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SURVEY: Why Canadians visit Burlington

first_imgChurch Street Marketplace RESEARCH REPORT: Intercept Interviews of French-Speaking Quebec visitorsLabor Day Weekend, 2008 (Friday, September 1 through Monday, September 4, 2008)Introduction: The Greater Montréal, Quebec Market: More than three and one-half million people live just two hours north of Burlington, Vermont. Montréal is Quebec’s largest city and Canada’s second largest next to Toronto. The 2007 Canadian Census (Statistics Canada, Population of census metropolitan areas), reported 1.6 million people residing in the city of Montréal proper. More than 3.6 million live in the Montréal Census Metropolitan Area (Greater Montréal Area). French is the language spoken by 70.5% of the population (as of the 2006 census). Montréal is the largest French-speaking city in North America; second in the world after Paris. (STATCAN)Understanding French-speaking Quebecois: French-speaking Quebecois’ consumer behavior reflects continental French lifestyles in many ways. In general, French-speaking Quebecois spend relatively more money on food for home consumption, clothing, personal care and health items, tobacco, and alcoholic beverages (versus other Canadians).Why do Quebecois visit and shop in Burlington? Taxes and variety. In Quebec, two taxes are applicable on goods and services: the GST (5% Goods and Services Tax) and the PST (7.9 5% Provincial Sales Tax). Whenever the Canadian dollar moves close to parity with our dollar, American goods (minus a GST and PST) offer Canadians a better value. The size of the US market also plays a part in Quebec’s attraction to Vermont and the U.S., as our national stores, in particular, can offer a greater variety and depth of products.French-speaking Quebecois on Church Street: French-speaking Quebecois have always frequented Burlington’s Church Street Marketplace. But cross-border shopping by all Canadians, according to Statistics Canada, began increasing “significantly” in the last half of 2007 as Canada’s dollar reached parity with the U.S. dollar. Businesses on the Church Street Marketplace witnessed a dramatic increase in Quebec shoppers and diners throughout the summer of 2008.Intercept Interviews with French-speaking Quebecers over Labor Day Weekend, 2008: The Church Street Marketplace conducted 80 intercept interviews of Quebec visitors on its Mall block, between Bank and Cherry Streets during Labor Day Weekend, 2008 – Friday, September 1 through Monday, September 4. Here are the results (Source Questions 1 & 2 below):QUESTION # 3 What is the purpose of your visit? Tourism and shopping were the two largest responses gathered. Many people said they came to Burlington for the day to shop, dine and explore.Airport (1)Ambience (1)Boating (1)Camping (4)Dining (3)Events: Burlington Criterium/Bicycle Race (2)Go to beach (1)Hockey tournament (1)Concert: @ Fairgrounds (1)On Motorcycle Tour (1)Outdoor Sports (2)Shopping (15)Tourism (52)Visit with Family, Friends (7)Wedding, relatives, etc. (1)QUESTION # 4.What specific purchases did you make? French-speaking Quebecois visiting September 1-4 were either brand conscious, coming to the Street to purchase specific clothing brands not available in Canada, or price conscious, seeking out lower prices and bargains.Abercrombie (4)Advertise pizza restaurantsAeropostale (2)Ann TaylorArt suppliesBanana Republic (3)Bargains (4)Barnes & NobleBCBG OutletBen & Jerry’sBirkenstockBooksBooks, Gardener’s supplyBordersCappucino, boating suppliesCheddar CheeseChicoClothes (7)Electronics storesEMSFoodFood at Farmer’s MarketFoot LockerGood prices (4)Groceries (2)Hardware ACEHollister (2)HurleyJ. CrewJC PenneyJewelry (2)Kiss the CookLevisLindt Chocolate (3)Lots of stores not found in CanadaMacy’s (6)Men’s clothingNorth Face (2)Not so sweet iced teaOutdoor Gear (3)School Supplies for kidsScuffer RestaurantShoesShopping (14)SouvenirsSouvenirsTeenage brandsTimberlandToys, BeddingVictoria’s secret (2)WaterfrontWomen’s Clothes Yankee CandleQUESTION 5What can we do different or better to encourage you to return? Following are comments from those individuals surveyed. While those surveyed often responded about a number topics, individual responses have been separated out and categorized to identify trends and priorities.a. WAYFINDING SIGNAGE / INFORMATION / INFO IN FRENCH: This category elicited the most responses. Respondents suggested more wayfinding signage, particularly getting to and around the downtown. Signage in French was viewed as recognition of and appreciation for French-speaking Quebecois in the downtown. Requests for regional information on Church Street (hiking, biking, recreation) were also identified.* Better sign for University Suites; run down hotel.* City is bicycle friendly* Maps of bike routes* Need bike path info* More educational signs about town* Improve signage to tell people how to get to Marketplace. Put in French* Information about North Beach on Church Street* Hiking info on Church Street* More French signs on Church Street* Put in cross reference maps in the parking garages so that visitors can find stores and services by category.* Need Walking tours* More signs in French; sales people who speak French* Make area map more user-friendly.b. PARKING & TRANSPORTATION* More garage parking so we don’t have to feed the meter* More parking; clearer direction markings in garages; cross reference maps on street corners so visitors can find stores by category.* Better & less expensive parking* No direct flights from Toronto to Burlington; would like info on busses between Burlington and Montréal ; Burlington & Toronto; Seems to be no coordination between trains, buses, etc.; Need an info clearing house for ground transportation.* Parking for motorhomes close to ferry. Forced to park in Williston; a lot of confusion with recreational vehicles, lost market.* shuttle bus from Colchester to Church Street* parking is well organized; shuttle buses are a help.* Border crossing long; like it here, safe and close by; like the ferry crossingc. RETAIL: Respondents who came to shop were looking for trendy, national brands, good prices and later store hours. Because each retail store on Church Street sets its own business hours, the Street as a whole does not offer the customer uniform hours.)* More chain stores* Stores close too early for Montréalers, even on Saturday* Prices are higher than expected; would like to see lower prices* Tax discount provided in store for being Canadian; 11% at Macy’s who files for tax refund later with Canada* More stores for clothing; more trendy brandsd. ACCOMMODATIONS: Comments received focused on the need for more hotel rooms with lower prices.* Motels expensive and dirty* Need more hotel rooms;* Hotels; too expensive* Would like lower hotel costs; like that you are doing surveye. DINING* More seafood restaurants; not expensive at water’s edge* Need restaurant recommendations* Put in a fried dough stand* Website confusing for Burlington; prices not posted for hotels; map of Burlington on website.* Need Menus in French* Heat Breakwaters for a longer season with outdoor heaters.f. EXCHANGE RATE: For those Labor Day respondents who identified the exchange rate as important, they asked for greater acceptance of the Canadian dollar by Church Street merchants.* Some felt we should accept the Canadian dollar at par;* Many felt that all stores should accept Canadian dollars and calculate the exchange rate as necessary.* Some were quite offended that that was not the case.* Increase acceptance/recognition of Canadian dollar;Many merchants we’ve spoken to after this survey said accepting Canadian at par is problematic; they’re not willing to absorb any losses. This may be due in part to contracting profit margins.g. PUBLIC RESTROOMS* Need more public restrooms, better marked locations* Need street corner rest roomsh. SAFETY: Safe and Non-Threatening. Those who participated in focus groups in Boston and Montreal, as part of the 2007 Burlington Branding Study, described Burlington as safe, non-threatening, and manageable: almost like ‘a city outside America’ and ‘more Canadian’ than even Americanized Toronto.i. PARKS* Need a Downtown playground for children to use while parents shop.* Love the dog parkGENERAL COMMENTS from the Labor Day, 2008 Interviews:* Don’t change. Love the small town feel compared to Montréal. Rural areas are so close by. Love how authentic you are (4 responses compressed, combined)* Need a room-finder service for hotels.* Need Information for vacationing in this country;* Need more Canadian flags displayed as well as discounts, free stuff, Quebec music, teen stuff, giveaways.* Great visit* Happy (21 similar responses)* Good prices* Like the happy, polite sales staff* Just got here. Like the ambience. The “un-Montréal .”* Keep it like it is; Like it fine as is; Like it here; quiet like the beach* Love farmer’s market; friendly, open attitude.* Love the friendly atmosphere of the street; Love the opportunity to sit outside in a clean, safe, fun environment. Street entertainers are excellent; Love the pedestrian mall and all the street vendors* No changes. Like how friendly and informal it is compared to Montréal* Regular visitors once a year* Very happy, love the bilingual signs as a gesture of friendshipTo assist our primary audience- business owners and managers on Church Street who are selling to our Quebec visitors – this report includes excerpts from the 2007 branding study, conducted by Charism Advisors for the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce. These findings both validate the Labor Day survey and provide guidance on marketing to French-speaking Quebecers.* Montréalers want to think of Burlington as different: a border crossing to a ‘whole new world.’ For Montréalers: Burlington is a world away, but very accessible. It is the architecture, signage, landscape (“It’s massive,” green, clean, open, wide angle), food, and customs. Burlington is about great shopping. Stores they can’t get in Montréal (Victoria’s Secret) and “great deals.” It can be a stopping off point en route to Southern New England or destination in itself.* Burlington as a Get Away: According to the Branding Study, Montréalers think of Burlington as a “get away” — a place that allows urbanites to escape to the country and to town. Burlington offers escape and relaxation, even while enjoying it’s more urban-like dimensions (food, art, design, music, relative sophistication).* Escape, not Retreat: Quaint and charming came up frequently in focus groups, particularly in reference to Church Street, Inns, and residential architecture. A Montréaler in a focus group said, “It really looks like that!” There is a fantasy, picture-postcard aspect Burlington. It is an escape, but not a retreat. This differentiates Burlington from smaller more rural destinations.* Authenticity: People coming to Burlington are searching for a simpler, cleaner, greener, slower place that is also living, real, contemporaneous, and vital.* Acceptance: Chill not Frosty: Montreal and Boston focus groups described Burlington as welcoming, non-judgmental, supportive, and collaborative. As one Montréaler said, people are chill (vs. “frosty”), and mind their own business. But, when you talk to them or ask for help they are very nice. Being respectfully distant while collaborative, supportive, and accepting of all opinions and lifestyles, creates a very positive climate for our visitors, according to the study.SOURCE QUESTIONS:1. What is your POSTAL CODE? The majority of those visiting from September 1-4 were from Montréal and suburbs south of the city. A smaller portion of those visiting were from the Eastern Townships G0A1H0, Quebec City, QC G1E5M7, Beauport, QC G1L1B1, Quebec City G5Y3R2, St.-Georges-Est, QC G6T5K4, Victoriaville, QC G6V8Z2, Levis, QC H1K4L7, Montréal, QC H1P2N5, Saint-Leonard, QC H1P3E9, Saint-Leonard, QC H2B2P5, Montréal, QC H2B2V9, Montréal, QC H2E1M3, Montréal, QC H2E2Z1, Montréal, QC H2G2H1, Montréal, QC H2V3W1, Outremont, QC H2X3R4, Montréal, QC H3H1H5, Montréal , QC H3P2J3, Mont-Royal, QC H3R2N7 Mont-Royal, QC H3Y2K9, Westmount, QC H3Y2T5, Westmount, QC H3Y3A4, Westmount, QC H3Z1M2, Westmount, QC H4A1H1, Montréal, QC H4A1L8, Montréal, QC H4A3N3, Montréal, QC H4B1Z2, Montréal, QC H4B2W4, Montréal, QC H4H1B5, Verdun, QC H4V1B2, Cote Saint-Luc, QC H4W3H8, Côte-Saint-Luc, QC H7M3B5, Laval, QCH7M5Z2, Laval, QCH7N1B5, Laval, QCH7W4R4, Laval, QCH7X1M2, Laval, QCH8Y2W8, Roxboro, QCH9G2O7, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, QCH9H4Z5, Kirkland, QCH9W4R5, Beaconsfield, QCJ0E1A0, Abbotsford, QCJ0E1M0, Dunham, QCJ0E2L0, Valcourt, QCJ0L1B0, Kahnawake, QCJ2K2L6, Cowansville, QCJ3H6J8, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QCJ3L5W1, Chambly, QCJ3P5N3, Sainte-Anne-de-Sorel, QCJ3Y8G8, Saint-Hubert, QCJ4B5S9, Boucherville, QCJ4B8L8, Boucherville, QCJ4G2L2, Longueuil, QCJ4H3G4, Longueuil, QCJ4K2T8, Longueuil, QCJ7R5M1, Saint-Eustache, QCJ7V0G4, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QCK1C1C6, OntarioK1R0A2, OntarioL3P2T5, OntarioL9H2B1, OntarioM2R3E7, OntarioV8S3V4, British ColumbiaV9T4M3, British ColumbiaQUESTION # 2 Description of party: men, women, children: Surveyers asked respondents for the total number of people in their party including men, women and children. We were not specific about age of adults or children. Largest percentages of visitors were women; this may be due to the Street’s dominance in women’s apparel and accessories. Total PercentagesMen/Hommes 96 38%Women/Femmes 117 46%Children/Enfants 40 16%*Total number of people in party surveyed. 253 100%Additional Sources:* Statistics Canada; http://www.statcan.ca/menu-en.htm(link is external)* Bank of Montreal: The State of Retail in Canada:http://www4.bmo.com/popup/0,2284,35490_15688524,00.html(link is external)* Promoting consumer goods and services in Quebec, Canada’s distinct, French-speaking market Business America, Nov 1, 1993 by Julie Snyder. Copyright 1993 U.S. Government Printing Office; Copyright 2004 Gale Group;* Burlington Branding Study, Charism Advisors, January, 2007.Prepared by Ron Redmond, Executive Director, Church Street Marketplace District; Edited by Scott Hendrickson.last_img read more


Jack Grealish is set to declare for Ireland.

first_imgThe 19 year old signed a new deal on Tuesday with Aston Villa.He is set to make his Irish senior debut in a friendly against the USA in November.The full back had also been tempted by England despite playing all his underage international football for Ireland.last_img


NY Post: Jeffrey Epstein Signed a Will Two Days Before his Death, See Death Photo Here

first_imgThe 66-year-old was worth almost $600-million when he died, which is 18 million more than he claimed in court papers while trying to get released on bail on federal sex trafficking charges. Most of the money is tied up in property, but Epstein reportedly had $56 million in cash.Meanwhile Manhattan federal prosecutors have asked a judge to toss Epstein’s criminal case in light of his death.Epstein was awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges involving young girls when he was found hanged in his cell on August 10th.Court documents show Epstein’s only heir is his brother Mark and he has named two of his attorneys as executors to his will. Two days before Jeffrey Epstein’s body was found hanging inside his Manhattan prison cell, he reportedly signed his will. The New York Post reports the document was filed in the U.S. Virgin Islands where the former hedge fund manager owned two islands.last_img read more


Grandpa facing charges in granddaughter’s death speaks out

first_imgThe grieving grandfather whose granddaughter fell to her death from a cruise ship window recalled the moment he saw the toddler slip from his grasp.“I saw her fall,” Salvatore “Sam” Anello, 51, told CBS News. “I saw her fall, and I was just in disbelief; it was like, ‘oh my God!”Anello was holding 18-month-old Chloe Weigand up against what he said he thought was a bank of a closed window on The Freedom of the Seas cruise ship while it was docked in Puerto Rico in July.He is now facing negligent homicide charges in Puerto Rico.Anello’s family expressed through their attorney that they did not want the state to charge Anello calling Chloe’s death a “tragic accident that was preventable.”Prosecutor Laura Hernandez told ABC News that prosecutors are confident in the case and would not have pursued a negligent homicide charge if the evidence did not support it.Related content:Grandpa charged for dropping toddler from cruise ship appears in courtlast_img read more


President Trump to host ‘Welcome Home’ rally in Sunrise

first_imgPresident Trump is expected to return home to South Florida Tuesday to host a Keep America Great rally in celebration of his officially becoming a Florida resident.The president opted to give up his New York residency and officially become a Florida resident earlier this month.Chief Operating Officer of Donald J. Trump for President Inc, Michael Glassner recently said of the change:“President Trump recently became an official resident of the great state of Florida and looks forward to a ‘Welcome Home!’ rally with his fellow Floridians.” “Florida is thriving under President Trump and this homecoming rally will be one of our best yet,” Glassner continued.The will be held at the BB&T Center in Sunrise where doors are set to open at 3 p.m. and the rally will be held at 7 p.m.Officials with the Florida Highway Patrol are warning drivers who are not attending the event to avoid the BB&T Center and the area surrounding the Sawgrass Mills Mall unless they do not mind significant traffic delays.The Sawgrass Expressway near the arena will also be closed to commercial trucks during the afternoon rush hour and other drivers should expect significant delays as traffic will be merged into one lane.In addition to the rally, the President and his family are expected to spend the Thanksgiving Holiday at Mar-a-Lago.Checkpoints and road closures in and around Mar-a-Lago  are expected will begin Tuesday, no later than 5 a.m. and remain up through Sunday, December 1st. Motorist are encouraged to seek alternative routes.last_img read more


Pirates beat Reds 4-2, wait for wild card rematch

first_imgby Joe KayAP Baseball WriterCINCINNATI (AP) – The preliminaries are done. On to Pittsburgh and the playoffs.Jordy Mercer had a triple and an inside-the-park homer, and the Pirates completed a three-game sweep of the Cincinnati Reds with a 4-2 victory Sunday that was mostly an afterthought for teams looking ahead to a rematch in Pittsburgh.They’ll open the postseason on Tuesday night at PNC Park, the Pirates’ first playoff game in 21 years. They’ve met five times in the playoffs: 1970, 1972, 1975, 1979 and 1990, when the Reds won their last World Series title.Right-hander Johnny Cueto (5-2), who is 8-2 career at PNC Park, will face left-hander Francisco Liriano (16-8), who is 0-3 in four starts against Cincinnati this season.First, they had to finish the regular season with a game that meant little.The Pirates played mostly backups. Pedro Alvarez was in the lineup, giving him a chance to try to win the NL home run crown outright. He and Arizona’s Paul Goldschmidt opened the day tied with 36. Alvarez walked, was hit by a pitch and popped out. The last Pirate to lead the league in homers was Willie Stargell in 1973 with 44.Reds manager Dusty Baker started his regulars but began substituting after the third inning. Corky Miller had a two-run double.The Reds dropped their last five games, matching their season high.Mercer got the Pirates’ second inside-the-park homer of the season when right fielder Jay Bruce dived and missed his sinking liner in the second inning. Mercer also had a triple off Greg Reynolds (1-3) and scored twice.Garrett Jones homered for the Pirates, who hit nine in all during the series. Brandon Cumpton (2-1) gave up a pair of hits in five shutout innings. Kyle Farnsworth got his second save.On Tuesday, the Ohio River cities will add to a rivalry that has long been second-best for both cities. Cincinnati has its in-state grudge match with Cleveland. Pittsburgh also has a long-standing rivalry with Cleveland, a pair of steel cities that share a love for polkas and pierogies.Lately, the river rivalry has moved to the forefront.The Bengals beat the Steelers at Heinz Field last December to clinch the AFC North title and knock the Steelers out of the postseason. They signed one of Pittsburgh’s best players – linebacker James Harrison – as a free agent and beat the Steelers again in a Monday night game at Paul Brown Stadium this month.And now, it’s spilling over to baseball with an edgy series that got both cities’ attention during the summer – 28 batters plunked overall, the most in the majors. All those hit batters have left a mark.It feels like a rivalry again.“I think we’ve gotten each other’s attention since I’ve been here,” said Clint Hurdle, in his third season as the Pirates manager. “I think there’s a professional respect and there’s a desire to go out and win.“I think the content of the games and the quality of the games over the past three years have probably led to that a little bit. It’s kind of refreshing. That’s the way it was back when I was a kid watching these two teams play.”The Reds are trying to get past the disappointment of their closing week. They clinched a playoff spot on Monday night, but went in to a batting slump that allowed the Pirates to get home-field advantage for the wild card.“As bad as things have been this weekend, we should be very happy and thankful that we’re going to Pittsburgh to play instead of being down and sad about what’s transpired,” Baker said. “Our goal is to go to Atlanta or St. Louis (in the division series) and then give our people some more games.”Notes: Alvarez also led the NL with 186 strikeouts. Bruce was second with 185. … Reds 2B Brandon Phillips was out of the lineup with a bruised left shin, hit by a foul ball on Saturday. He’s expected to play on Tuesday. … Joey Votto and Shin-Soo Choo finished first and second in the NL in on-base percentage. Votto led the NL in walks for the third straight season with a club-record 135. … The Reds drew 2,492,059 fans for 80 home dates, a season record at Great American Ball Park.___Follow Joe Kay on Twitter: http://twitter.com/apjoekaylast_img read more


Standing For Trayvon Martin: Red Bank man organizes ‘silent and peaceful’…

first_imgLewis contacted some area churches and community organizations to help spread the word about the event. He and his organization applied to borough police and obtained the required permit to allow the vigil to go forward. Lewis said he told police he would expect between 100-500 people to attend.The intent, Lewis explained, is for “showing that we stand up for our youth, and in particular our black children.”The incident, as widely reported, involved the Feb. 26 shooting and killing of Martin, an African American teenager, by George Zimmerman, who was a volunteer for a neighborhood community watch group. It has been reported that Martin was unarmed and that Zimmerman claims to have shot Martin in self-defense.The shooting has sparked outrage and concern, especially in black communities, with some alleging that Martin was shot because of his race and attire, including wearing a hooded sweatshirt, or “hoodie,” which, although worn by people of all ages and races, some associate with criminals.Lewis is calling on those planning to his assembly to wear hoodies in a show of support.Lewis, 34, who is black, was born and raised in Red Bank, He is a graduate of Red Bank Regional High School, Little Silver and attended Delaware State University on a football scholarship. Following his college graduation,he worked for not-for-profit organizations.He recently moved back to Red Bank after living and working in Wilmington, Delaware for the past eight years.And as a young man of color, he said, he knows the sting of being stereotyped for his race and clothing.“I know it is constantly on your mind as a young black male in America,” he said.“When I dress down, that’s what I wear,” he said, referring to a hooded sweatshirt. He feels many people “tend to jump the gun and judge a book by its cover.”He recalled instances in college, “where, we’re outside, just hanging around the car, maybe an officer pulls up and kind of assumes,” he said without completing the sentence.“Sometimes in that whole process, you feel yourself scared or feeling threatened for something you know you didn’t do,” he said.He characterized himself as “A young man who has come through life, made some mistakes, made some good choices, made some bad choices.“But I’ve learned from doing,” he said.“For me it’s even more personal. I am Trayvon Martin,” he said.The purpose of his organization is to work with youth, especially boys and young men, and help to steer them from  bad choices by offering positive role models. And if they make mistakes, “help them to understand their mistakes and learn from (them) and how to move on from them.” RED BANK — The shooting of unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin by a neighborhood watch volunteer in Sanford, Fla. Feb. 26 has sparked a national debate.What really happened between the two men in Sanford is still not known.But the impact of the incident is being felt around the nation and in the two rivers.This Monday, a gathering in memory of Martin will take placeBilled as a “Silent and Peaceful Stand for Trayvon Martin,” the event is being organized by Team I.M.P.A.C.T., a group that mentors young black men and boys.The purpose of the gathering, its organizers say, is to call attention to the already high profile incident, and to focus similar situations that place young African-Americans at risk.“It’s not a rally, it’s not a march,” the organization’s founder, Darnell Lewis, said on Wednesday. “It’s a stand of silence and peace for that particular hour, in solidarity,” with the Martin family.The gathering is scheduled for Monday from 6:30-7:30 p.m. on the corner of Shrewsbury Avenue and Drs. James Parker Boulevard. It will be “a peaceful assembly,” Lewis said.last_img read more