personal webmaster in the success of many, I don’t want to talk about these successful, these paragraphs just discuss more general webmaster way out.

unlike the current brothers, tens of minutes can engage in hundreds of thousands of data stations, then we do stand entirely on their own hands, winter is also staying up late, but almost left the webmaster circle for a long time.

asked on 5G: "what’s the point of having hundreds of thousands of troops in the garbage station?" a friend immediately responded with no meaning. read more

in the A5 forum for each activity, I hope the people involved in a lot of people The more, the better., in order to show that the activities of the heat, also expressed their popularity, for businesses, in order to achieve the effect of advertising. A certain number of organizational activities, summed up each activity, the most depressed or onlookers more people, the real involvement of less. Maybe it is not interested in the activity itself, may be personal inertia, or other reasons, do not participate in a variety of reasons, but to find the reasons from their own words, is the activity itself is not enough to attract the eye, awesome. read more

small entrepreneurial shop, although the source of the current section, but must not be sloppy on the site, because the location of the store is directly related to the flow of people and the store’s sales performance. Of course, small business according to their own economic strength to choose appropriate location of shops, shops are popular in order to let a type!

"work for others, not as good as their own boss". Want to invest in shops to choose their own business more than a year, and the type and location of the current shops are increasingly diverse. So investors how to choose their own shops?

read more

The weekend of May 15th

in Shaoxing SEO college to lecture, today to have been studying in our website friends to share, to analyze the website itself, aim is to find the basic problems of website where then e-commerce website how to carry on the website promotion


talk about e-commerce website optimization 10 strategies, first of all thank us for search love technology, finishing research for almost a week, from a number of actual combat experience for you to tidy up 10 important policy read more

before I did the Nanning decoration network (, I did other military websites, but none of them. Later I returned to the site to do the decoration, because the decoration industry is a hot industry, decoration company, competition, they need to expand their advertising effects, including advertising on the network. I think I have the advantage of doing this kind of website. First, I come from the hometown of Chinese decoration, Jiangxi and Wuning. The decoration company in this county has almost penetrated into any city of China, and many people go abroad. Two, I have done before the decoration company’s Web site, the demand for their relatively understanding, and three, I know more about Nanning decoration market. read more

Speechless night, suddenly feeling, go on the road carefully think of their own webmaster experience, have some feelings, write down the keyboard, is to share experience and everybody.

in Xinjiang for 97 years when access to the Internet, or dial-up, the speed is slow, the Internet was 4 yuan an hour, playing the most is the QQ, UC and the web version of the Arena games like little, landing a large portal stand what what.

started when the webmaster, or in 07 years, and then very fond of basketball, made a basketball site, but I can’t programming, two not software, three will not flow. Start Baidu search. Then start buying domain names, then buy space and domain names. Space is expensive, search out the IDC quotient of space prices are 100M on more than 200, and I think that the space market should be like this, and do not understand independent IP, independent server or something. The time to buy a space or a program to sell me, understanding of the network, especially when you are cabbage, pure rookie, do not know what the open source CMS, people with a source PowerEasy procedures, I sold at a price of 50 yuan, and then sell my space to 100M/150 yuan the price…… So on the webmaster Road, plus many webmaster Q Qqun, gathering area. read more

IDC sales staff classic flicker sayings IDC sales staff classic flicker sayings

a few days ago, a well-known Shanghai IDC operators of senior staff whim, IDC sales are most commonly used to bluff a few words together and published in his blog, these words very quickly in a number of domestic counterparts in the most popular IDC QQ group spread. Of course, the IDC staff spread this just as a joke at leisure, but from the consumer’s point of view, in fact, is a reference value of this classic quotations, can prevent the next few of the others, considering some of the primary users probably cannot read the secret, so today we try to analyze. read more

Three people in the


is becoming more and more popular as an online community, and almost to the point of "no socialization factor" is not a good idea. Community websites focus on the existence of "people," and thin, about three such users.

, the first user, according to one of my friends, is the peacock type user. This kind of user usually belongs to a celebrity or a celebrity in a circle, and has a certain appeal. A peacock type user login will bring more users, the benefits are obvious. But another feature of peacock users is that community operators should be aware that TA usually treats the community as a personal show, fiddling with its feathers to attract more fans (onlookers). Peacock type users are actually very low social interest (not without), relatively speaking, TA is more focused on relying on this community, to forge their own ID into an influential self media. read more

due to the previously published more than 10 articles in the school on behalf of the O2O, this morning to with an annual turnover of over 1 billion large chain catering businesses meet the person in charge of AC O2O, gain a lot! Some views are summarized as follows, from the first big business voice for concern catering O2O friends, exchange:

one, public comment on the price is getting lower and lower, the actual effect has been poor; micro-blog marketing just looks beautiful, micro food model innovation or not enough; WeChat O2O has yet to wait and see. read more

has read a well-known industry commentator Mr. Liu Huafang’s "Chinese University contribution to the Internet is not large" article, with deep emotion. As a professional IT practitioner who dropped out of college, I think the current university computer education is not only a little contribution to the Internet, but also a serious step by step to destroy the Internet’s hopes.

learning environment: the sky is no longer pure,

is now the University of what kind of environment? Should the students said now and just out of school to find work students mind more clearly, in recent years the school really learned what. When truancy, night games, gradually become accustomed to fail the exam and even become the capital to show off in front of others, when the frenzy in online games in the PK while yelling at work hard to find, our dear parents still to the huge amount of tuition in the tired. read more

to individual website stationmaster concerned, want to make a station stronger, bigger, content and flow are two most crucial index. However, although many owners to focus on the majority of content acquisition and processing, but compared with the scale of the business site, or difficult climate, traffic growth has always been difficult to significantly improve, rely on personal website to obtain income is more difficult. However, there is also a part of smart webmaster, rely on express content alliance this simple, open content platform, easy to get the first hand the Internet resources, not only won the bumper content and flow, but also easy to take the first step of the website profit. read more


new technology in 5 years, helping thousands of enterprises to make the image display site, customers generally on the new technology of web design skills and ability of appreciation. But the new line technology now raises a very important question, that is, what is the purpose of building a website,


we through to some customers survey found that the current enterprise construction site needs mainly in the following 3 kinds of situations:

1. follow suit read more

1. accurate positioning

and software engineering is the same, first of all to determine the site to achieve what purpose, and then decide what to do. Choose your own location, that is, choose a base. Personal home page is generally only personal interest, there is no process problems, but a commercial home to get as much access to the amount, you can not ignore the positioning problem. The pursuit of market demand, Taiwan abandoned too subjective desire, is the commercial home page and personal home page the biggest difference. read more


] to why people praise you are not buying? How will the fence into customers? How to make the potential demand into the "real" demand? How to create demand? With the United States Netflix (NFlx) Company as an example, recorded it from birth to creative business, to expand the business, to defeat the giant, to become the whole process of the giant. Long words, recommended! (this article is taken from the Silaiwosiji Adrian "demand" a book for cultural product. read more

use Baidu Search "model", to find the relevant pages about 30100000 essays, can be used to describe the model of innumerable website, abuse, do model essay net competitiveness itself is very large. This month, Baidu, China’s Internet boss, officially launched a new service – Baidu documents sharing. Baidu has always taken care of its products under the door, such as Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu know, Baidu pictures are ranked relatively front, and affected by nature is a large number of model nets. Boss with you grab traffic, you are not afraid, read more

although the current major hospitals, medical institutions are still in the traditional marketing way of marketing, but with the advantage of network marketing and network promotion effect, has penetrated into various industries, more and more hospitals, medical structure has been actively involved in. But because the network marketing is difficult to have an immediate effect, coverage of the crowd, and some small and medium-sized city hospitals, medical institutions due to the network marketing consciousness problem, so in a very long period of time still can not replace the traditional media advertising. read more

in order to avoid trouble, not to mention the company’s name, and my company is also a high-tech company. This morning is the company’s third quarter earnings announcement days, digital ugly has long been expected thing, but no one occurred after 8 in the morning the earnings conference call things in the company (exactly almost all below VP are not expected to).

8:00am: the company’s third quarter earnings release, mentioned the need to further layoffs

8:30am: the company’s CEO sent out an in-house news email telling all employees that the company will conduct a series of restructuring measures, including layoffs, and announce the heads of all new businessunit. read more

heard 3721 of all sorts of dirty business means, such as a "threat to north of the Peking University Chinese net sold to others, such as" 3721 Internet assistant in a back door to your personal computer with things "etc..

recently saw Zhou Hongyi’s talk show on central 12, telling the story of his 3721 venture. It comes down to this:

initially rented a three bedroom apartment in the suburbs of Beijing, where Zhou Hongyi lived with his wife, a staff member and a company.

employees are not paid, there is only one vision: you follow me, what will the future be like?…… read more

today for everyone to talk about the CN domain name, first of all say why love CN domain name

one, here also has some personal feelings, after all, people are using their own domain name is also reasonable, at this point or a little biased CN, this is also a little patriotic performance, ha ha.

The second is the

CN domain name is rich in COM in the Kingdom, those of us but it is very difficult to get the trophy in the battlefield, now want to register a local area related to the domain name do local sites are quite difficult, up to this point, I choose the CN domain name can also be registered to (such as also review in the domain of it) and easy to remember, especially nobody registered at the termination of individual registered CN domain name CN is a lot better off, a large number of idle and Shuangpin domain name, can now be registered more abundant resources show how love you, in the total China be the most changeful, in a word, CN there would be a day. read more