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DeNobrega wins 4th annual Felix Grenville memorial cycle road race

first_imgBy: Colin BynoeTEAM Evolution’s Paul DeNobrega returned two hours 42 minutes 53 seconds in winning the 4th Annual Felix Grenville Memorial Cycle Road Race in Berbice on Sunday, but Trojan Cycle Club as well as Team United members were not to be outdone from occupying positions among the top 10 finishers in the open category.DeNobrega won ahead of Shaquel Agard (Team United), Romello Crawford (Trojan), Andrew Hicks (Team United), Raul Leal (Carlton Wheelers), Walter Grant-Stuart (Continental Wheelers), Christopher Cornelius (Team Evolution), Deeraj Garbarran (Team United), Alonzo Ambrose (Team Alanis) and Briton John (Team United).The Masters category was won by Flying Stars’ Ian `Dumb Boy’ Jackson. Team Evolution’s Stephen Fernandes was second and finishing third was Steve Ramscuchit of Trojan Cycle Club.In the ladies category, Shenika Teixeira was first and was followed by Deanne Welch and Whitney Poyer respectively.From the outset of the event, the fans that turned out in support of the cyclist knew that the competitors would have had to dig deep to come out on top. The 6th staging of the event, but the fourth year it has become a memorial one, started in front of the late Guysuco Engineer’s residence in Canefield, East Canje, Berbice and proceeded to #51 Police Station on the Corentyne before turning back to finish at the place of origin.The event which was sponsored by Felix’s children, grandchildren and other relatives, in collaboration with the Flying Ace Cycle Club (FACC), saw riders from all the major clubs in Guyana take part.The race attracted 39 starters with all competitors/teams trying their outmost to formulate their strategy early on.DeNobrega, who won the event in 2015, made his mark on the Palmyra road, when he signalled his intention to break away from the pack.The riders made a flying start on the way to Rose Hall Estate, where Felix worked for a major part of his life.When they proceeded on the race route, it appeared to be an early cat and mouse game that saw team Trojan’s Romello Crawford take the early lead. Six other riders were hot on his heels, Andre `Padlock’ Green, Grant-Stuart, Silvio Innis, Cortis Dey, Hicks and DeNobrega.The leading bunch of cyclists were closely knitted, heading into No.19 road when they were confronted with a heavy north/easterly winds that slowed them up considerably. They maintained the tussle as they proceeded on the 65 miles ride.At the turnback point (No. 51 Village) the seven riders who were in the lead continued to push. Evidently the tactical manoeuvre continued to be a part of the race with the mental and physical attributes of the competitors being heavily taxed. The weather pattern changed, an extreme heat saw the riders having to use lots of water to cool down.In the sprint home, around Palmyra, heading into the Canje area DeNobrega made up his mind and swiftly surged ahead of his main rivals. Nearing the Canje turn, heading home with about 300m out, there was no stopping as he out sprinted Shaquel Agard.For the Juvenile cyclist who rode from Nand Persuad and Company Limited to the finish line, Zamal Khan took top honours followed by Johathan Ramsuchit, David Hicks and Kenwyn Collins respectively.The 10 prime prizes that were up for grabs saw Crawford, Green and Stuart take two each, while there was one each for Cortis Dey, Silvio Innis, Hicks and DeNobrega.Speaking at the simple presentation, daughter of the late Grenville Felix, Joan, said, “I’m etuis of the attendance, and I thank God for the safety of the riders, no casualties over the six years.” She was also high in praise of the Police outriders who did a professional job.The event, which is staged in collaboration with the Flying Ace Cycle Club, was first held in 2012 then in 2013, on his birthday. As a result of Mr Felix’s death late in 2013, it was decided to hold the race as a memorial event. Felix was one of the first local engineers trained by GuySuCo.last_img

Jim Boeheim on FBI’s college basketball probe: ‘We have blinders on. Agents are going to do that.’

first_img Published on February 24, 2018 at 10:26 pm Contact Sam: sjfortie@syr.edu | @Sam4TR Facebook Twitter Google+ DURHAM, N.C. — Jim Boeheim left his news-making press conference and made it about four paces before he suddenly stopped.“Lefty!” he yelped, and extended his right hand for the older man to shake. Standing in the doorway leading to the Cameron Indoor Stadium floor was Lefty Driesell, the 86-year-old former Blue Devil player and legendary college basketball coach whom Duke had invited back for Saturday night’s game. The two men sized up one another. “You look good,” Driesell said. “I got to,” Boeheim responded. “I work out. My wife will yell at me if I don’t. I’ve got teenagers!” AdvertisementThis is placeholder textDriesel shook his head and told the 73-year-old, “Stay young, man. Stay young.” Then Boeheim smiled warmly and walked down the hallway, farther away from his press conference that reflected thoughts formed long ago, farther away from one of his few peers who remember those times too.Here are three takeaways from Boeheim’s comments about recently unearthed NCAA violations by agents, their impact on amateurism and what college basketball does next. The involvement of agents is inevitableOn Friday evening, the ongoing college basketball scandal that originated in September took on new meaning. Yahoo! Sports published documents from the FBI probe detailing the expenditures of former NBA agent Andy Miller, his former associate Christian Dawkins and the agency ASM Sports. Expense reports and balance sheets in those documents detail what appear to be illegal bribes, benefits and/or payments to big programs and prominent current and former players. No player has been punished by the NCAA. Boeheim said that he’s known for decades — 30 years, precisely — that agents have been involved in the families of star players. He said he has no issue with agents involving players, Syracuse included, as long as it is legal. When payments and bribes are made, that’s where Boeheim said he draws the line. “This should not surprise anybody that agents are trying to get clients,” Boeheim said. “You have the one-and-done factor, you need to get them early. You need to get them. You can’t wait. That’s not surprising. The thing that’s been surprising this year is obviously that 60 coaches (are) involved.”Boeheim added: “We have blinders on. We have blinders on. Agents are going to do that.”College basketball players should not be paidBoeheim’s larger point when discussing agents lies in the fact that removing amateurism entirely from big-time college basketball is not a viable solution. Paying high-level college basketball players won’t mean agents will stop trying to go after young players, Boeheim said. The 73-year old then looked back to his playing days, when he played at SU from 1963-66, and went from walk-on to captain. He said he received a full ride throughout college, alluding to the fact that that may be enough, or nearly enough, compensation for players. Dino Babers, Syracuse’s head football coach, took a similar stance when asked in October whether college football player should be paid. Babers said a scholarship “is more than enough compensation.”“What’s so disheartening for me is when people who are so intelligent keep saying, ‘They’re making millions of dollars,’” Boeheim said. “We make our share just like everybody does at Syracuse. We make our share on the tickets. Our athletic department barely breaks even. If you just say, ‘Don’t have any other sports, and basketball makes $16 million, then we should be giving it all back for the players.’ But all that money (SU men’s basketball generates) pays for everything else.”By “everything else,” Boeheim referenced non-revenue sports, such as soccer, softball and field hockey, all of whose expenses exceed revenue. He later said that having athletes participate in endorsements would be “unbelievable.” It is unclear exactly why he said that, but he said, generally, that “we can try to do more in basketball … hopefully they’ll come through with solutions. We’ve got a great game.”The one-and-done rule ‘has to go’Established in 2006, the one-and-done rule requires U.S.-based players to be one year removed from high school before being eligible for the NBA Draft. Until then, players were eligible to enter the draft out of high school, like LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. But the rule was implemented because of concern over whether players were mature enough to enter the NBA. The result has been a college basketball landscape including players who have no intention to stay at school more than one season required. Ten of the first 11 picks of last year’s draft were college freshmen. Last year, it was reported that NBA commissioner Adam Silver was considering getting rid of the rule. He said he got the sense that it wasn’t “working for anyone.” There could be consideration of not scratching the rule altogether, but rather raising the minimum age to 20 to enter the draft. Boeheim is vehemently against the rule, he said on Saturday. “It won’t change the whole game, but (getting rid of) one-and-done would help,” Boeheim said. “Hopefully we’ll get guys who want to be in college. If they really want to go, they should be able to go (to the NBA out of high school). Bill Gates didn’t want to go to college. I think he did alright. Golf, tennis players don’t have to go to college. “I think that would help. It won’t change the whole thing. It will help somewhat. We have a great game … it’s not going to change a thing. Not one thing. There’s tons of good teams right now that don’t have a one-and-done. We can easily survive. That’d be a big step.” Commentslast_img read more


Police officer accidentally shoots son after mistaking him for an intruder

first_imgA Dallas Police office’s adult son his recovering in the hospital after his father mistook him for an intruder and shot him.The incident occurred around 6 p.m Saturday near DeSoto.When authorities arrived to the home, they found the victim bleeding from his right forearm.The victim was then taken to an area hospital for treatment on the non-life-threatening injury.Authorities say that they are continuing to investigate the incident, however, no arrest have been made and no charges have been filed.“The DeSoto Police Department has treated this like every other case that we would have had and we would’ve handled it the exact same way that if any charges are appropriate later on, they’ll be forwarded over to the DA’s office for them to make a decision,” Pete Schulte, DeSoto police spokesman said.The names of the two parties involved have not yet been released.last_img read more


Report: Train accident in Jupiter, possible fatalities

first_imgAccording to reports, there has been a train accident in Jupiter.It is believed there may be multiple fatalities.The the accident reportedly occurred somewhere along Bee Line Highway.Police have not confirmed anything at this time.This story is developing.last_img


Jupiter Medical Center Announces Coronavirus Procedures

first_imgAs visitors from around the country and beyond descend on South Florida this week for the Super Bowl, doctors at one local hospital are implementing new guidelines in order to screen patients for the deadly Coronavirus.The flu-like illness originated in Wuhan, China. Cases have been confirmed in Australia, Germany, France, Canada, and the United States.There are no known cases in Florida.“We are on the side of caution in order to provide the best care for our community,” says Dr. S. Raymond Golish, who practices at Jupiter Medical Center. “Know there are no known cases here at this time, but we are prepared in the unlikely eventuality that such a case occurs.”He adds that the hospital is now following new CDC guidelines to conduct additional screenings for patients who display flu-like symptoms such as fever and coughing.Those patients will be asked to answer questions about their travels and contact with others during the previous two weeks.If doctors suspect the Coronavirus, those patients will then be placed in isolation and local health officials will be notified immediately.Dr. Golish says a sample would be sent to the CDC for testing.There is currently no antiviral treatment for the virus and no vaccine to prevent it.So far, there are more than 6,000 cases in China, and 132 deaths.last_img read more


Speaker Pelosi Explains Why She Ripped up Trump’s SOTU Speech

first_imgToday Pelosi said that she feels very liberated and said there is no such thing as an “eternal animosity” and vowed that we will have a new president next year.Pelose ended with, “He shredded the truth in his speech, he has shredded the constitution in his conduct so I shredded his speech.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says President Trump treated the State of the Union address like a reality TV show.Talking to reporters at the Capitol, Pelosi said Trump’s speech was riddled with falsehoods and had no connection to reality.She argued that Trump’s claim of inheriting a mess was wrong and pointed out that unemployment under the Obama administration was cut in half from 10 to 5% and the Dow Jones industrial average has gained about 45 percent since Trump was sworn in nearly three years ago. The Dow was up about 53 percent at this point in Obama’s presidency and a whopping 57 percent in Clinton’s early years in office.Pelosi insisted that Trump inherited a strong and growing economy from President Obama.She also said it was inappropriate for law makers to chant “Four more years” on the floor of the hallowed chamber of the House of Representatives.Pelosi ripped up Trump’s speech when he was finished on Tuesday night. Florida congressman Matt Gaetz says he’s filing ethics charges against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for ripping up the President’s State of the Union speech.Gaetz says he’s joining two other Republicans in filing charges with the House Ethics Committee. Gaetz said Pelosi disgraced the House of Representatives, “embarrassed our country” and destroyed official records. last_img read more