Websites use crowdsourcing to help consumers find pictures of goods

shoppers often encounter such a problem. When looking at the street and taking pictures, when looking at a play or a movie, they want to buy something that appears in it, but I don’t know where it comes from. Now this problem is Australia’s network of entrepreneurs to solve! Try my best to help you find the product you want, let "not found" or "find the goods too hard" is no longer an excuse about the public purse. It also thin.

One problem with pictures on the read more


A website for the primary and secondary school students thinking of the site

one day, I sent my children to study class, and I saw a lot of children and parents in various classes. I would like to make a website for children. Just in hand, there’s a domain name that hasn’t been used for years.

my thoughts are as follows:

1. to find a good study class (free of course), provide free publicity and columns. This class is best composition class, they are generally looking for a blog to publish the student’s stand, we share a user name, very informal. My qualifications are very attractive. There is a stable and free access to the source of advertising source (the children will recommend to his classmates, because stand on his article, "show" ^_^) read more


Enterprise website network marketing survival analysis how to obtain resources once again force

with the development of economy, it is difficult for SMEs to survive the operation, in 2000 before the test of network marketing mechanism is made up a lot, get a sum of money, but the training institutions survival environment is worrying, now 100 passengers from anaerobic training industry analysis as follows:

one, the increase in the cost of online advertising, invisible shackles, the long tail of the convenience of

education and training institutions belong to the education sector, and then the survival of the education industry, if only on the income of the network, is very difficult to maintain and survive. First of all, education and training institutions to do Baidu is inevitable, otherwise you rely on the optimization of the point of origin, it can not survive, after all, IP is limited. He said a small educational institutions, even if Baidu investment is 2000 yuan a day, then a month investment 60 thousand yuan, the teacher’s course at present is relatively high, good teachers can be up to a million daily treatment, plus employees and other advertising market investment that is very high, so the small and medium-sized enterprise survival can not rely solely on the network investment, a long time ago in a Baidu can be said that the high investment return ratio is, but at present on the network you invest a piece of money, but also can be said to be able to earn back, a training institution where I am currently, or get some other training institutions, almost spend hundreds of dollars invested only possible to recruit a student, so the Internet advertising market is currently in the training industry competition can think, keywords The selection and bidding fees are also high. So here, anaerobic hundred guest proposed enterprise station site, need to choose more long tail keywords, because of the long tail of accurate matching, brought by the customer in general is quasi client. read more


Create personal website without detours webmaster need to face three major problems

with the popularity of Internet applications, the emergence of a variety of site building system, so that the threshold of building sites is getting lower and lower. In the past, the biggest obstacle to building websites, the lack of technical ability is no problem, the webmaster is easy in a very short time, choose website templates, you can build a website of their own. According to China’s leading community platform and service provider Comsenz news, after the introduction of community system Discuz, it is currently installed more than 60, and this number is still growing rapidly. read more


About brush Baidu share a little experience


found some time ago when the website included Baidu, found a small number of " on the right side; how many people love this station, " because I have a test on the will be included on Baidu products, hobby or ranking effect. Therefore, take a IP at around 2000, a novel Baidu origin station 1600IP to do the test, test what? Of course is to test the brush Baidu share what kind of consequences, and manual submission brought by ranking. The operation cycle is 21 days. During the test, all operations remain the same, including site update speed, and chain update speed. read more


Analysis of profit model of commercial websites

traditional enterprise sales can not meet the needs of users, so the network marketing boom triggered, the network began to popular commercial websites, but the Internet competition is intense, the profit pattern of commercial websites has become a headache problem, as a commercial web site, if you want to make money is nothing less than to buy products and buy services, what how profitable business website.

number 1: ad mode. Method of advertising profit is the most Adsense will go with the advertising alliance is now also a lot of, for the webmaster choice is also a lot of advertising, the profit model has a lot of, click on the ads, royalty paid ads, text ads, image ads, the webmaster can according to their actual situation select the appropriate website advertising model. After Chinese market exit from Google, Google Adsense users is relatively small, but Google Adsense benefits are many, in this case, the webmaster can choose a plurality of advertising alliance cooperation, multiple methods and advertising model to do advertising profits. No website wants to gain future through advertisement, it is estimated that it is necessary for webmaster to optimize their website first, so as to achieve the purpose of advertising profit. read more


An article explaining the 6 operational trends of APP in 2017

2017 China Internet has entered the second half of the Internet, many industry insiders said the Internet watershed coming, and on the Internet in the second half, APP has no barbaric growth, the demographic dividend at the end of a continuous decline in the growth rate of Internet users to single digits. As for the mobile market, APP, the coverage rate of mobile Internet users has exceeded 90%, it is difficult to obtain new users, this time more testing is APP’s ability to retain users. Moving boxes, based on recent internet reports, analyzed 3 changes and 3 opportunities for APP operating trends in 2017. read more


As a female stationmaster am very proud

contact network from high school graduation has been seven years now, from a child who does not know how to type, grow into a site classic rich woman station, it is not so easy:

1999, I still remember that just graduated from high school at the age of 15, I was naughty don’t want to go to college all day without actually busy at home, in order not to let my bad, my mom just spent a lot of money to buy me a time allocation of 586 of the best (or WINDOWS98), interested in computer since then, I slowly became neighbors recognized computer repairman (installation very well). read more


Lu Songsong how to build a Taobao guest website from scratch


off is the intermediary between sellers and buyers, after the user through your promotion links to purchase goods, you will receive a commission, we often say that CPS (by sales), in the article said Taobao alliance is not suitable for the website, but for the special guest of Taobao and profitable that day in one thousand yuan is unlikely, but the sales commission thousand dollars a month, earn some living expenses or easy to implement.

for those friends who don’t know Taobao or want to join Taobao, Lu Songsong will detail the process of building a Taobao site from scratch. Hope to be helpful to some new people. read more


7 tips for increasing GG income

1, advertising a little more

if the layout allows you to put a few more ads, so that users contact more advertising, natural clicks will be more.

2, rich in content, a little

if the content is not rich enough to match the ads will not be more, and even advertising units can not be fully displayed, natural clicks will be less.

3, I think this is not right on the left [can be]

users are often used to clicking on the ads on the right, placing content and links on the left of the site, which is more beneficial for users to click ads. read more