first_imgMORE than 130 runners took part in the Orla 5K at Ards Forest Park on a glorious autumn day.Gavin Crawford from 24/7 Triathlon club took the honours.Also this year we held a Juvenile 2k for 10-14 yr olds. Results were:Juvenile Boys:1. Donal Farren LAC 2. Ben Carr FV3. Johnny Mc Groddy CranfordJuvenile Girls1. Karen Gallagher Individual2. Molly Trearty Cranford3. Amy Mc Memamin I ndividual All the results are below: Time FirstName Surname Club17.18 Gavin Crawford 24/7 Triathlon17.42 Sean Steward Letterkenny A C 18.16 Brian Crossan Unattached18.40 Hugh Duffy Cranford A C19.03 Conal McCambridge North Belfast Harriers19.07 PJ Boyce Cranford A C19.19 Paddy Fox Cranford A C19.31 Ciaran McBride Letterkenny A C19.53 John McCallion Rosses A.C.20.02 Eddie Sweeney Cranford A C20.03 Michael Gallagher Unattached20.03 Peter McGinley Letterkenny A C20.05 Paul McGonagle Letterkenny A C20.09 Paul Dillon 24/7 Triathlon20.14 Paul McGinley Unattached20.18 Peter Liliburn City Of Derry20.27 Noel McGarvey Unattached20.30 Hannah Shiels City Of Derry20.32 Brian Ferry Letterkenny A C20.33 Jamie Gallagher Unattached20.37 Paddy McGee Unattached20.42 Michael Cannon Unattached20.50 Drew Doherty Finn Valley A C20.51 Lee Clarke Unattached21.16 Luke Trearty Unattached21.16 Eugene McGettigan Letterkenny A C21.21 Matthew McDowell 24/7 Triathlon21.25 Martin Donnelly 24/7 Triathlon21.31 Colin Dean 24/7 Triathlon21.35 Irene McFadden Letterkenny A C21.39 David Harvey Unattached21.40 Declan Carlin Finn Valley A C21.55 Anthony Murray Finn Valley A C22.01 Paul Russell Unattached22.04 Sharon Black Letterkenny A C22.06 Nick Fowell 24/7 Triathlon22.08 Martin Kerr Unattached22.14 Gillian Marley Milford A C22.25 Cathal Morrison Unattached22.27 Sean O’Donnell Unattached22.31 Sinead Peoples Letterkenny A C22.35 Liam Marley Cranford A C22.37 Martin McGarvey Unattached22.39 Cliona Dunne Finn Valley A C22.41 Pauric Mitchell 24/7 Triathlon22.45 Noreen Bonnar Finn Valley A C22.48 Jamie McCarry Unattached22.52 Philip Boyle Letterkenny A C28 September 2013 Page 1 of 3 Time FirstName Surname Club22.59 Naoise Enright Letterkenny A C23.20 Seamus Cannon Unattached23.31 John Paul Gallagher Unattached23.32 Paddy Hegarty Unattached23.36 Dara Dunne Letterkenny A C23.47 Shane McLaughlin Unattached23.53 Tommy Hill 24/7 Triathlon24.14 Emer McClafferty Unattached24.17 Patrick McNulty Unattached24.29 Bridín Byrne City Of Derry24.30 Nancy McNamee Finn Valley A C24.35 Shannon McGroddy Cranford A C24.42 Danny Burns Lifford A C24.58 Paul O’Gara 24/7 Triathlon24.58 Cathal Roarty 24/7 Triathlon25.00 Cornelius McMullan Unattached25.02 Eddie McFadden Unattached25.08 Margaret Shields Letterkenny A C25.13 Lester Dobson Letterkenny A C25.16 Martin Toye Unattached25.18 Rachel Crossan Unattached25.24 Clara Quigley Unattached25.32 Susie Roarty Unattached25.38 Johnathan O’Donnell Unattached26.21 Zak Brolly Unattached26.22 Patrick Langan Unattached26.38 Damien Doherty Unattached26.46 Jordan Page Unattached26.47 Cathy Harvey Unattached26.52 Bernie Crossan Unattached26.54 Grace Trearty Unattached27.05 Anthia Hegarty Unattached27.08 Declan Breslin Unattached27.15 Shiela Doherty Unattached27.33 Madge Whoriskey Unattached27.34 Teresa Ward Unattached27.38 Adrian Wasson 24/7 Triathlon27.44 Paul Cullen 24/7 Triathlon27.45 Ruth McCrudden Letterkenny A C27.45 Sean McAuliffe 24/7 Triathlon27.59 Mary Martin Finn Valley A C28.03 Ann Kelly Unattached28.04 Denis McFadden Unattached28.05 Eileen Toye Unattached28.06 Paul Brolly Unattached28.12 Duncan Simith Unattached28.28 Eleanor Trearty Unattached28.30 Tanya Thornton Unattached28.32 Martin O’Donnell Unattached28.49 Liam McLaughlin Unattached28.57 Sandra Deary Unattached28.58 Marie Gallagher Unattached29.20 Valerie Coyle Unattached28 September 2013 Page 2 of 3 Time FirstName Surname Club29.30 Ladinia Finnegan Unattached29.31 Melissa Gibson Unattached29.32 Dayle Milkin Unattached29.32 Sophie Gallagher Unattached29.33 Margaret Slevin Unattached29.50 Enda Slevin Unattached30.09 Mary Ellen Friel Unattached30.15 Rose Lynch Unattached30.39 Mary O’Donnell Unattached30.58 Aoife Page Unattached31.14 Mary T Gallagher Unattached32.15 Margo McNally Unattached32.36 Neil Martin Finn Valley A C32.55 Anne McFadden Unattached32.56 Frances Wilson Finn Valley A C33.07 Jim Osborne Unattached33.18 Martina Carr Unattached33.18 Michael Doyle Unattached33.21 Rosemary Boggs Lifford A C33.22 Karen Carlin Lifford A C33.28 Mary McFadden Unattached33.40 Michelle Temple Unattached33.41 Edel Page Unattached33.55 Christine Brolly Unattached34.05 Helena Kenny Unattached34.15 Shauna McGettigan Unattached34.46 Judith McKinley Unattached35.35 Siobhan Bigger Unattached36.12 Fiona Williamson Unattached36.28 Fiona Gildea Unattached36.29 Caroline McCabe Unattached36.48 Mary Gallagher Unattached37.00 Aoife Cannon Unattached37.19 Charlotte Gallagher UnattachedTotal 13528 September 2013 Page 3 of 3 RESULTS FROM ORLA’S 5K AT ARDS FOREST PARK was last modified: September 28th, 2013 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to 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first_imgSANTA CLARA — Only a 49ers season this maddening could make Sunday’s victory so tough to secure, even after parlaying George Kittle’s 210 receiving yards into a 20-0 halftime lead.Their eventual 20-14 win over the Denver Broncos did not hinder the 49ers’ position atop next year’s draft board, and it certainly provided a morale boost for a flailing franchise that had lost its past three and 10 of 12 before Sunday’s stunner.This game will be remembered for Kittle’s first-half outburst, even …last_img read more

first_imgBlazers stock report: Portland has lost three of their last four games heading into Thursday’s 110-109 … The Blazers beat the Warriors in overtime Thursday evening in dramatic fashion. Two days later, the two teams will play again – this time up the I-5 highway in Portland.Here’s everything you need to know about the matchup.When/Where: Oracle Arena, 7:00 p.m. (NBCSBA)Blazers projected starting lineup: Al-Farouq Aminu, Maurice Harkless, Jusuf Nurkic, Damian Lillard, CJ McCollumlast_img read more

first_img SharePrint RelatedOut with the old, in with these two new souvenirs!November 8, 2018In “ Souvenirs”Out with the old, in with these two new souvenirs!November 25, 2019In “News”Say Hello to 2016 with Two New SouvenirsNovember 10, 2015In “Geocaching Weekly Newsletter” 2017 has been a fun year for geocaching: we celebrated 3 Million Active Geocaches, went geocaching around the globe with Where’s Signal the FrogⓇ, and found pirate booty with The Lost Treasure of Mary Hyde. But it’s time to start looking ahead.Let’s make 2018 the best year ever! To get us off to a good start, we’re announcing two new souvenirs: one to celebrate your last cache of 2017, and one to celebrate your first cache of 2018!How can I earn both souvenirs?Find a geocache or attend an event on December 31, 2017 to earn the Last Cache of 2017 souvenir.Find a geocache or attend an event on January 1, 2018 to earn the First Cache of 2018 souvenir.Can you earn two souvenirs for one event if it starts on December 31 and ends on January 1?Nice try. To earn both souvenirs, you’ll have to submit two different logs for two different geocaches and/or events, one on each day. Can I schedule back-to-back events to earn both souvenirs ?Nope! The geocaching guidelines prohibit event stacking. To avoid event stacking, Event Caches should be separated by time, organized by different geocachers, have a minimum duration of 30 minutes and take place at a different location than other events. Please check out the geocaching hiding guidelines for more information about Event Caches.The New Year is like a new log book: a fresh start! How will you end 2017 and start anew in 2018?Make sure to check out Shop Geocaching for the Last/First geocoin and tag set!Share with your Friends:Morelast_img read more

first_imgLimit the extreme registers of highlight or shadow detail using the Soft Clipping feature in DaVinci Resolve.DaVinci Resolve and a drool worthy color grading suite [via Blackmagic]A small but powerful feature in Davinci Resolve called “soft clipping” makes a huge difference in the way I work. A component of the software for several years now, soft clipping allows me to bend footage far further than I normally could by limiting the extreme registers of the highlight or shadow detail. Since I use it in every single session, I really can’t undersell using this powerful feature.Soft clipping is found inside the Color page, in the middle, bottom-half of the screen within the first Curves tab. Select the second drop-down to modify the soft clipping. You’ll see the red, green and blue curves, but these react differently than the main curves; here, you won’t be able to draw points on the curve to change the contrast of the image. Rather, you’ll be able to change where the high and low ends of the shot begin clipping.You can change the soft clip of the channels individually, but by default the three channels are grouped, or “ganged,” together. Unless you’re dealing with an image that has, say, a bright red traffic light that causes a spike in only the red channel, the default ganged style is my my choice each time.In practice, a colorist can initially limit the highlights on a particularly bright image where, for example, light bulbs or sunlight are blown out, as you’re performing your primary grade. As you balance the image, you can white balance the highlights to taste as you’re controlling the clipping or utilize the soft clip while you’re lifting any part of the image. I find it useful when working with commercial clients who are trying to achieve a bright, saturated look where the image is naturally dark. Consider an image of several people inside a living room with bright afternoon sunlight outside. The filmmakers have exposed for preserving the highlights that are streaming in, leading to an underexposed interior where the people are. This is a perfect time to use soft clipping.Pumping the mids and highlights will only get you so far before the upper range of the image begins to clip. To continue brightening the image, the soft clipping rolls off just the last few percent of the image and allows you to keep cranking in brightness. The effect is similar to that of using an S-curve in the standard curves feature, but it’s a quick way to limit the high or low-lights when you are working in a quick commercial atmosphere. You can also quickly wreck the image if you use the curves improperly, but this doesn’t seem to happen as much with soft clipping.My usage of soft clip can go extreme, depending on the shot and what the client’s trying to achieve. I often max out the High Soft at 100 to preserve as many highlight details as possible. I use this maximum value that Resolve allows as a sort of bar for determining if I’m pushing the image too much. If I really need an extra push, I can also pull the sides of the channels down to limit the highs or lows even further.Preserving highlights is the name of the game. It is much more important to preserve highlights than to have overly crushed blacks, although in a video featuring very high contrast I will frequently limit the darks to have that detail in there. Still, having detail in the highlights is one of my highest priorities, as any clipping means a dip in the overall video quality, even so much as to make it look much less filmic, or beautiful, to many people. I would say it is one of the defining characteristics of good filming technique.Have you had success with the soft clipping feature? Have you seen any downsides in using it or find it difficult to work with? Let us know in the comments.last_img read more

first_img Essential Reading! Get my 3rd book: Eat Their Lunch “The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition.” Buy Now I am fortunate enough to get to speak to a lot of different sales organizations. In workshops, the people who work for these companies often tell me what they are doing now. They want to share with me the things that they believe they should be doing to produce the results that they need. But that isn’t what is most interesting. What is interesting is what they are not doing. Mostly, they know what these things are.If what you were doing was producing the results that you need, you wouldn’t need to change anything. But when you are not getting the results you need, then it is necessary to do something different. It may mean that you have to stop doing something. It might also means that you might have to start doing something that you presently are not.This means change, and change isn’t easy. It requires that you change your mindset, and maybe long-held beliefs. It also means you need to do something new, to take some new action—potentially one you have avoided because it makes you uncomfortable.What also strikes me most is that the majority of the people who need to do something different are aware of that fact. They also have very good ideas about what they need to change, and they’ve typically known what they needed to do for a very long time. Mostly, they have lacked the confidence and the mechanics to do what they really need to do, and they are looking for help with both.This is likely true for you. Right now, there is some area of your life where you need a different result. You know you need to change how you think about the outcome you need, and you know you are going to have to do something that you have heretofore avoided doing. You don’t have to wait to attend a workshop to discover the mechanics or develop the confidence. You can search the web for answers, and you’ll almost certainly find something that addresses your need. You can also find someone to help you with the mechanics, even if that is thing you need help with is as simple as rehearsing with you.If you need to change, there is no reason to wait. You are here to do purposeful, meaningful work, and speed to results matters.last_img read more

first_imgBijay Bhuyan, a farmer in Odisha’s Bhadrak district, has been living with his family in their ancestral home for years, but he had no inkling that he was sharing it with cobras.To his utter surprise, he found 106 juvenile cobra snakes in the house in Paikasahi village on Friday. Efforts are on to retrieve more reptiles from an ant-hill that has come up adjacent to an earthen wall. Fellow villagers have thronged Mr. Bhuyan’s house to see the young reptiles.“Family members had come across snakes around their house on several occasions,” said Seikh Mirza, a member of Snake Helpline, a voluntary forum that helps rescue snakes in distress. “Their religious belief did not allow them to dismantle the ant hill.”“We have rescued 99 young cobras. Six snakes were found dead. As many as 19 eggs have also been spotted,” he said.last_img read more