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Kennedy lecture benefits ill SMC student

first_imgCaitlyn Jordan | The Observer Kennedy assassination enthusiast Jack Gordon discusses his theories on the shooting.He also said there were discrepancies with doctor reports, and that the consensus of doctors’ reports made at the hospital in Dallas were covered up. There were also people seen in the background of video footage from the procession who may have acted as signals for when the president was believed to be shot, Gordon said.“I think the president was hit in the throat first, and then shortly after the throat was then hit in the back causing his arms to go up. I’m not convinced that the back shot exited. … [Governor John] Connelly in my mind is hit twice, separately.”As for who shot the president, Gordon said, “For me, for 40 years, it’s been a triangle. Three corners to the triangle: Anti-Castro Cubans, Organized Crime, CIA. And inside the triangle, in bold print, Cuba. They all have motive to kill President Kennedy, and Cuba is the common denominator.”The event also hoped to mitigate the medical expenses of junior Jessica Richardson, who suffers from Bronchorrhea asthma, a rare respiratory disease. “I have known Jessica and her family for over ten years,” family friend Daniel Gaito said when he introduced Richardson to the crowd. “Considering how often Jessica has been in the hospital and how many times she has been in a doctor’s office, one would think she would pursue a course of study far from the medical community. “However, she is about to complete her junior year in the nursing program. Countless times, she has been a patient. For her career, she desires to administer to others. Even when she is receiving treatment, she is studying so that she may treat others.”According to Gaito, the money raised will go toward Richardson’s treatment and give her the opportunity to travel to and from National Jewish Hospital in Denver, Colorado, which specializes in rare asthma cases. “She does not want anyone to feel sorry for her,” Gaito said. “She does not complain about her condition. She feels blessed and acknowledges that there are many worse off. She does not seek pity. Instead, she desires your assistance. “I am asking you to make an investment in Jessica. Normally, investments are quantitative in nature. But sometimes, investments are qualitative. … You invest in people. Jessica is my most worthwhile investment. Keeping her healthy and on her nursing trajectory is critical for this community.”Tags: Jack Gordon, Jessica Richardson, JFK, JFK lecture, Kennedy assassination Kennedy assassination expert Jack Gordon discussed the unexamined side of the shooting at a Saint Mary’s benefit lecture entitled “The Kennedy Assassination — Separating Truth from Myth,” on Thursday.Gordon’s presentation focused on the circumstances and investigations surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy. He said he believes there is more to the shooting than is normally taught. Gordon said he thinks there was more than one person who shot Kennedy because there is “overwhelming evidence that gunshots came from two different directions.” He cited video clips and photographs taken during the procession in Dallas to show that there were multiple shots fired at the president. Gordon said he believes the president was hit three or four times, and that it is possible there were six or seven shots total fired at the car.last_img read more


Joshua’s coach rules out radical changes against Ruiz

first_imgRelatedPosts Tyson Fury to Anthony Joshua: Don’t risk fighting Usyk Anthony Joshua, Okolie plot world title double Anthony Joshua wants Tyson Fury, Wilder fight Anthony Joshua’s head coach Rob McCracken will resume his leading role on the training team and ruled out any drastic changes ahead of the Andy Ruiz Jr rematch. Britain’s heavyweight star endured his first professional defeat at the hands of Ruiz Jr in June, which sparked calls for Joshua to reassess his preparations for the rematch in Saudi Arabia on December 7. McCracken insists additional coaching staff have always assisted Joshua, but he will devise the game-plan and supply instructions as usual for the second world title fight. “I think everybody just gets the wrong idea all the time,” McCracken told Sky Sports. “Lots of people have always worked with us in the camp. “I’m the head coach, but I can’t do everything, so we’ve always had different people coming in who are good on the pads, who are good with movement, footwork drills whatever, so there’s a variety of people we use. “I mean ‘Benga’ his cousin has always worked with Anthony. Nobody is really aware of that, unless AJ mentions it, so the reality in boxing now is you don’t have one coach and one boxer, year in, year out. It doesn’t work like that. “We have a variety of people. He works on certain drills, but obviously I’m his head coach and I go in the corner on the night, and we do the tactics together. “Hopefully he can employ them and he can get the job done, but yeah, normal stuff, normal camp.” Speaking on AJ: The Untold Truth, Joshua has reiterated his faith in McCracken, but suggested fresh staff would assist his training. “Whoever said that is a clown,” said Joshua. “Part ways with McCracken? No way. These people don’t understand loyalty. “These people aren’t cut from the same cloth, if that’s what they are suggesting. “Whoever has that mindset should not bother talking to me, if they have that mindset. “I want to make positive reinforcements and bring in new troops on the battlefield to combat this war.”Tags: Andy Ruiz JrAnthony JoshuaRob McCrackenlast_img read more