white club must fix its contractual relationship with Ferran before the next preseason begins. The solution that all parties want is the renovation of the youth squad. But for this, Valencia, in addition to guaranteeing a suitable financial contract with the present and future of the extreme (at the height of the footballers of the squad who earn the most), It must convince you with an essential sports project and social stability so that you choose to stay in the club of your life.last_img read more