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SMC club hosts ‘Week of Action’ to explore child immigration policy

first_imgLa Fuerza, a club that celebrates Latina culture at Saint Mary’s, organized a “Week of Action” on campus this past week to address pressing issues facing the Latin community, sophomore Maria Hernandez, president of the club, said.Hernandez said the theme of the week was “Into the Unknown: The Immigration Journey of Unaccompanied Minors.” She said she thought this theme was especially important as there was an influx of unaccompanied minors crossing the border into the U.S. from Latin America this past summer.“This was not the first time unaccompanied minors have come to the United States,” Hernandez said. “This has been and will continue to be an ongoing issue within the immigration sphere.“This recent crisis has exposed the many issues within the immigration system. These issues range from humanitarian to political issues — which is why La Fuerza decided to cover this particular issue from a variety of perspectives.”A panel of community members spoke about their experiences with immigration Tuesday, Hernandez said.Jose Alvarez, a senior at Holy Cross, spoke about the experience of his five-year-old cousin, who traveled from Honduras to Mexico via plane and then was sent across the border with ‘coyotes,’ people who smuggle immigrants into the U.S., Hernandez said.Hernandez said it was important for students to hear Alvarez’s story because the audience was able to put a face to the week’s theme of immigration and unaccompanied minors.Alvarez also showed a video of his cousin reuniting with his aunt in the U.S. after the long journey.After the journey, Jose’s cousin said he just wanted to eat pizza, which helped strengthen the audience’s connection to the child, Hernandez said.Throughout Alvarez’s story, there was also a great amount of information about how his cousin was treated while in the custody of the immigration system, Hernandez said.“[Alvarez shared] how his cousin was given one sandwich a day [while in custody] and a thin ‘aluminum foil’ type blanket which did not keep him warm,” she said. “Jose also shared how his cousin had to sign a paper stating he understood his basic rights.”On Wednesday, Fr. Daniel Groody, associate professor of theology and director of immigration initiatives at the Institute for Latino Studies at Notre Dame, spoke about his experience working on the border of U.S. and Mexico, Hernandez said.Representatives from Saint Mary’s Republican Club and Democrat Club also engaged in a political debate about immigration Thursday as part of the week’s events, Hernandez said.Overall, the week was designed for students to understand multiple viewpoints about child immigration because there are many injustices surrounding the issue, Hernandez said.“There is a lack of intercultural understanding, which is why we wanted to cover a wide variety of perspectives, because many people have different understandings of this issue,” she said. “We find it necessary to offer all perspectives to tackle this issue, to improve the lives of these children and learn what we can do to ensure their situation gets better.” Tags: Immigration, La Fuerza, unaccompanied minors, Week of Actionlast_img read more


Zoran Mijic Mrmi is a Goalkeeper who saved Five Lives

first_imgZoran Mijic Mrmi, goalkeeper of Borac from Kozarska Dubica, appears to be predestined to save lives on football courts. During the match with Modriča, which was played on the home field last weekend, Mrmi saved the life of young Dian Halilović, who remained laying on the court in the final moments of the match, after a fierce duel.“After a strong kick in the head, I noticed that my teammate’s ear is bleeding and he was not even aware of that. Suddenly he got all swollen up and pale. I knew that war dangerous and I requested from the referee to pronounce the match over, since everything took place during the stoppage time. I ran to Halilović, who fell unconscious then. I helped him gain consciousness again after which together with coach Trkulja I took him to the Health Center, and he was later transferred to the hospital in Prijedor,” Mijic said.This is the fifth time he had participated in saving someone’s life.“It wasn’t simple to look into the death’s eyes. Luckily, I had always won, young lives were saved, and that is the most important thing. Many letters of gratitude remind me of that, as well as friendships I established later with people I saved and their families,” said this football hero from Kozarska Dubica.It all started in 1996, when a football player remained lying on the court, without any movements, during the match between BSK and Borac.While the others were panicking, Zoran managed to take his tongue out and thus saved him from certain death. He did the same thing in 2014 during a friendly match with Rudar from Prijedor, when he saved Nemanja Marić in an identical way.Sanela Custic, a girl born in 2007, could not even imagine that a car will hit her while she is riding her bike close to Mijić’s house.“The girl who was driving the car was in shock. The girl, whose parents grew up here and now they all live in Germany, was lying on the road. She was bruised, but it was clear to me that she was choking. I took her tongue out, she bit me several times, but the most important thing is – I saved her life,” Mijic remembered. A miracle happened last year as well, when he and his teammates saved a young man after a traffic accident, when he fell from a motorbike.“I received 18 letters of gratitude from different associations, clubs, federations. Everyone sees me as a phenomenon, and I am just the ordinary Mrmi, as my friends and neighbors call me,” said this 36-year-old man.(Source: fokus.ba)last_img read more