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Letters to the Editor for Thursday, May 23

first_imgIsrael honors victims by refusing to yieldSadly, Matt Oill and others of his ilk overlook the terrorist actions of the Palestinians: rockets into residential areas, suicide bombers, and, yes, raising their children to hate Israel and throw rocks and worse. Israel is reactive, not proactive. Hamas and other Palestinians attack Israel, including but not limited to peaceful citizens on buses, in cafes and in their homes. And their leaders misdirect funds and materials designed to improve the lot of their citizens, not only for rockets and bombs, but to build tunnels into Israel for kidnappings and attacks, with cement that could have built schools, hospitals and homes. These are funds that could have fed citizens and created jobs.If the Palestinians were to recognize Israel’s right to exist and stop their aggression, they could live in peace with Israel and all could prosper.The Holocaust gave rise to the expression “Never again.” Israel honors those who were murdered by refusing to yield to those who would destroy it, those who would destroy the only true democracy in the Middle East, where citizens of all faiths can live in peace if only allowed to do so.Bruce S. TrachtenbergNiskayuna Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionPut Liberty back, fix local traffic patternsEnough. Put Lady Liberty back on her pedestal.Mess around with the disaster that is the Eastbound Western Gateway Sidewalk wall/view stopper/dirt cyclone generator. Or, the idiocy that is the eastbound traffic from Washington Avenue attempting to move left, contending with three lanes of commuters and then clashing with the exiting GE/Mont Pleasant traffic off I-890 as that traffic descends, out of the sky, into a blind spot, with the intention of moving to a right-hand lane. All the while traveling, at varying speed, around a tight curve.I have at least six more suggestions for a remedial civil engineering class at Union, RPI, or HVCC to work on, if anyone cares.Dick CurtisSchenectady World is less better without Frank DuciThe world is a less better place with the loss of Frank Duci. I used to work with him downtown in GE in Building 55, and he always had a smile for everyone.I found him to be a man of his word. I used to play in a softball league when they had the diamonds in the park. They were in pretty bad shape. So I asked him if the city could do anything about them.He made a date with me to go and look at them. It was a super-hot day, but he said he would go. So he did, and he took his time and looked at all the fields. The next thing I knew, they were being repaired and much better to play on.When they were talking about limiting dogs to three per household, I explained to him that I had a state license that allowed me to have up to 10 dogs. So he invited me to the next town meeting that was to discuss the issue. The town dog catcher was there and she insisted that dogs cause dirt and cockroaches. I told her to come to my house and if she could find one cockroach, I would give her a year of my salary.Frank had the limit instituted and excepted individuals with state licenses.He was a really great guy and looked out for the people, especially the little guy. Like I said, the world is a less better place without him and too bad there aren’t more like him.He was always easy to reach if you needed to talk to him. Now with some people, they are just too busy to be bothered. So, all I can say is rest in peace, Frank.Wanda HunterSchenectadycenter_img Thanks to stranger who helped with tireOn May 16, the tire pressure light went on as I was taking my granddaughters to dinner. I stopped at Stewart’s on upper Union Street to fix the problem. As I was finishing, a man offered to check the tires with his gauge. I was so thankful for the help. It is heartwarming to know that this stranger was willing to take the time to help me.Valerie SantoSchenectadyMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homeslast_img read more


Quarry Bay contract awarded

first_imgHONG KONG MTR Corp announced on September 4 that it had awarded an HK$1·1bn contract to Nishimatsu Construction for civil engineering work on the Quarry Bay Congestion Relief Works. This includes a 1·75 km extension of the Kwun Tong line westwards to North Point station where there will be cross-platform interchange with the Island line. The twin-bore tunnels, expanded station and turnback tracks beyond North Point are intended to relieve congestion on the existing interchange passageways linking the two lines at Quarry Bay. In the longer term, MTR hopes to extend the new tunnels westwards to create a duplicate Island line serving the Wanchai and Central reclamations on the north shore of Hong Kong Island (RG 7.97 p461).One of the world’s largest multi-modal contactless smart card ticketing systems went live in Hong Kong on September 1, with the introduction of Creative Star’s Octopus network. Adult tickets have an initial encoded value of HK$100, and users must pay an HK$50 deposit to cover the card and a potential negative balance of up to HK$35. Over 200000 users were carried on the first day by the six operators: MTR, KCR East Rail, KCR Light Rail, Citybus and KMB bus services, and the Hongkong & Yaumati Ferry. oCAPTION: MTR Corp took delivery of the first Adtranz-CAF EMU cars for its Airport Express line on September 5 (right). Meanwhile, the urban Tung Chun line version (left) is being tested at up to 135 km/h along the north coast of Lantau islandlast_img read more


Lawmakers To Study Ways To Assist Indiana’s Medical Device Industry

first_imgIndiana lawmakers are set to spend part of this interim examining ways the state can assist and partner in the continued growth and success of Indiana’s medical device industry, which employs more than 20,000 Hoosiers and generates more than $10 billion in revenue annually.Legislative leaders have asked the Interim Study Committee on Commerce and Economic Development to consider expanding the partnership between state government and more than 300 companies across Indiana that specialize in the innovation and manufacturing of medical devices.State Reps. Terri J. Austin (D-Anderson) and State Rep. Kathy Heuer (R-Columbia City) requested the study in a resolution passed by the General Assembly during its 2014 session.“As we explore ways to expand and diversify Indiana’s economy, it is imperative that we continue to pursue continued development of one of the state’s critical economic drivers: medical device manufacturing and life sciences, in general,” Austin said.Recent listings showed that medical device companies make up more than half of the top 50 employers in the field of life sciences in our state. Indiana consistently ranks among the leading medical device hubs in the country.“Indiana’s medical device companies contribute to the physical health of citizens around the world, as well as the economic health of our state,” Austin said. “Even though Indiana is a national leader in medical device manufacturing, I believe it is prudent for us to review the impact of our state’s laws and regulations on the industry’s continued innovation and growth. That is where this study committee will play a key role.”Austin said the committee’s areas of study would be tax assistance in such areas as research and development, examining how to increase venture capital investment, and looking into training of employees at all levels, including the use of internships, cooperative education programs, and focused vocational education.“Many issues affecting the medical device industry involve government policies and programs, as we can see in the current debate in Congress over the medical device excise tax,” noted Peggy Welch, executive director of the Indiana Medical Device Manufacturers Council.“Indiana has embraced medical device manufacturing, and those of us in this field look forward to working with this committee to examine state policies, laws, and regulations that can positively affect the continued growth and innovation of an industry that saves lives and produces quality jobs,” Welch added.The committee is expected to begin its work in the weeks to come.Indiana House of Representativeslast_img read more


This year’s snowy winter especially tough on Iowa ranchers

first_imgDES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Iowa’s cold and snowy winter has been especially difficult on livestock producers, who have often struggled just to reach their animals.State Climatologist Justin Glisan says that Iowa so far has seen a February snowfall average of 21 inches. That’s just short of a record 22.2 inches set in 1962.Rancher Trent Thiele says he had to ride a snowmobile 50 miles Sunday to check on his pigs. He says blowing snow made the trip treacherous.He says the heavy snow is causing an overwhelming amount of maintenance issues as farmers work to ensure machines in animal facilities are providing fresh air, food and water.Iowa has a $13.6 billion livestock industry and leads the nation in pig and egg production.As of this morning, Mason City had received 28.6 inches of snow in February, over 21 inches above the normal for the month. Since December 1st, Mason City has received 47.1 inches, almost 20 inches above normal.last_img read more