first explains how I believe, my original dream is to "video" in the form of unified information, because I always believe that "video" is the only way to classify information "tools", so I made world of Warcraft video network. The structure of the entire site Youku simulation, and bought a domain name The initial flow was only one day for 30 people.

why is there no traffic? The reason is simple, because my books are all "classic" books, rather than fantasy cultural snacks. Since then, I changed my train of thought, or flow first, then entered the Baidu charts, select the most popular book added (manual way). But to my disappointment, all the novel stations are advertising, and no paste copy, plus a night before adding a book. Fortunately, I’ve been studying web spiders for a while. Because I want to sort out the information, it’s impossible to do it by machine alone. ) on the second day, when I continued to add books, I grabbed the contents of the garbage Book station with my own research tool. Found to be a static page, and then set a iframe, and JS code is prohibited paste, copy. But iframe is actually a ASPX file with parameters. At that time, like to go out, so the continuous access to the site of 3 pages, pages, volumes, pages and chapters. I was surprised to find that I could easily write programs to collect them. So a day to write the collection process, and finally you can click the button plus a book. The problem, however, is that the success rate is only 98%. That is, a book has at least one missing page. I continued to pick it second times and found that it was still missing pages, but not the same one. Finally know, because the speed, how will have errors, so I design the database to collect the address preserved, and decide whether to capture success, success will not catch, catch 3 times and finally the error rate is reduced to 1/10000. Continue to improve the program, spent 3 days for that "garbage" site written collection procedures, one night collected nearly 10 thousand books. And done all search engine optimization. read more

is often linked to the horse to friend

I often see some of my friends say "there are security problems of the DEDE program, my site was linked to horse

I think Dede should have no problem, according to the user’s form to see Dede source code, are filtered

uses so many users of Dede, and if there is a security breach, I’m afraid it won’t be just a few friends.

below is the hacker commonly used SQL injection means and we should pay attention to things


1.. Tool, using hacker tools to check your website vulnerabilities ~ ~ of course don’t abuse can use some SQL into the hacker software to check your site (such as ah D injector and so on, I have used the Dede found no loopholes can be hanging yards, do not believe you can go of course, I don’t know nothing, but you should also know that the use of Dede friends how much, if there are easily caught holes, to be linked to the number of sites would be horrible) read more

, the world’s largest Chinese search engine, has long been criticised by the industry as a typical example of an open and conservative Baidu. However, recently, Baidu released four consecutive open platform, but let everyone quite surprised. The four stars are open platform open platform, open platform, open platform WebUnion media and interactive marketing platform. Only our open platform is closely related to our webmaster, several other for us are too far away, is miles away.

so, what is the Internet open platform? According to the Baidu Post Bar official introduction shows, it is Baidu to network media and third party developers to build a platform to share mechanism. Popular point of view, that is, open Baidu paste some of the API, so that we can add an interface on their own website, so that users can quickly share high-quality content on the site, to I stick to go. The successful application to join Post Bar, users simply click on the page in the corporate website to share I Post Bar "button, and then add your own comments, the web page content and links can be automatically posted to I Post Bar. Show the effect as shown below: read more