, the world’s largest Chinese search engine, has long been criticised by the industry as a typical example of an open and conservative Baidu. However, recently, Baidu released four consecutive open platform, but let everyone quite surprised. The four stars are open platform open platform, open platform, open platform WebUnion media and interactive marketing platform. Only our open platform is closely related to our webmaster, several other for us are too far away, is miles away.

so, what is the Internet open platform? According to the Baidu Post Bar official introduction shows, it is Baidu to network media and third party developers to build a platform to share mechanism. Popular point of view, that is, open Baidu paste some of the API, so that we can add an interface on their own website, so that users can quickly share high-quality content on the site, to I stick to go. The successful application to join Post Bar, users simply click on the page in the corporate website to share I Post Bar "button, and then add your own comments, the web page content and links can be automatically posted to I Post Bar. Show the effect as shown below: read more