in recent years, the country has been calling the enterprise out of the door, but also a large number of enterprises have gone out, such as HUAWEI, such as Haier. In the light of the current situation, individuals feel that we should respond to the "going out" strategy of our country. Now the domestic circle has been killed in a foreign environment utterly routed, is not good, it is also a blue ocean compared to us. And sit still here, let’s take a fight, adhere to the strategy of going out. read more

today, a member of the website greeted me and said, "I’m a new player on the site."……". At this point, I suddenly realized that the direction of the development of the website seems to be a little offset. A local website, originally supposed to be based on local information and information, is now a platform for games.

games here refer to various applications developed by third parties in SNS. This article takes UCenter Home 1.5RC3 program platform as an example. read more

editor: S++ group

most of the time the user tests are very difficult to test the form efficiency, the usual practice is to form, on-line users later statistics or stay time to consider the efficiency of the form, but this approach only to have after the line form to consider. So, in a form, in the design process, is there any scientific way to evaluate the efficiency of the designed form?

In 1983

Card, Moran & Newall in "human-computer interaction" (The Psychology of Human psychology Computer Interaction) the first mention of the GOMS model, in the early stage of human-computer interaction design has also launched a gust of wind. read more

now many bloggers feel that blogging is too difficult to choose from, and reflects the fact that blogs cannot find content to write".

many bloggers reflect: "you can’t find what you can write on your blog" (web photo)

yes, blogging is easy now, but stick to it, and keep the high quality of blog, write their own style is not really easy, almost all industries have been the topic of other people to write.

how to do? I think, the key is to seize the blog from the media — is now a self shared media age self experiences, thoughts and emotions, should write your own blog (you can feel interesting to write their own unique characteristics, and the reader) help. read more

Abstract: in March 2015, HBO and Apple launched the HBO Now line streaming media platform, officially opened with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and other online platform showdown prelude. By content eating HBO, in the streaming media era, encountered such a strong opponent Netflix, how to deal with


March 2015, HBO and Apple launched HBO Now line streaming media platform, officially opened with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and other online platform showdown prelude.

a few days ago, the current CEO of HBO Richard Plepler said that HBO Now subscribers about 800 thousand, while the same period of Netflix subscriptions for the growth of more than 10 million. This is how many people feel some disappointment, in the Internet era, the old TV network is faced with the decline cannot be controlled? Or HBO, accumulate steadily, is brewing a new round of read more

for most traditional enterprises, a website is basically equivalent, so do a "Facade", for the flow of things, most of the small and medium-sized companies are luxury. Some companies that SEO can improve the rankings, so he hired a "network promotion", some enterprises also heard that Baidu for good, so he opened a bidding account, not only to make money, also appeared continuous loss.

It is so difficult to

the traditional business into the Internet? Gehangrugeshan, the lack of a correct direction, spend more money, also only as a lesson. Today, this article challenges 2017, hoping to bring some different insights into the Internet’s integration into traditional businesses. read more

last weekend, the market began to rumors that Ali will stake in Sina, micro-blog. The well-known IT commentator said Ali Cheng Ling Feng will account for Sina micro-blog 15-20% shares, which is valued at 20-30 billion dollars. This rumor has not yet been confirmed (according to Cheng Lingfeng’s statement, both sides will certainly rumor), but I am willing to start with this rumor, to analyze the current plight of sina, micro-blog, as well as its possible way out.

first see if there is any basis for the rumor. Two months ago, I had a bet with my friend that Ali would take sina. Then I put this Duyue told the tiger sniffing founder Li Min, she advised me to write a piece of analysis because I won’t say so without any cause or reason and sound judgment is fantastic. In fact, it does not drink nonsense, to see a merger, both with and without such motivation. read more

mentioned in the above, why choose this meter, the reason is actually very simple, it is the same as 163, only 3 bytes, good remember. I don’t want to be found because my domain name is hard to remember.

a good domain name can only make him rich by his website.

accidentally discovered that so many people had read novels in the Internet, it can be used to describe the surging river, in an unbroken line.

to think of one thing that happened in the past, colleagues rescued in the deep zone of the swimming pool because a woman foot cramps drowning, when he wondered how lifeguards are not out of the rescue, found the lifeguard hides in the corner to be absorbed in the Internet using a mobile phone to read the novel, even some people don’t know the water drowning. read more

from the general trend of the network as well as the overwhelming discussion came out, I suddenly feel that the Internet real name system seems to open wide network spilled to the whole country.

in May 1st 09, Hangzhou took the lead in this step, I do not know whether this is the vane of the advancing age or the pilot station of limited times.

Chinese Millennium tradition is the route, not early, do not bow, bland, not fast nor slow, this is Chinese 1.outwardly mensao.

the golden mean is silence, as Mr. Lu Xun said, the Chinese mean silence to the end is nothing but two stages, one is the outbreak, and the other is death. read more

yesterday morning readily wrote the "local car portal operating experience, dry sharing" sent to the webmaster network, I did not expect to get so much attention. From yesterday afternoon to now, there have been webmaster friend plus me QQ, and I share some website operation view. This is my blue, let me with profound respect and humility.

in the last article, between the lines, I did not seriously consider thinking, a very casual article out, it was sent out. There are two aspects of motivation: the beginning of the new year, summed up their own; new version of the site on-line, you need some soft text exposure. On the whole, the two aspects have been well achieved. This morning, I thought about it in my spare time. Why did the last article get the most approval, and why can most of my colleagues feel it?. I think it’s not the most important thing to share, and the important thing is that I’m really sharing it, though the motivation is not very pure. But, in general, the article is valuable. Valuable things always have more than you can expect. read more

search engines are always missing something on our website. And these things, if it happens to be our carefully planned, the focus of the site, it would be a little pity. Network promotion is always improving, but there are several classic ways that are always popular, such as mail marketing. But popularity is popular, but the success rate of mail marketing, that is, sensitivity to customers, has always stayed at a specific level, it is difficult to improve.

The weakness of

‘s mail marketing is: first, it’s easy to define spam. Just as we open our own or company’s mailbox every morning, some messages are read or not, deleted directly. Including spam, folders and ordinary folders, one glance is advertising mail. This definition includes the judgment of the mailbox system itself and the first judgment of the individual. That is to say, if you want your product to appear on the desktop of potential customers, you must escape the judgment of these two points. read more

today is the fifth day of the new year, the first year of the ox to wish everyone the most favorable auspices, safe and sound all year round I saw recently! Online articles are identical, not even the survival and development of hacker website article! Today is to talk about the hacker website profit mode and development form


in 2009, there will be more and more users to join the network, there are more and more people interested in the hacker! Because they are mysterious, they are equal to anything this reason, online! Evokes curiosity about hackers, hackers remind people worship, think they are the dominant read more

is a website in the Internet era, the Internet business standard, every Internet Co at the beginning of the establishment will establish their own official website, the company for publicity, promotion of products, establish the image and enhance brand awareness.

because of the professional operation of the website is still quite high, the need to update the content and do more work, so the general needs of special operators responsible for the operation and maintenance of web content. However, many people may have no contact with the relevant knowledge of website operations, I do not know where to start, this article first taught you how to start from scratch web content operations. read more

from the delivery worker to the webmaster of the 4 websites, someone will ask, this delivery worker has nothing to do with the webmaster, actually, this thing is my own thing. Everyone knows a story, from slaves to generals. Well, I won’t digress from the topic. Just talk about me,

I started contacting the Internet in May 2003. Before that time, I was a real Nanjing Zhujianglu Road delivery man. Riding a bike, to help companies to send what computer supplies and so on, what print paper ah, ink cartridges, etc., light, goods better, the most afraid is to send paper. Goods is a few hundred pounds, to ride dozens of kilometers, the road to other companies. This is sour, bitter taste, I will not say, too much too much. read more

diving for a long time, could not help but breathe out, closed network experienced about a period of time, it is also a grassroots webmaster, several years of keeping a station, like feeding a petite child, every morning, got up to feed the secretarial chowder web site, buy the chain increase the weight, write soft adding outside chain, a golden egg, always wanted to be a golden eggs. I do stand, dare not go one step beyond.

remember, the beginning is to check for the record, my heart is very calm, my secretary chowder network should be all right, all kinds of procedures complete. Be wanted, one day in December suddenly open, a phone call to ask the server administrator, that is to check the record, sealed, what specific time releasing administrator at a loss?. read more

I a person also operates three sites, every station every day I go to the promotion, each time to update, A5 acquisition of the article, I always think, if one day I can also appear in the above article, that nice ah! But think of yourself every day to do that time to write


so, for more than a year of knowing A5, I’ve been diving, not wanting to surface, but always feeling like I don’t have the time.

until last week, in the case of other means of promotion is not good, I try hard, and also try to write articles, try the soft Wen promotion will be how?. read more

group purchase fire ah, a few months time, hundreds of Web sites it seems everyone got angel investment, have declared a world that I was the biggest, and made me confused, I want to dive in, one day it may hit a big, also threw me some money. Because of this, the cost is too low, a host of just a few hundred yuan, the domain name of tens of dollars, a SNS on the line, the construction cost will not exceed $five hundred, so the access threshold, even if I want to say no money nor rookie, of course, the station was built up to begin operation the first, must first find sources, where to find, wholesale market? This seems to be in the clothing group purchase it, the electronic market, which is engaged in electronic, but can you guarantee that you are the lowest in the city to get you this price? Of course, you can also choose to Alibaba looking for businesses, but can you guarantee quality, read more

has been doing electronic business for so long, and has always wanted to say something about his heart in this respect. In the evening, I have been thinking about this problem. I just finished writing it in one breath.

in recent years, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises began to build their own e-commerce platform, but do not know how to start, today I would like to talk about some of their ideas in this regard.

one, clear goals, what kind of platform to do,


electronic commerce website from the perspective of subdivision is divided into several, such as production enterprises may need a display site, you need to put your products on this site and then let their customers through the web site will be able to know what we have new products in the market, which has not produced goods etc.. For pure Internet Co, we need not only a platform to display the goods, but more importantly, to allow users to successfully purchase goods on the website, we are more inclined to online sales. Clear what kind of platform enterprises need, we can begin to build their own online mall. read more

the success of the Olympic Games the birth of many dark horse, and whether we need to carefully consider the theme? Go back to our site, your site how to do a dark horse, rushed into the line of sight of people


1. must have plenty of stamina and stamina,

business website itself is a chore, his lack of pace has no ground for blame simulation. To create a dark horse website, we need to constantly update, repeated mechanical work. Once I asked a SEOER master how to rank the site up, he said only one sentence: keep original, persist for 6 months. At first, there was no other way to success. I began to insist on writing the original, but after 1 months, I found that Baidu was very heavy on my website. Baidu snapshot almost every day is the latest, and sent the article will be included in a few hours later. Ji’nan website construction keywords Baidu ranking also rose to second. Of course, the revolution has not yet succeeded, comrades still need to work hard. There are 4 months to insist on me, sufficient physical strength and perseverance is a prerequisite for creating a group of dark horse. read more

June 2nd, the global Internet information service provider comScore released April 2010 U.S. video report, this month a total of 178 million Internet users in the United States watched 30 billion 300 million videos. 135 million 700 thousand of these viewers watched 13 billion videos on Youtube; Hulu viewers watched an average of 24.7 videos each, with an average of 2.5 hours per view. Network video applications in the United States has been quite popular, is replacing television, a deeper integration into people’s daily life. read more