in order to avoid trouble, not to mention the company’s name, and my company is also a high-tech company. This morning is the company’s third quarter earnings announcement days, digital ugly has long been expected thing, but no one occurred after 8 in the morning the earnings conference call things in the company (exactly almost all below VP are not expected to).

8:00am: the company’s third quarter earnings release, mentioned the need to further layoffs

8:30am: the company’s CEO sent out an in-house news email telling all employees that the company will conduct a series of restructuring measures, including layoffs, and announce the heads of all new businessunit. read more

heard 3721 of all sorts of dirty business means, such as a "threat to north of the Peking University Chinese net sold to others, such as" 3721 Internet assistant in a back door to your personal computer with things "etc..

recently saw Zhou Hongyi’s talk show on central 12, telling the story of his 3721 venture. It comes down to this:

initially rented a three bedroom apartment in the suburbs of Beijing, where Zhou Hongyi lived with his wife, a staff member and a company.

employees are not paid, there is only one vision: you follow me, what will the future be like?…… read more

today for everyone to talk about the CN domain name, first of all say why love CN domain name

one, here also has some personal feelings, after all, people are using their own domain name is also reasonable, at this point or a little biased CN, this is also a little patriotic performance, ha ha.

The second is the

CN domain name is rich in COM in the Kingdom, those of us but it is very difficult to get the trophy in the battlefield, now want to register a local area related to the domain name do local sites are quite difficult, up to this point, I choose the CN domain name can also be registered to (such as also review in the domain of it) and easy to remember, especially nobody registered at the termination of individual registered CN domain name CN is a lot better off, a large number of idle and Shuangpin domain name, can now be registered more abundant resources show how love you, in the total China be the most changeful, in a word, CN there would be a day. read more

today in QQ group, see a problem in A5 daily asked: "small company SEO, is a person, can be busy here? Or another bag?", Irwin gave the answer: " SEO is not an easy job, need to update the content, good exchange links and promotion, a person it is difficult to come. If the content of the station is fixed and not always updated, this is relative to a good point. The premise is to need to have SEO operation experience. Outsourcing, if the enterprise is selling products, but also can be considered, this is the need for investment returns, there is a certain risk. Sometimes the risks and rewards coexist, depending on the individual’s strategy. Whether it is personal operation or outsourcing, there is the possibility of success, there is also the possibility of failure, one is the consumption of personal energy, one is the loss of RMB, due to different circumstances and selected. " read more

type: health site

profit model: its profit model is mainly advertising. At present, try to establish the relationship of interaction and cooperation with dozens of well-known pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions, such as community service annual health billboard and offline mode.

39 Health Network, although it has become China’s first health media network, but its profit model is still advertising. "The profit model is fuzzy and the profit model is single" is a common problem for health websites. A few years ago once prominent "Jinwei", "gamma doctor", "health 123" and "Maibo health" health website, before looking into the appropriate profit model have fallen. The only one that can survive and live well is the "39 Health Net"". read more

in Baidu search "I love discount net", the top 10 there are several called I love discount network, this year has the same idea but the station stationmaster of a lot, do bigger and the top 10 are numbered, and today I want to investigate "I love discount network is just CNET China has ten million the acquisition of the level I love discount nets, see the magic I love discount nets what good magic.

, "", was founded in May 2004 and has maintained steady and rapid growth for 4 years. Up to now, the site has about 800000 registered members, the user access group is basically 20-40 years old, steady income of young consumers. read more

, who says free forums aren’t successful, top it, the heart of Zhejiang, is a good example. 5d6d’s high school in Fujian,, did a good job. What are their secrets,


let’s discuss it:

1, do other people haven’t done BBS, basic impossible, but we can find others to do less.

2, the website is faster, the speed of these free forums is very fast, and there is no space limit.

3, networking is a shortcut to success. Networking is so important. In real life, we have already seen the power of connections. In the Internet, in the webmaster community, no contacts, the development of the site is much more difficult. For a simple example, Wang’s reputation is well known. Maybe many people don’t know Zhang Zhengjun, but if you’re a station owner, you don’t know the king is really not". Accordingly, no matter what the website that King plans to do, what activity is held, the stationmaster that answers is very much. read more

if your shop has 100 items, how about the price of these goods? How much should I put in each price section? To answer these questions, I want to know what price control is. The purpose of setting up the price segment is to cover the corresponding user population and thereby occupy a particular market. The first is to set the price of the overall analysis of the category, understand the platform tendency and competition situation, and then make price segment of goods, according to the number of goods, sales and sales price of different rate for each commodity strategy, so as to optimize the layout of goods. read more

I don’t think of myself as a website, but as an entrepreneur. The website is just a tool for me to start a business. The website is not the core of the enterprise.

my driving force: money. I need money for a few years. My parents don’t want my parents to suffer for the rest of my life.

as for the money, don’t talk about goals too far, I did not intend to do a website, because what is unknown, who do not know what will happen tomorrow, compared to the reality of the problem is, I am 20 years old this year, about 24 years of marriage, (because I am not college students in rural areas. I don’t have to worry about building), my parents for a lifetime of money just to purchase, to get married, house decoration, household appliances, furniture and gifts together, in accordance with the minimum count, about 60 thousand yuan, but also have a car not expensive about 50 thousand can be, I was in rural areas please, don’t laugh at me, this is in accordance with the minimum requirements of. So I need to hand when I was 24 years old 120 thousand, is now nearly at the end of 08, that is to say in the past 4 years I have 30 thousand year remaining pure, if in accordance with the total annual income of the remaining pure 2/3, I every year to ensure that 45 thousand pieces, if not cars every year to ensure that 26 thousand words block income. read more

every day to see IDC running news, every day look at space providers and Adsense PK, so sent this article. There’s nothing inside, just a real analysis.

a lot of people talk about how to recognize a good or bad space, in fact, this is nothing, a good IDC, only a little, it is a profitable IDC. Like you like to go to a restaurant,


hall to eat, where the environment is good, good taste, the price is reasonable, but this is just your idea. If the restaurant can’t make money, it will only close. read more

08 winter is over, which belongs to the 09 year of the ox in the spring has come, but belong to you (personal webmaster) spring has really come? Or you find you spring? For individual webmaster, no eternal winter nor eternal sunshine, at any time there may be your spring, even outside the already snow


chatted in a group today and was shocked by the content of a netizen. "I didn’t save it, but I don’t need to brag here.". First made a screenshot of the website traffic, IP is more than 260 thousand, the specific remember not too clear, and then made a few ad exchange shots, I looked about seven thousand or eight thousand private chat! She see her website did not feel what is special, ordinary information portal sites she said, her highest income is a day for more than 10000 month, but also so a few days, there are several customer service, recruited two editors! Except a few of them pay what is the server and the daily rent utilities expense! She January how much money you see will know, and although those private big boss far worse than up, but for a computer for personal Adsense house people, has been very good read more

I used

in school network information management, the University also has website production this course is mainly about HTML, LAN construction, school is to let us do a static page or a personal homepage, although all level is not known, but still very love website construction, web design, don’t know why did you choose this occupation of network, but now that I think is good, after all, I have mastered this technology with network, network can also be regarded as a skill, everyone should learn to invest, not only is the construction site, the network everywhere in read more

now what websites come flow? The answer is definitely a movie station, entertainment on this station!, I feel the same way! Look under the list of top movie website traffic sources, most of them are almost directly enter the URL access


this explains what problems, which shows that people’s Web site is good, save people.

now the movie station resources more to go, as long as the whole is too large, generally not what problem, build a key acquisition of a station, but the resulting duplicate content we said Baidu doesn’t love you too much, it does not matter, your website landscaping beautification, the whole good, come on, don’t do virus popups, fierce propaganda, desperate publicity, a long time, the user will remember you! For example, SEO technology optimized by others, we use than others long time to promote a website, I think the last one who remember you read more

in 2014, the most popular events in the webmaster circle are Baidu and 360, and the two of them have been hot topics. There is renewed circle of events, people from the media is the "spring" of the coming second.

often read blog users will find these from the media platform: Sina, micro-blog, Sohu news, Baidu hundred, NetEase cloud reading, today’s headlines, 360 from the media platform…

in fact, in these media platforms since the most popular media is today’s headlines today, I analyze why today’s headlines from the media platform rookie will Sina, NetEase in talent shows itself these well-known media platform. Today’s headlines in the mobile terminal APP share has exceeded Sohu news client, far from the Sina media mobile client left behind. Why, today’s headlines this media platform to those old well-known media left behind, this article will stand in the media from the point of view for you to resolve: read more

many sites are difficult to let visitors re visit and buy products, at present, how to change the visitors to customers has become the biggest challenge of e-commerce. Before taking concrete measures to solve the situation, self inspection should be done in some ways. For small and medium business websites, it is important to have a good understanding of the following guidelines.

1, perfect your website navigation system

first, you have to make your site has a simple navigation structure, otherwise, the first visit to the user may get lost on your site, you can find the required content is very important in your website. In addition, the establishment of the station search engine and site navigation page is also helpful. Your website should contain as little as possible to avoid standing in the picture to open the page when visitors wait too long, the link of the text should be underlined, now most visitors no longer love without buttons and underline links, in addition, I strongly advise you to list the detailed structure of the website in the navigation page. read more

after several years do I have to do station exploration, the station understand technology, has accumulated considerable experience, so I choose to do stand as my occupation work. At the same time, however, there is one problem that bothers me all the time. By standing, I always find it difficult to get the benefits that make me feel safe. The income is always unstable, at worst, even just to recover the cost. This makes me have to think about how to explore an updated model, not all chips are on the website above, you can risk sharing, access to a relatively stable income. With my own expertise, I decided to open a computer repair store, on the one hand can continue in my head, on the other hand can also repair computer live this technology to obtain additional income, it is an ideal collocation. In fact, after a period of operation, I found that the collocation pattern let me far beyond my expectations of the gains from, a computer repair shop, not only led to the popularity of the forum and advertising revenue, while the previous forum is to bring more and more customers, compared to my absolute returns achieved over a few times. Today, with A5 platform, and I share my feelings and ideas in this regard, I hope to be able to inspire the webmaster, and common success. read more

man "growth hackers": drive

growth data by experts

"If, you, are, not, growing, then, you, are, dying."! If you’re not growing, you’re on the decline" A famous saying by Nike founder Phil Knight tells the important value of "growth" for commercial enterprises. Whether Wall Street, listed companies or start-up companies, the concept of growth is very fancy, because it is the core of the business company pointer.

is concerned about the growth of enterprises and uses a variety of creative methods to promote growth in a group of people, the so-called Growth Hacker. read more

Anhui Internet Union ( organized by the Anhui webmaster seminar third, has today (2008.12.12) 14:30 successful conclusion. This period we have gone to the current high popularity of webmaster Madman: fast code network GJJ, participate in lecture group number: 47065533, at present 500 people in a large crowd, almost full, you can see the majority of webmaster GJJ welcome and support.

GJJ students in the busy finally give me the old K took home a day, invited him in 14:30 published a wonderful speech received wide acclaim in the head of the group, the following is the full text of the lecture notes, are interested in the webmaster review. We also carried on the full text broadcast in the Anhui stationmaster SNS:, uid=1&, do=blog&, id=10442 read more

yesterday, delicacy recipe sharing application announces $25 million C round of financing, led Party voted for the capital and clean capital valuation of about $300 million, at the same time, bean fruit also released 5.3 new versions.

this revision in bean fruit food founder, Dark Horse Camp student Wang Yuxiang looks significant. He took his cell phone and showed the I dark horse reporter a new version of the bean fruit, and told reporters that beans fruit food has 75 million users, and this number of users will break through 100 million at the end. read more