first_imgBeautiful seascapes greet the hiker on the Harkerville trail. The rugged Garden Route coastline.(Images: Emily van Rijswijck) MEDIA CONTACTS • SANParks Regional Office  Harkerville Forestry Station  +27 44 532 7770 or +27 82 803 0701 RELATED ARTICLES • Garden Route’s new national park • Hiking the dragon’s back • Unforgettable SA hiking trails • Walking for Eden, and elephants • Slackpacking in the CederbergEmily van RijswijckSouth Africans sometimes forget that they live within easy reach of the most beautiful and accessible wilderness areas in the world – some, literally on their doorstep.One such treasure is the Harkerville Trail on the southern Cape coast, a hike which can pack the punch of a longer trail in just one weekend.But it’s not just the ocean and the giant yellowwoods. There is so much more to treat the senses – the smell of the forest floor and the sea spray; sudden outbursts from red-billed wood hoopoes; and rows of edible-looking cup-shaped fungi marking the paths.Spoilt for choiceInhabitants of the greater Cape area are generally spoilt for choice when it comes to hiking in the aptly named Garden Route, with the Outeniqua, Tsitsikamma and a host of other popular trails concentrated just in this area.The Harkerville, however, remains a favourite for hikers who appreciate its diverse offerings, all squeezed into just two days.This trail is rated “moderate to difficult” by those in the know. Port Elizabeth resident André Moolman has done the Harkerville 10 times and says it is the perfect benchmark trail to see if you are ready for more strenuous hikes, like the Fish River Canyon and the better known Otter, South Africa’s oldest hiking trail.In size, the Fish River Canyon takes second place only to the mighty Grand Canyon in the US and forms the natural border between South Africa and Namibia.“The Harkerville trail is a good measure for me to see if I am fit enough,” says Moolman, adding that it offers probably the most beautiful scenery a hiker will encounter in South Africa.The Harkerville HutA challenging 27 kilometres in length, the trail starts and ends at the Harkerville Hut at the Harkerville Forestry station located between Plettenberg Bay and Knysna.This is also the end point for the seven-day Outeniqua Trail, and energetic hikers may combine the two into a nine-day trek.Day one is a 15km hike which starts off with a long stretch in the forest before you are suddenly greeted by a break in the foliage to a beautiful view of the sea far below you.While nothing should be taken away from the forest and the mountain fynbos sections of the hike, it is the part trailing along the edge of the sea which brings the real thrill.The use of “edge” in this instance is deliberate as you will find yourself with the sea spray flicking your feet and the waves charging in with purpose if the tide happens to be high during your crossing. Though the ledges across the rock face are not excessively high, hikers with fear of heights may feel nervous.But, once safely over the rocks, the calm refreshing pools of seawater will delight you, while little fish and other creatures swim with you, sometimes taking a precautionary nibble at your feet. It’s worthwhile remembering to squeeze a pair of diving goggles and some flippers into your backpack.Californian RedwoodsIn this little piece of indigenous paradise, the remnants of an experimental plantation of Californian redwoods, planted in 1925, are still to be found.These remaining trees are all to be cut down but for one giant specimen of about 33 metres in height and more than a metre in diameter, which will mark time and location. The redwood is native to the west coast of America where it can grow up to 300 metres in height.Harkerville is also a place where the smallest creatures have right of way, from the large black shongololos (Ndebele word for millipede, widely used in South African lingo) to the very common forest spider, a creature seemingly intent on building his web exactly at face height.But as nature lovers tend to be mindful of these things, hikers manoeuvre carefully around these delicate webs, while a “mind the shongololo” from a fellow hiker is not uncommon.Sinclair HutThe second night is spent at the comfortable Sinclair Hut, situated on higher ground. While the hut does not have beautiful views of the ocean, some points of this rocky coastline are close by and it’s worth a 700m stroll to watch the sun setting over the Indian Ocean.During the whale season which starts to peak in October, it is not impossible to get excellent sightings of these magnificent creatures from various vantage points along the trail. The Southern Right whale is a common sight in these parts from around July to December as pods travel north from the Antarctic region to mate and breed.In fact, the small coastal town of Hermanus, further south along the coast, is considered to be the best land-based whale watching area in the world and has its own whale festival and full-time whale crier.The second part of the trail winds for 12km with some challenging parts over rocky ledges and pebbled beaches, before hikers tackle the stiff climb up to the car park and picnic spot located on top of the hill.With muscular strain setting in, the last stretch through the forest is easy enough to walk even barefoot, with a soft forest carpet of leaves and twigs easing the way. Sunburnt and exhausted, you will know that you have finished a serious hike in just two days when finally you reach the Harkerville Hut once more.But, every step would be worth it.last_img read more

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest The first positive case of West Nile Virus (WNV) in an Ohio horse has been confirmed in 2016.Testing on samples taken from a seven-year-old Standardbred in Tuscarawas County confirmed the positive WNV diagnosis to the Ohio Department of Agriculture Sept. 12. The horse’s veterinarian first examined the animal Aug. 29. The animal was euthanized after exhibiting significant clinical signs, including shaking, agitation and thrashing. The horse had not been vaccinated.West Nile Virus is transmitted to horses via bites from infected mosquitoes. Clinical signs for WNV include flulike symptoms, where the horse seems mildly anorexic and depressed. Changes in mentality, drowsiness, driving or pushing forward (often without control) and asymmetrical weakness may be observed. Mortality rate from WNV can be as high as 30% to 40% in horses. Infection with WNV does not always lead to signs of illness in people or animals. WNV is endemic in the United States and Ohio has reported three positive cases in horses each of the last few years.“This incident in Tuscarawas County should serve as an alert to all horse owners to vaccinate their animals against West Nile Virus,” said State Veterinarian Dr. Tony Forshey. “Vaccines are a proven and effective prevention tool and I encourage all owners to talk to their local vet for options and advice on how to keep their animals healthy.”In addition to vaccinations, horse owners also should work to reduce the mosquito population and eliminate possible breeding areas. Recommendations include: removing stagnant water sources; keeping animals inside during the bugs’ feeding times, which are typically early in the morning and evening; and using mosquito repellents.last_img read more

first_imgOften lost amongst the smart cities media hype are clearly defined entry points that local leaders can target when beginning to transform their metropolis into a smart city.Thankfully, Tech Republic recently interviewed several industry experts for their views on how urban leaders can begin the journey toward smart city-dom.One key focus is to develop smart initiatives that not only solve urban challenges but get citizens in on the action too.“Find a point that takes citizen interest first, but can impact many people in a city and get visibility and become a symbol of a smart city,” said TM Forum’s Carl Piva. “Ask, ‘What can I do to make my city more equitable, more inclusive or to simply create a dialogue with the people who live there?’”A successful example of this is the city of Boston’s mobile app that enables citizens to report problems or needed repairs by sending their photograph of the issue to the city. Not only does this empower residents to participate in improving the city, but sparks citizen dialogues around trends and recurring needs.Another early smart city strategy is for planners to highlight a solid return on investment (ROI) that a technology-driven project will generate.A case in point is Los Angeles’ conversion of 215,000 streetlights to LED smart lights which generates $9 million in utility savings annually. That the lights will pay for themselves in six years provides clear ROI evidence to convince skeptical city stakeholders that future smart projects promise tangible benefits.“That streetlight is everywhere in your city and it’s got power to it and you can do so many things with it, now and in the future, if you think big first,” said Smart Cities Council chairman Jesse Berst.Harnessing the massive flows of data generated by smart cities is another entry point for urban transformation. Especially if that information is not only used to improve the city, but also for engaging the public through open data initiatives.New tech means fewer 911 callsThe decision by Albuquerque, make certain data openly available to citizens resulted in 422,000 fewer calls to 311. Berst says the power of open data not only cut costs but improved city interactions in other interesting ways.“As a city, you save money on Freedom for Information requests, and you create this data repository that your departments can start using and your citizens can start using and your hackers and developers can start using to build great things,” he said.Lastly, the ability for smart city innovations to tackle government silos is a critical selling point for transforming a city’s technology infrastructure.“It’s very important to not build a siloed infrastructure,” said Cisco’s managing director of Smart+Connected Communities Munish Khetrapal. “The day you build a siloed infrastructure you’ve wasted 30% of the dollars taxpayers are spending.”Smart city platforms are effective in breaking city staff out of vertical silos through interdepartmental data sharing. As well, the new technology fostering horizontal collaborations between unexpected city actors and the elimination of duplicated services. Related Posts How Connected Communities Can Bolster Your Busi… For Self-Driving Systems, Infrastructure and In… How IoT Will Play an Important Role in Traffic …center_img Tags:#Cisco#Internet of Things#IoT#Smart Cities#smart city#TM Forum Donal Power Surveillance at the Heart of Smart Citieslast_img read more

first_imgDiscover how to create title templates in Premiere Pro to save time in post and create design consistency between projects!  In this post we share tips for creating unique title styles and saving them as templates in Premiere.So, you’ve gone out of your way to create that drop-dead gorgeous text that’s got the ‘wow factor’.  Now you’d like to use the same text style for a series of lower thirds for your project.  What are the options that will save you time in this project…and future Premiere Pro projects?Titles Created in Premiere Pro (check out this stylized and gaudy example!)Title Based on Current TitleIf you try to reuse a title in your timeline and make any changes, those changes will affect every instance of that title in the timeline, so in a way every title is a ‘one shot’ event. However, most editors require there to be continuity between titles in any production and with this in mind Premiere Pro has a simple button at the top of the title creation window that allows you to create a new title based on the current title.New Title Based on Current TitleYou can also get this option through the title option in the menu bar:New Title Based on Title MenuSelecting this option will bring up the new title naming box and create a new title icon in your project panel with the name you give it. The new title will look exactly the same as the old one, but any changes you make will be to the new title only leaving the old title unchanged. This is a fast way of making multiple titles that all use the same parameters for the text and formatting with ease.  However, unless you export the title it is restricted to your present project only.Creating a New Text StyleHowever, sometimes the title style you have created is so good that you want to use it in multiple ways…not just in the present project but potentially in many other projects. For this, it is wise to create a new ‘Title Style’ which will appear at the bottom of the title styles in your title creation window.The Title Styles PanelTo create a new style simple select the element that you want to use to create the style (in this case the text but it could be any item in the title such as a coloured bar under the text for a lower third) and then go to the panel menu for the title styles panel. Click the little icon in the top right of the panel ( a series of lines with a little down arrow to the left) and from the menu that appears select ‘New Style…’.Menu Options in the Title Styles Panel MenuOnce selected, a ‘New Style’ naming box will appear with details of the font that you used to create the style as a default name. At this point it is important to use a name that means something to you so that you know what it is and why you created it!Once you’ve named it and clicked OK, the new title style will appear at the bottom of the title styles panel and when you hover over it you will see the name you gave it.New Title Style With New NameOK, so now that you’ve created your style you are free to start having a look at how all the other title styles look in your project, knowing that with the click of a mouse you can return to the style you created and not lose anything. To try out them out simply click on any of the other title styles in the panel and see how your title looks. If it looks better but isn’t quite right, you can still go into the properties for the chosen style and tweak them to suit. In fact, using a title style is actually a great way to start creating titles as it gives you something creative to work on instead of trying to come up with something from scratch.Just a side note, you can also rearrange the order of the title styles in this panel simply by clicking on any style and dragging it to the place you want it to be. This can be very useful for organizing your titles into an order that you use in different projects.Moving a Style 1Moving a Style 2Creating a Title TemplateThe last approach to re-using titles in other projects is the option to create a template of your title, so that it can be opened from any project on your machine and have all the elements in place for something like a complex lower third ready to go.Example Lower ThirdSo let’s say that we want to use this example lower third in a whole series of episodes of a documentary series we’re working on (I know in reality no-one would touch a lower third like this, but for examples sake it will suffice!).  This is the way to make it a ‘Title Template’.You could go to the title option in the main menu bar and select ‘Templates…’ from that menu (note the keyboard shortcut).Title Menu OptionOr else you can click this button in the title creation window:Both will bring you to this templates dialogue box.If you don’t have your content loaded you won’t be able to see any of the templates that ship with Premiere Pro. However, that won’t stop us saving our present title as a template.What you need to do is click the little sideways pointing arrow icon in the top right of the window to get yet another menu:From this simply choose ‘Import Current Title as Template…’ and then you will get another dialogue box asking you to name your template.Naming the TemplateThen once you have used a good name that means something to you for the template – click OK and the template will appear at the top of the window under ‘User Templates’ and you will see it displayed as shown below.New Template AddedNow that you have this title as a template, to use it in a future project – create a new title, click the templates button and choose the template you have created and click OK. Then the template will be ready for you to modify as needed.  Using these techniques, Adobe Premiere Pro makes it easy to create and save high quality text templates, saving you time in post.  Happy title creation!last_img read more

first_imgAn independent MLA was on Sunday booked by the Punjab police for allegedly berating Gurdaspur Deputy Commissioner publicly at the civil hospital here on the issue of identity of a victim’s body, with the video of the incident having gone viral. In the video, legislator Simranjit Singh Bains is seen shouting at Deputy Commissioner Vipul Ujwal even as the officer tries to clear some confusion over the identity of a blast victim’s body. A day after the blast in a firecracker unit here that killed 23 people, Lok Insaaf Party chief and MLA Bains had allegedly berated Ujwal publicly at the civil hospital here. Police have booked Ludhiana MLA and his unidentified 20-odd associates on charges of voluntarily obstructing and assaulting or using criminal force against a public servant from discharging his duty, committing trespass and making criminal intimidation and other relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code. Senior Superintendent of Police Opinderjit Singh said the FIR has been registered on the complaint of Batala Sub-divisional Magistrate Balraj Singh who was also present at the time of incident. Yells at the officer“Eh tere baap da office nahi hai. Eh public da office hai. Te tu public nu hi keh rehan ki bahar jao. (It’s not your father’s office, it’s a public office and you are asking the public to get out),” Mr. Bains is heard yelling at Mr. Ujwal, even as the officer is seen trying to calm the infuriated MLA in the video. “Mera naal gal kar la pehla” (Talk to me first),” the legislator is seen telling the officer earlier in the 45-second video in presence of SSP Mr. Singh, Civil Surgeon Kishan Chand and Deputy SP Balkrishna Singla.Refuses to see reasons With the furious MLA refusing to see reasons, a humiliated Deputy Commissioner is heard merely quipping “I’m not going to talk to you” and seen leaving the place. Reacting to the registration of case against him and his companions, Mr. Bains accused Chief Minister Amarinder Singh of being behind the legal action against him.last_img read more