now what websites come flow? The answer is definitely a movie station, entertainment on this station!, I feel the same way! Look under the list of top movie website traffic sources, most of them are almost directly enter the URL access


this explains what problems, which shows that people’s Web site is good, save people.

now the movie station resources more to go, as long as the whole is too large, generally not what problem, build a key acquisition of a station, but the resulting duplicate content we said Baidu doesn’t love you too much, it does not matter, your website landscaping beautification, the whole good, come on, don’t do virus popups, fierce propaganda, desperate publicity, a long time, the user will remember you! For example, SEO technology optimized by others, we use than others long time to promote a website, I think the last one who remember you read more

in 2014, the most popular events in the webmaster circle are Baidu and 360, and the two of them have been hot topics. There is renewed circle of events, people from the media is the "spring" of the coming second.

often read blog users will find these from the media platform: Sina, micro-blog, Sohu news, Baidu hundred, NetEase cloud reading, today’s headlines, 360 from the media platform…

in fact, in these media platforms since the most popular media is today’s headlines today, I analyze why today’s headlines from the media platform rookie will Sina, NetEase in talent shows itself these well-known media platform. Today’s headlines in the mobile terminal APP share has exceeded Sohu news client, far from the Sina media mobile client left behind. Why, today’s headlines this media platform to those old well-known media left behind, this article will stand in the media from the point of view for you to resolve: read more

many sites are difficult to let visitors re visit and buy products, at present, how to change the visitors to customers has become the biggest challenge of e-commerce. Before taking concrete measures to solve the situation, self inspection should be done in some ways. For small and medium business websites, it is important to have a good understanding of the following guidelines.

1, perfect your website navigation system

first, you have to make your site has a simple navigation structure, otherwise, the first visit to the user may get lost on your site, you can find the required content is very important in your website. In addition, the establishment of the station search engine and site navigation page is also helpful. Your website should contain as little as possible to avoid standing in the picture to open the page when visitors wait too long, the link of the text should be underlined, now most visitors no longer love without buttons and underline links, in addition, I strongly advise you to list the detailed structure of the website in the navigation page. read more

after several years do I have to do station exploration, the station understand technology, has accumulated considerable experience, so I choose to do stand as my occupation work. At the same time, however, there is one problem that bothers me all the time. By standing, I always find it difficult to get the benefits that make me feel safe. The income is always unstable, at worst, even just to recover the cost. This makes me have to think about how to explore an updated model, not all chips are on the website above, you can risk sharing, access to a relatively stable income. With my own expertise, I decided to open a computer repair store, on the one hand can continue in my head, on the other hand can also repair computer live this technology to obtain additional income, it is an ideal collocation. In fact, after a period of operation, I found that the collocation pattern let me far beyond my expectations of the gains from, a computer repair shop, not only led to the popularity of the forum and advertising revenue, while the previous forum is to bring more and more customers, compared to my absolute returns achieved over a few times. Today, with A5 platform, and I share my feelings and ideas in this regard, I hope to be able to inspire the webmaster, and common success. read more

man "growth hackers": drive

growth data by experts

"If, you, are, not, growing, then, you, are, dying."! If you’re not growing, you’re on the decline" A famous saying by Nike founder Phil Knight tells the important value of "growth" for commercial enterprises. Whether Wall Street, listed companies or start-up companies, the concept of growth is very fancy, because it is the core of the business company pointer.

is concerned about the growth of enterprises and uses a variety of creative methods to promote growth in a group of people, the so-called Growth Hacker. read more

Anhui Internet Union ( organized by the Anhui webmaster seminar third, has today (2008.12.12) 14:30 successful conclusion. This period we have gone to the current high popularity of webmaster Madman: fast code network GJJ, participate in lecture group number: 47065533, at present 500 people in a large crowd, almost full, you can see the majority of webmaster GJJ welcome and support.

GJJ students in the busy finally give me the old K took home a day, invited him in 14:30 published a wonderful speech received wide acclaim in the head of the group, the following is the full text of the lecture notes, are interested in the webmaster review. We also carried on the full text broadcast in the Anhui stationmaster SNS:, uid=1&, do=blog&, id=10442 read more

yesterday, delicacy recipe sharing application announces $25 million C round of financing, led Party voted for the capital and clean capital valuation of about $300 million, at the same time, bean fruit also released 5.3 new versions.

this revision in bean fruit food founder, Dark Horse Camp student Wang Yuxiang looks significant. He took his cell phone and showed the I dark horse reporter a new version of the bean fruit, and told reporters that beans fruit food has 75 million users, and this number of users will break through 100 million at the end. read more

is looking at the news of Shanda’s literary company. Suddenly, the Internet literature has been going on for ten years. I feel a bit older. However, in my eyes, the real life of network literature has not been ten years. Like many people, I have personally witnessed and witnessed the death of Internet literature. Its remains are still stored in cyberspace.

I got on the Internet in 1999, and I got a few lines of Internet cafes. In 1998, "the first intimate contact" became popular and landed in a book, becoming a landmark event in Chinese Internet literature. Internet cafe owner directly from the Internet down to print into brochures, placed in the doorway selling. Cai, as the godfather of the network literature, in this example, affects the desire of those in the Internet code of people. Everyone gathered under the banyan tree, gold bookstore, olive tree, queer network literature website, beating their dreams. read more


play a long time, I feel very interesting, in the above can often see some good information and comments can also express their views to allow more people to pay attention to the above speak freely, but also know some industry celebrities, which help to the future work and career development. Micro-blog promotion has become a lot of people on the Internet the new marketing channel, Mou Changqing had in the Tencent micro-blog boasted that their micro-blog audience reached ten thousand, will share some of their own experience and experience of micro-blog promotion. As of today, my micro-blog audience is only 3000 years old, and still has a certain distance from ten thousand, so I haven’t shared my experience in promoting micro-blog. But recently I have on some of the popular micro-blog is how to operate micro-blog, which Cai Wensheng is my most for a long time, so today and share the "Master Wang Cai Wensheng how to write his micro-blog read more

recently in the local network group purchase and chose several items, from last year to now close the network group purchase group purchase, I found the local network and gradually increased, while last year in the network group purchase choice of goods in my city is only 2 sites and the number of goods is not a lot, but these days to choose items but found that there have been 4 group purchase network exists and the quantity of the goods variety, and the difference is that the network group purchase more or less have their own change. read more

How does

operate users from 0 to 1

1: definition and classification of users

The definition of

1. user


user is a person who uses a product of a particular technology, product, service, user, or product. Although the definition is very simple, but the simpler the concept, the more it is clear what it means. The key word here is someone who uses some product.

)Classification of

2. users

is classified according to importance. They can be divided into three types: users, target users, and core users. read more

first stated that the article was not intended for any private institution, from the title of the article to the end of the article.

Desheng company is a management case which has been mentioned many times during the past two years in various management training. Desheng is a company that makes wooden villas and is responsible for the construction and installation of wooden houses. So, what’s so special about the company,


Desheng requires everyone to chew gum regularly and keep it fresh. read more


, wrote a "about QQ group promotion feasibility suggestion", this time Shao Guihu and everybody exchange is uses 51 nets promotion detail question. The title is intended to create a message book, because this article is mainly to explore the use of 51 nets message promotion skills. This is true of the promotion of local websites.

I started in 51 nets promotion time, 51 nets have not been old version. Recently, the 51 net revision, this article takes the new edition as an example. read more


started as a station is interested, then do station money is satisfied, do find this industry is too boring, like disgust as give yellow face, abandoned his station, but later found that this is a big mistake, if God give me a second a chance, I will not put you out, I will carefully stick, and combined with the industry to do station will make my website career more lasting, more and more beautiful.

my site growing experience

I will get some small "from 2001, when the main free homepage of the NetEase on 2003 to play, working in a small company network, responsible for website data update, 2004 truly begins to build their own on a personal website, advertising and advertising to make, then mainly for Baidu SEO mainly, find some popular words put it SEO to the top spot by such flow. By the end of 2006 to the end of 2008, due to the major search engine become mature, so I have to keep pace with the times, Jingxiaxinlai established with real content of useful friends stay visitors at the site, many webmaster keen on QQ website, I also consider the situation, establishes 2 types of site QQ that one is, one is, the two stations were the code in the QQ space, and QQ head have achieved good rankings, IP is also the tens of thousands of. read more

, according to many WeChat operators, admits, "I don’t know what WeChat is going to make." but there are thousands of users who sign up for public numbers every day. It’s obvious that the two are a bit contradictory. We all go to WeChat public number this circle inside drill, that shows that this is a piece of fat, but we did not properly study the specific profit model. Now we each have a habit, that is to get up every day, lunch time, will not consciously open WeChat QQ see the circle of friends, this has become a disease we 80, 90. read more

engaged in editorial work for more than a year, what did the data collection and analysis from did not go, often only in the Baidu search, share the experience of others in Sogou search, also cannot really feel they have the honor to participate in the sour, sweet, bitter, hot, 28 to push the 2 phase of training, the second phase of the task is data collection and analysis, I the group’s task is to collect the Tencent micro-blog 10 industry TOP10, I realized that the process analysis of a data collection and data. read more

first thing to say is that we are bound to original, can not give up, many new Adsense blindly copying with nothing, you a new station with CMS collection system with no what use acquisition for small and medium-sized station which is very normal, why people can go collection included and snapshots, you become K is the object and the object of


acquisition of course there will be many site owners will use a good tool to collect, specifically what I don’t know, they collected a lot, such as Admin5, each a good article once they are acquisition gone and has been Baidu’s identity that is why, because people have enough weight enough became a famous site, it is a condition of course! I do not know that the right. read more


/ yellow gem (Fan Xiaojun is also the paper collecting a lot of data, and have written part of the



"operation" is an interesting thing.

As one of the most popular work functions in the Internet industry,

is often called a big "metaphysics"".

on the one hand, its position and weight are getting higher and higher; on the other hand, it seems very vague, and it seems that few people can really tell what is "operation" in the true sense. read more

blog, the concept of the words in my blog I do this before you know, it is to use your own domain name, content management program of your choice, and then buy their own host space built blog, compared to Sina blog, Sohu and NetEase such as BSP blog blog blog, have no match the advantage in freedom, it can control their own domain name, it is equivalent to the control of their own brand; it can control the display style, fully customize their styles, do not have to buy accessories like QQ space; complete control of their own host space, the host is to buy their own independent blog the free space is now too hungry, if the blog is too slow, you can buy a good point, but can even choose the country in which. read more