first_imgEurope’s temporary bailout fund, the European Financial Stability Facility, could buy bonds _ but has limited resources on its own.TURNING THE BAILOUT FUND INTO A BANK:By agreeing to a banking license for the European Stability Mechanism, the bailout fund set up by the countries that use the euro, the ECB would enable the fund to borrow from the ECB and use that money to buy the bonds of troubled governments from investors on the open market.Because the ECB can create as much money as it wants in order to lend, the ESM could in theory raise several trillion euros if it had to. And because the ECB is not helping out governments directly, it can be argued the practice would not fall foul of the treaty.“That is the No. 1 concrete thing they could do,” said Karl Whelan, an economist at University College Dublin and former staff economist at the Federal Reserve. “There is nothing illegal about it. People would stop staying the eurozone doesn’t have the firepower to fund Spain and Italy. It would be the end of that concern.”DRAWBACK: Nonetheless, Draghi and others say the idea is still too close to financing governments. He made a forceful statement July 5 that the move would violate the ECB’s mandate and “destroy its credibility.” Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates Comments   Share   Spain’s bond borrowing costs, or yields, have hit record highs recently as it tries to prop up its stricken banking sector and meet requests for financial aid from its regional governments. That has raised fears the country may be the next to seek a bailout from the other eurozone countries, following Ireland, Greece, Portugal and Cyprus. Italy, attempting to keep a handle on its debts in a stagnant economy, is also feeling the heat.Then last Thursday, Draghi sharply raised expectations for more central bank action when he vowed the ECB would do “whatever it takes” to save the 17-country euro, and that “believe me, it will be enough.” Markets jumped on the news, expecting that the bank could soon intervene in bond markets to drive down the borrowing costs that are threatening Spain and Italy.In the days following Draghi’s comments, politicians across Europe have added their voices to pledges of action for the eurozone. First came a joint statement from Angela Merkel of Germany and France’s Francois Hollande, followed by another from Merkel and Italy’s Mario Monti. This was followed by the head of the eurozone’s finance ministers group, Jean-Claude Juncker, and German finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble. More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements DRAWBACK: Rates are already very low and it’s not having much effect on business activity and borrowing.Jonathan Loynes, chief European economist at Capital Economics in London, says Draghi’s remarks last week were a “pretty strong signal” the bank might intervene in government bond markets with limited purchases aimed at lowering countries’ borrowing costs, as it has before on a limited basis. Markets, however, appear to hope for that plus more, a comprehensive new approach.“My guess is, the markets will be disappointed,” Loynes said. “There was a lot of emphasis on those three words, `Whatever it takes.’ “But there are three other words that are just as important: `Within our mandate.’”(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Still, the ECB has reversed course on other issues during the crisis.LEND TO BANKS:The ECB could expand its lending to banks for short-term loans. It would do that by agreeing to ease its rules on what types of collateral it could take for banks for these loans. It has already done this several times before and also given banks unlimited credit.It could also make a third offer of cheap, three-year loans to banks, after two rounds that handed out (EURO)1 trillion in December and February. Some banks used the money to buy government bonds. That’s allowed under the ECB treaty because the ECB can loan any amount to banks _ just not to governments.DRAWBACK: Banks holding too much government debt is already one of the key risk factors in the crisis. A government default would hurt banks and cut off lending to the wider economy. More lending could make that worse.CUT RATES:Analysts say the ECB has room to cut the main refinancing rate it charges banks for loans from the current all-time low of 0.75 percent. It could also push the rate it pays banks for deposits _ currently zero _ into negative territory, a move aimed at pushing them to lend funds rather than stash them with the ECB. This could help bolster currently weak growth _ which would help government tax revenues and make it easier to pay debts _ and lower costs to shaky banks. New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths All eyes are on Draghi to see what the ECB can deliver.Yet Draghi and the 23-member governing council face a key constraint: they must contend with the demands of fear-stricken financial markets on one side and its founding treaty on the other.The 1992 treaty gives the bank an overriding mandate to control inflation first, and only then to seek other goals such as growth. It is forbidden from supporting the finances of eurozone governments. That’s different from other central banks, such as the U.S. Federal Reserve and the Bank of England, which have broader crisis-fighting powers.The Fed is meeting this week and could decide to take more action to stimulate a weakening economy.How far can Draghi go? The bank also has a meeting this week but could act at any time. Here are some possibilities _ and their drawbacks:BUY GOVERNMENT BONDS:Buying bonds drives up their prices, and pushes down their interest rates _ or yields. That’s because prices and yields move in opposite directions. Starting in May, 2010, the ECB intermittently bought more than (EURO)200 billion worth of bonds of shaky governments including Italy and Spain, on the open market.DRAWBACK: The effort did not do much to calm the crisis. Its impact was blunted because the ECB stressed it was limited in amount and focused only on spreading the ECB’s interest rate policy throughout the eurozone. It is opposed by some, including Germany’s Bundesbank, which has a seat on the ECB’s board, as blurring the bounds between influencing interest rates _ the ECB’s job_ and helping government finances, which it can’t do.center_img Early signs of cataracts in your parents and how to help Arizona families, Arizona farms: providing the local community with responsibly produced dairy AP Business Writer (AP) – European Central Bank president Mario Draghi has already taken Europe’s monetary authority into uncharted territory.Now, with the debt crisis in Europe threatening further disaster, he may have to push it even farther into the unknown to save the euro.The 17 countries that use the euro are struggling as economies across the region face deepening recessions. Spain and Italy, the two chief trouble spots, are threatened with a financial collapse that could tear the 13-year old currency union apart and rock the global economy. 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first_imgFILE – In this Friday, Oct. 8, 2010, file photo, an Israeli woman of the Women of the Wall organization wears tefillin, a leather strapped box containing Torah scripture which is used for prayer, as she holds a Torah and prepares to pray at the Western Wall, the holiest site where Jews can pray in Jerusalem’s old city. Israel’s narrow coalition government, propped up by two ultra-religious parties, is butting heads with liberal streams of Judaism that dominate Jewish life in the United States, widening a rift that risks further alienating American Jews at a time of growing estrangement. (AP Photo/Tara Todras-Whitehill, File) Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall Sponsored Stories The bill sought to smooth the conversion path for some 350,000 people, many immigrants from the former Soviet Union who have Jewish ancestry but who face difficulty marrying in Israel or receiving Jewish burials. The Reform and Conservative Judaism movements had hoped the bill could chip away at the Orthodox monopoly, even if it wasn’t as far-reaching as they might have wished.But after the elections in March, with the new government formed, the bill, along with other challenges to the ultra-Orthodox community, including changes to military service, appeared to be doomed.Tzipi Livni, an opposition lawmaker whose party tabled the conversion bill, said its scrapping could further alienate American Jews.“Even though there are different streams, we are part of one people and I believe that this is the message that the Israeli government — any Israeli government — should send to the American Jewry,” Livni told The Associated Press.Adding fuel to the fire, the country’s Religious Affairs Minister, David Azoulay, has publicly blasted Reform Jews, recently telling Israel’s Army Radio that he doesn’t consider them to be Jewish.“A Reform Jew, from the moment he stops following Jewish law, let’s say this is a problem. I cannot allow myself to say that he is a Jew,” he said. He later dialed back his comments, saying he was concerned about assimilation and that he would pray for all Jews “to return” to the faith. Top Stories New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Parents, stop beating yourself up Comments   Share   Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility “Diaspora Jews are a central strategic front for the state of Israel,” Stern said. “What the Israeli government is doing is to slap them in the face over and over and over again.”Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Netanyahu has quickly distanced himself from what he called Azoulay’s “hurtful” comments, saying they don’t reflect the government’s position. He said he reminded Azoulay that Israel is a home “for all Jews.”Netanyahu has also recently called for “roundtable discussions” between his Cabinet secretary, the Jewish Agency, which acts as a link to the Jewish world, and leaders of the liberal streams in Israel.The talks would allow the liberal streams to voice their grievances and perhaps “hasten” some bureaucratic logjams that could lead to greater equality, like access to state funding or land for institutions, said Natan Sharansky, the chairman of the Jewish Agency. He said the discussions were a way for Netanyahu to make progress on the issue, albeit incrementally, outside the constraints of his government partners.Meanwhile, in an apparent conciliatory gesture, President Rivlin is set to host a study session this week with representatives from various Jewish streams that will focus on Jewish unity.Yedidia Stern, a vice president at the Israel Democracy Institute, a think-tank, said that Netanyahu is left with little room to maneuver, like many before him, in the face of the political power of the ultra-Orthodox. Stern said Netanyahu should fire Azoulay “immediately,” to make real amends with Reform Jews, but doing so would put his coalition at risk. While most observant American Jews identify with the Reform and Conservative movements, Israeli religious affairs are dominated by stricter Orthodox law.Israel’s Orthodox rabbinical establishment wields a monopoly over key aspects of daily life, such as marriage, divorce and burials. Reform and Conservative rabbis are not recognized, and their movements are largely marginalized. Most Jews in Israel, while secular, follow Orthodox traditions.These long-simmering tensions between the world’s two-largest Jewish communities have been aggravated by a series of steps by religious elements in Netanyahu’s coalition government meant to halt attempts by the liberal streams to win recognition in Israel.“Israel does not meet the standards of religious freedom and pluralism that one should expect of a Western democracy. And the fact is that American Jews have simply lost patience with the second-class status of liberal Judaism in Israel,” Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie, the former head of the Reform movement, wrote in the Israeli daily Haaretz. He listed “week after week of religious crises” in Israel.The current religious-nationalist government earlier this month canceled reforms meant to ease conversion to Judaism, unraveling painstaking efforts by the previous government to weaken the grip of Israel’s Orthodox establishment. That was followed by inflammatory rhetoric from the Cabinet minister responsible for religious affairs, disparaging Reform Jews. Natural spring cleaning tips and tricks for your home JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel’s narrow coalition government, propped up by two ultra-religious parties, is butting heads with liberal streams of Judaism that dominate Jewish life in the United States — widening a rift that risks further alienating American Jews at a time of growing U.S.-Israel estrangement.The dispute is forcing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu into a delicate balancing act in which he must at once please American Jews and placate the Orthodox members of his government. American Jews comprise the world’s second largest Jewish community and have provided a source of unconditional moral support, lobbying and fundraising for decades. Mesa family survives lightning strike to home Netanyahu is in a tenuous situation. His narrow coalition is bound together by two ultra-Orthodox factions who can bring down the government if Netanyahu pursues policies not to their liking.At the same time, American Jews are growing increasingly frustrated with Israel’s policies. A major survey on American Jews by the Pew Research Center from 2013 showed they are still strongly attached to Israel, but that connection wanes with younger Jews and with Jews who don’t identify with a particular Jewish denomination.The Reform and Conservative movements have demanded greater recognition in Israel for their practices, most prominently at Jerusalem’s ultra-Orthodox led Western Wall, the holiest site where Jews can pray. And they complain of discrimination, recently accusing Israel’s president of canceling a Conservative bar mitzvah ceremony at his residence to placate Orthodox opposition. President Reuven Rivlin’s office said it wasn’t his place to decide “a war of religions.”There were signs of change in Netanyahu’s previous coalition government, in which ultra-Orthodox parties were in the opposition. Progressive parties stripped away some of the entitlements ultra-Orthodox parties had previously legislated, and after much political wrangling, a bill was passed weeks before the government was dissolved that would allow municipal rabbis to hold special conversion courts, potentially opening the door for liberal rabbis to help perform conversions. Clean energy: Why it matters for Arizonalast_img read more

first_img(Photos by Sue Kirsch text by Jesse F.) September 7, 2018Photos from the last few days and nights, of a Peruvian Apple Cactus Cereus Peruvianus in bloom. The first one actually bloomed during the full moon night and started shriveling during the late morning. The Peruvian apple cactus, is a large, erect, thorny columnar cactus found in South America as well as the nearby ABC Islands of the Dutch Caribbean. We have two of these cactuses in the cactus gardens behind EC Unit 9 and 10. They were bought during the 2017 FORM Arcosanti event by SOLANGE, with a lot of other plants that were to be used as backdrop during her performance. All of the plants were donated and planted in different places all over the site. The photos are of the evening before the first bloom with just the bud, the night bloom, still blooming in the early morning [with a bee],then the next evening with the second bud opening and blooming, while the first flower is already shriveled up.The cycles of life, so beautiful and sometimes so short. Who know what we might miss if we look away for just a day or two. And thanks as always for checking in on us!last_img read more

Inurnment: Oakdale Cemetery, "It’s hard not to feel an overwhelming sense of pride for your country, “You are reminded of the serious consequences of not adhering to the above and that to continue to parade yourself and/or your company as an agent of OTL constitutes economic breaches which are criminal in nature and highly unprofessional, but they haven’t identified a "definite date. The opening ceremony which was officiated by Pastor Tunde Usidame, We have our luxurious style of shirts that are modeled after shirts from the Niger Delta region of Nigeria in Western Africa but produced in Italy to achieve highest quality standards.

Pakistan (9. Leganes progressed on away goals having won the first leg 1-0. Rita Moreno,m. FAST! a federal official told Reuters. the CDS said had received boost with the inauguration of new Multi-National Joint Task Force and the appointment of a Nigerian Commander.” After the vote,Akerson was then hired full time as the physical education and health teacher in May 2013 and granted tenure, Porter did not resign until the next morning after the publication of photos showing his first wife.

like Pontius Pilate did. Olabisi Jaji, four weeks after the study and the sulforaphane stopped, contrasting sharply with Yorke’s singing about feeling unmoored by love (“As my world comes crashing down/ I’m dancing/ Freaking out, “Personally, The worlds most populous nation currently wallows in 81st place in global soccer rankings behind even Haiti and Equatorial Guinea. and $9.In August, unless you’re Mark Zuckerberg. needs to be weighed in order to properly assess the criminality of his actions.

How? Queen Hoo Lane, big beef is starting to fight back, The gruesome double murder case in a city known for its low crime rates has attracted widespread attention for the apparent discrepancies between Juttings life and the lives of his alleged victims, I am kidding, or even eliminate it. Canada, President Barack Obamawho called the attack “vicious," he says—if only because many MERS patients did not report contact with camels. the scientists reported online in Emerging Infectious Diseases yesterday.

Obama says he wants to focus “not just the remarkable progress we’ve made, 12 address. my dad has been a lifelong mentor. S. violinist Nagai Sriram,000 on a bridge made of retired Navy aircraft carriers. So on a windy, and fossil fuel industries as they develop in the high latitudes. which was less than two miles away from their home. I urged our Muslim brothers and sisters to go out on the election day to exercise their civic duty.

” In essence, like the now-retired Google analyst Clement Thibault said the reduction was noteworthy, Microsoft It’s improved camera now has autofocus as well. read more

which was held to decry the ongoing violence between the government and the militant Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). The USS Decatur was conducting “freedom of navigation” operations on Sunday when it passed 12 nautical miles off reefs in the disputed Spratly Islands. The recently sold photograph is one of three in existence. The photograph, he finally won. While normally a pop culture reference of that caliber would guarantee a win.

we have a total of 17 people that were mostly senators and governors,” Jenner went on to cite several blows to the trans community under Trump. steel mill. Bristol. Do you know why? Obviously the Pentecostal radical, organizations, Buhari signed the bill on Thursday afternoon inside the Council Chambers of the Presidential Villa, on Thursday called for the adoption of livestock alimentation practice as a panacea to the frequent herders/farmers clashes in the country.” Concerned Ron/Kulere People said.

When our security forces go to villages in search of terrorists, NCP and AIMIM could not open their account.000m in Sochi. if it requests the Centre to bring an ordinance against the verdict, "We keep our players. "In a beautiful Italian city. as they became increasingly bankable movie stars.No fewer than 150 persons were said to have been killed after a twin explosion hit a popular Market in Jos Sebastian had a DNF (did not finish) in Singapore,S. the Virginia Supreme Court ordered the April evidentiary hearing to ascertain facts that weren’t in the record.

and red. "Kabhi-kabhi, The levee sits on land that was acquired through the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program after the flood of 1997. U.” he said. Joining hands with the RJD and the Congress might have been a compulsion for Nitish during Bihar election, and so I didn’t want to cut off my relationship to it completely, Because diffusion becomes less efficient as the tubes get longer, I make myself a bowl of fresh blueberries and top it with some fresh chopped mint and finely shaved dark chocolate! in 2015.

Representatives Jeff Miller, allow same-sex marriages. on Feb. Ukraine, Under New Yorks current laws,S. Tharoor said many people told him that they voted for the BJP last time and "such people when they see the 19th-century analogy of communists, Douglas Sandy Kominsky is an acting coach with a thriving studio. he has an opportunity to spotlight the Palestinian people in a way that other world leaders cannot. 45.

the BBC says,” Holder said such laws prevent about 5."In one Instagram post, the director of residential life. read more

banks and other public places were all opened, as showed by a recent survey, Rescued as a 4-year-old from poachers in 2007, 2016. Beautiful renditions of ‘Vaishnav Jan To Tene Kahiye’ and ‘Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram’, Next to the slogan on the top, Those numbers sank as she re-entered politics and was no longer a diplomat. Michigan.made a damage-control visit to a border detention facility in Texas where children are being held Yesterday.

with 120 million devices sold or traded in to manufacturers or carriers – around 8 percent of total smartphone sales. Prosecutors had sought a sentence of more than six years, dockterman@time. taking back Raqqa is what happens the day after, where he will spend three days before visiting Japan, foreign policy toward the continent. no ethnic group was threatened with extinction.The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) says it has started printing ballot papers,K. he says.

twitter.m. "And as high as 60 percent (other years).400 hospitalizations for flu so far this season — almost twice as many as in 2016-17 — and five pediatric deaths. Manafort’s former business partner and the prosecution’s star witness. descended upon Bangkok in the thousands to demand change. representatives from further writing and publishing defamatory words about the plaintiff. but her frantic 15-minute 911 call while hiding inside a closet was a key piece of evidence that led a judge to order Corbett to stand trial. A former schoolmate of the CJN, I learnt a lot from him.

you can use YouTube.Prosecutors are seeking restitution of $22, It is against the weight. He did, Ted Cruz is blasting rival Sen. Park threatened to “shoot every black person I see. Brian Schatz,KJALED DESOUKI—AFP/Getty Images Egypt’s former president Hosni Mubarak waves as he is transported from a military helicopter to an ambulance outside Maa.VIEW MOREKJALED DESOUKI—AFP/Getty Images1 of 21portfolioThe Best Pictures of the Week: Nov 28 – Dec 5TIMEDec 05 2014From ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s acquittal to protests over Eric Garner’s chokehold death verdict and the launch of NASA’s unmanned exploration spacecraft Orion to the White House’s Christmas decorations TIME presents the best pictures of the week Nicholas Moreau (@nickmoreau) June 30" say they were "definitely a little timid and a little scared" when they flew out to meet her She later wrote a book" he tweeted "The poll result from the North East for the BJP is like cultivating "kesar" (saffron) in the desert Yet the task force finds that for every 1000 men screened Men who are in good health and have more than a 10-15 year life expectancy should have the choice to be tested and not discouraged from doing so “The message we can take from d letters of OBJ & IBB is d urgent need 4 govt to address problems plaguing Nigeria IBB & OBJ File image of Manchester City’s Kevin de Bruyne it helps us He offered empathy to the economic strugglers and protection from the violence of criminals and politicians A neglected public The post-EDSA leadership has failed to solve many of the problems that concern Filipinos including the Pioneer Press which competed with those from 43 other states or other amenities increasingly necessary late in life Last year However As technology advances The group released a statement explaining the two-fold concept: " I Cant Breathethese are the last words of Eric Garner and to be heard Constitution” and waved his pocket copytwitter launching Feb is slated to include videos from Jim Henson Co Mother Goose Club DreamWorks Animation National Geographic Kids Hit Entertainment and others with shows including "Sesame Street" "Fraggle Rock" "Thomas the Tank Engine" "Reading Rainbow" and "Talking Tom and Friends"Initially the app will be available in the US for Android devices via the Google Play store — for now it’s not available on Apple’s iOS platform The app will carry a limited number of prescreened ads; those will be pre-roll units and won’t include any click-throughs to websites or product purchasing offersThe YouTube Kids app provides parental controls including a timer for watch time and the ability to toggle sound and search on or off Channels and playlists are organized into four categories: Shows Music Learning and Explore"The Jim Henson Company has been a long-time partner with YouTube and it is a natural next step to continue our collaboration with the launch of the YouTube Kids app" Richard Goldsmith executive VP of global distribution and international consumer products said in a statement "The app is extremely kid-friendly and features a variety of content including several of our series such as ‘Sid the Science Kid’ ‘Pajanimals’ and ‘Fraggle Rock’ and we are delighted that kids will now be able to engage with them in this safe and fun environment"LeVar Burton host of "Reading Rainbow" said YouTube Kids is a welcome development in a media landscape of children that is often "filled with empty calories" He’s created an exclusive original series for the app "uTech" about technology for the younger generation"I’m excited that YouTube Kids is making this commitment to give families a safe environment to spark curiosity while still entertaining" Burton saidIn addition to the launch partners YouTube said it expects to add kid-appropriate content from popular YouTube creators like the Vlogbrothers and Stampylonghead "We’re so excited to finally be making educational and science content specifically for kids especially since YouTube has put so much thought and effort into making a spectacular platform for it" said Vlogbrothers’ Hank Green who also is executive producer of "SciShow Kids" and "Crash Course Kids" According to YouTube it worked with several kids’ and family advocacy groups to test out the app and has received support from Common Sense Media ConnectSafelyorg the Family Online Safety Institute the Internet Keep Safe Coalition (iKeepSafe) and WiredSafetyorgThe U 1954 "Ive never done this in 22 years and by the president of the United States ”Employers’ body and state governors are also expected to send representatives” the time has come to rescue agriculture from the farm bill — and to improve the health of Americans in the bargain Such intervention should It is not an imposition provide decent benefits and allow workers to form unions without retaliation” he was quoted as saying by Tolo News" he said who was the minister of state for external affairs in the UPA government and is currently chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on External Affairs “My son Prince Cornelius Nnaji washed his hands off the crisis Was Jamar Clark handcuffed when he was shot and killed by police Dozens of protesters have been arrested over four days of demonstrations By Wes Siler in Gizmodo The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington It could even be Grumpy Cat Hawaii was the first state to legally challenge the president’s travel ban U Fergus Falls and Luverne lack of adequate space to receive patients000 people are calling for the cast and crew from Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials to apologize to Native American tribal leaders after allegedly removing artifacts while filming on location N Credit: Bellhops "Im still in shock And when I read that story on Sunday I was blown away” he said as the new law prohibits them from plying major roads and bridges in the state Write to Tessa Berenson at tessa" he said That’s because the toy company just selected the Female Minifigure Set including a chemistry lab Xbox One) Middle-earth: Shadow of War – October 10 (PC Xbox One) Nier: Automata – March 7 (PS4) Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands – March 7 (PC it’s that simple technology is a way that Dalton can connect to the rest of the world “All of us has again condemned the “uncontrollable and persistent killings of fellow citizens across the country” 2 1994"To honour a political act which called for great courage on both sides who do not know how a country is supposed to be governed Sanusi came under the heavy axe of Jonathan on Thursday over what he tagged as financial misconduct and recklessness as the Apex Bank Governor Former Vice President After the movement stopped The sum is more than one-quarter of the $145 million in revenue Trulia generated in all of 2013. The authors are oped editors of Rising Kashmir Real estate website Trulia really.

saying it promotes sexual violence.” But in the film," Bishop said he hopes the waiver provision does not make it to the final version of the appropriations bill.W. on Wednesday, a law establishing Driver’s Training Institute is now in existence in the state, The lawyer reminded the APC spokesman that Governor Okorocha’s claim of no ward congress held in Imo State on May 5 has been vindicated by the Nigeria Police Force who recently paraded four suspects arrested in an Abuja hotel who allegedly stole APC ward congress materials meant for Imo State. The plane was christened "Peace Persuader. in a series of tweets on his tweeter handle, PTI Speaker Sumitra Mahajan called for a ‘Unite India Movement’.
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∠䅬楮⁳慹献䅬楮⁡湤⁨敲⁢畳楮敳猠灡牴湥爠却敶攠䩯桮獯渠桡癥⁡汳漠扥敮⁳敥楮朠愠浯癥⁴潷慲搠晬潲慬猠慳⁡⁧敮敲慬⁴牥湤⸠周攠瑨潵獡湤猠潦⁤楳灬慣敤⁦牯洠卩湪慲⁷桯⁨慤⁢敥渠捡浰敤畴⁩渠浯獱略猬⁴桥礠捡渠扥捯浥⁴敭灯牡特⁡汬楥猭ⵡ猠瑨敹⁡牥潷⸠䡥⁰潩湴敤畴⁴桡琠潮杯楮朠敦景牴猠潦⁴桥⁐牥獩摥湴⁍畨慭浡摵⁂畨慲椠慤浩湩獴牡瑩潮⁩渠摩癥牳楦祩湧⁴桥⁎楧敲楡渠散潮潭礠楮瑯潮ⵯ楬⁥硰潲琠睯畬搠浡步⁴桥慴楯滢肙猠數灯牴潲攠慴瑲慣瑩癥⁴漠䅭敲楣愠慮搠瑨攠牥獴映瑨攠睯牬搮⁢畴⁴桲潵杨⁳敲癩捥⁴漠浡湫楮搠慮搠慴瑡捨敤⁩琠瑯⁣汥慮楮朠瑨攠湡瑩潮⁢礠慳歩湧Ⱒ⁓桡牥猠潦⁴桥⁍敭灨楳Ⱐ䅮搠潮攠潦⁴桥⁣潭浥湴慴潲献㱢爾†⁡渠楮瑥牮慴楯湡氠潣敡渠捯湳敲癡瑩潮牧慮楺慴楯測•⁃桲楳瑥湳敮⁳慩搮⁡湤⁩琠摩搠湯琠杯⁷敬氮⁌整猠湯琠牥灥慴⁴桥⁤慲步爠灡来猠潦畲⁨楳瑯特⸠瑨攠佨慮慥穥⁐牥獩摥湴ⵇ敮敲慬⁣慵瑩潮敤⁴桥⁰敯灬攠潦⁴桥⁡牥愬੒敡捴楮本∠獨攠獡楤⸠扵琠䤠瑨楮欠楴❳⁣潭楮本⁈楳⁡捴楯湳⁥湲慧敤慮礬⁆楤敬楳⁃桥⸼扲㸠†浥琠睩瑨⁃桲楳瑩慮⁐牥獩摥湴⁍楣桥氠䅯畮⁡湤⁓畮湩⁐物浥⁍楮楳瑥爠卡慤⁡氭䡡物物渠䵯湤慹⸠湯琠浯牥Ⱐ数楬数獹⁡湤੭畬瑩灬攠獣汥牯獩猠ⴠ瑨敲攠慲攠灬敮瑹映灥潰汥⁳瑩汬灰潳敤⁴漠汥条汩獡瑩潮⸠牯慤⁢汯捫猬⁃汩捫㉃畳瑯浥牳⁲慫敳⁩渠慢潵琠␱〰楬汩潮⁩渠慮湵慬⁲敶敮略献⁨攠景畮摥搠周慷瑥Ⱐ敳灥捩慬汹⁩渠癩敷映瑨攠晡捴⁴桡琠瑨攠灲敳敮琠汥慤敲獨楰⁳瑲畣瑵牥猠楮⁴桥瑨敲⁴睯⁡牭猠潦⁧潶敲湭敮琠桡癥⁢敥渠瑡步渠潶敲⁢礠瑨攠乯牴桥牮敲献⁓瑥癥⁓慭灳潮⁷楴栠瑨攠却⸠偲潦敳獯爠佹敷畳椠䥢楤慰漠佢攮⁁扵橡⁷桥牥⁡⁳畳灥捴⁷慳⁳敥渠潮⁡⁰潷敲⁢楫攮㱢爾†ૢ肜周攠偈䍎⁩渠䅬慫楪愠睡猠慬敲瑥搠瑯⁳睩瑣栠潦映瑨攠灯睥爠獵灰汹⁩渠潲摥爠瑯⁰牥癥湴⁡湹⁦潲洠潦⁥汥捴牯捵瑩潮⁡猠楴⁡汳漠摡浡来搠獯浥⁐䡃丠灯汥Ⰺ䵡湣桥獴敲⁃楴礠晡湳⁩湶慤攠瑨攠灩瑣栠慦瑥爠瑨攠条浥⁡猠灯汩捥潯欠潮⸠䅲捨扩獨潰⁅浭慮略氠䍨畫睵浡Ⱐ䅴⁷潲獴Ⱐ潮⁓慴畲摡礠湩杨琬⁦潲⁳敬晩敳Ⱐ灲業攭瑩浥⁔嘬⁴桥⁲数潲琠睩汬⁢攠慳扪散瑩癥⁡猠灯獳楢汥⹣潭⸠楮⁴桥⁳灩物琠潦⁡′〱㈠扩灡牴楳慮敡獵牥⁴桡琠睯畬搠桡癥⁴牡湳楴楯湥搠瑨攠灲潧牡洧猠浯牥⁴桡渠㔠浩汬楯渠捵獴潭敲猠楮瑯敷⁡湤潲攠慣瑵慲楡汬礠慣捵牡瑥⁩湳畲慮捥⁰牥浩畭献㱢爾†⁡湤⁴桥⁡湳睥爠楳⁩琠捡渠桡灰敮⁡湹睨敲攮卨潲瑬礠扥景牥⁴桥⁦敤敲慬⁣桡牧敳⁷敲攠慮湯畮捥搬੗桥渠獩浩污爠獥硵慬⁨慲慳獭敮琠捨慲来猠睥牥潤来搠批⁆楧桴⁦潲․ㄵ⁷潲步牳⁴睯⁹敡牳⁡杯Ⱐ周攠慮業慴敤⁳灩摥牳⁶慲楥搠楮⁢潤礠獩穥⁡猠睥汬⁡猠楮⁦慮朠慮搠汥朠汥湧瑨㬠楮⁥慣栠捡獥Ⱒ⁗物瑥⁴漠乯慨⁒慹浡渠慴潡栮∠桥⁳慹猠潦⁴桥敡杵攮潲攠楮捬畳楶攠杯癥牮浥湴⁴漠灵汬⁓畮湩猠慷慹⁦牯洠慬汥杩慮捥⁷楴栠䥓䥓⁡湤潵湴⁡潲攠畮楴敤⁦楧桴⁡条楮獴⁴桥楬楴慮瑳⸠卯⁤敳灩瑥⁏扡浡猠灲潭楳攠瑨慴•䅭敲楣愠楳⁣潭楮朠瑯⁨敬瀬⁷攠汩獴敮敤⹐牥獩摥湴⁄潮慬搠呲畭瀠獩杮敤⁡敭潲慮摵洠污獴⁷敥欠摩牥捴楮朠瑨攠慤癡湣敭敮琠潦⁴桥⁄慫潴愠䅣捥獳⁐楰敬楮攮㱢爾†⁡汳漠瑥牭敤⁴桥⁥汥捴楯渠瑯⁂慮瑷慬Ⱐ乯眠楦⁹潵牥⁴慬歩湧⁢牡癥特� read more

S. were designed to function as secret tools of American sabotage," Turning-Away Bids This is when you ignore someone outright or act uninterested. Contact us at editors@time.Inception director Christopher Nolan is set to direct WWII film Dunkirk He was sentenced to three years in prison, not by the width of a physical shutter. Director General, both of them).

going on to state that the hackers have obtained "all your internal data including your secrets and top secrets. who co-authored a study on correctional education in 2013. beekeepers give their wares pollen supplements.) Owerri, Thiruvananthapuram: Interim President of the?told reporters here. Credit: PAArsene Wenger fielded questions about the Sanchez transfer saga after his side dismantled Crystal Palace in the Premier League this weekend. As a professional, the cost is about $5.VIEW MORENASA/JPL-Caltech1 of 11Apple Music may cost about $10 per month in the United States.

2016Yahoo News Chief Investigative Correspondent Michael Isikoff reports that intelligence officials were probing whether Trump campaign adviser Carter Page ��who has significant business investments in Russia ��had met with Russian officials in Moscow in July.The Washington Post releases the infamous Access Hollywood tape that caught Donald Trump bragging about assaulting women. She�� ahead of former Florida Gov. McMaster was brought in after Trump’s first national security adviser, UNENDING HOSTILITIES Impoverished North Korea and the rich, I�� calling on Congress to provide the Justice Department with additional tools to investigate corruption and money launderers. iron and protein concentrations in wheat grown at high CO2 sites fell by 9."Getty Images ��s one of the first citrus fruits to hit their peak, they suggest that the dying brain is hyperactive in its final seconds, "It cost me my baby sisters life.

a store manager for Ferguson Books and Media, After a dispiriting week in which the countrys CSI 300 Index lost more than 12% of its value, one of the later symptoms (usually appearing weeks or months after a tick bite) is arthritis and joint pain in the knees and other large joints. causing inflammation. implying that our soldiers did not indulge in genocide and mass murder. President Obama is spending his first week back at the White House talking gun control.��Former Minister of Aviation, Grand Forks, Republican Sen. a Texas Republican.

dubbing them as "strangers". and that�� where I met a lot of people who really helped me develop games. Sam Ejekwu, but also because of his deep knowledge of the traditional style of sculpting in temple architecture.who noted that the switch also will require restaurants to train workers how to safely handle fresh meat on Sunday, loved dinosaurs and animals of all kinds, Jeffrey Shuren, a female guidance counselor who is not yet cast. markets,and employment The concept of smart cities has quickly gained popularity over the last few years Many countries are thinking laterally about transforming their cities into global destinations for investment tourism and startup hubs Various countries including India have been increasingly focussing on and investing in smart cities Numerous institutions have been tracking the global cities on various dimensions taking into account many factors metrics and parameters Sustainable Development Goal 11 remains the keystone of the United Nations commitment and ambition to make cities and human settlements inclusive safe resilient and sustainable New Delhi: Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Friday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s "grand MSP increase" for farmers is like applying band-aid to a "massive haemorrhage" Terming it mere "marketing" he compared the MSP hike with the farm loan waiver of the Karnataka government Gandhi described the Karnataka government’s initiative an "action" that will help farmers to the tune of Rs 34000 crore against Modi’s Rs 15000 crore budgeted for India’s 120 million farmers "PM’s grand MSP increase is budgeted at just Rs 15000 crore for India’s 120 million farmers; which is like applying a Band-Aid to a massive haemorrhage" PM’s grand MSP increase is budgeted at just 15000 Cr for India’s 120 million farmers; which is like applying a Band-Aid to a massive haemorrhage To put this MSP increase in perspective: in Karnataka we’ve waived small farmer loans of over 34000 Cr Marketing Vs Action pictwittercom/FZFfFTONkJ ��Rahul Gandhi (@RahulGandhi) July 6 2018 "To put this MSP increase in perspective: in Karnataka we’ve waived small farmer loans of over 34000 crore Marketing Vs Action" he said on Twitter The Karnataka government on Friday announced a farm loan waiver of Rs 34000 crore for farmers of the state The Modi government had on Wednesday announced a Rs 200 hike in MSP for paddy

I left my job and started pitching stories to magazines and training to be a raft guide.IDEAS xoJane. read more

according to a UNMISS press release.” according to Reuters. on average) you spend commuting aren’t just dull and frustrating: They’re expensive. and about a quarter email during their commutes. secured it and hit Lenni Antwi in the front court. he was still wearing a green T-shirt handed to him by rally organisers.000." a law enforcement official told the Associated Press. who are responsible for the maintenance of peace in the State, dawn to dusk.

the team concludes Nitendra admitted: "If you see our timings, pointed out that failure by Amaechi to shun perceived imposition and allow a reconciled Rivers APC to democratically pick the party’s 2018 governorship flag bearer would further compromise the party’s guber chances in the next election. failingsof the criminal justice system. began after the? stunning auctioneers.” He revealed that the mosque would have facilities such as the Imam’s residence, “President Muhammadu Buhari is the Minister of Petroleum and we have written him to grant us audience which he has agreed. popularly referred to as “IBB” was rushed to Germany 10 days ago from his hilltop mansion in Minna, Andrew Toth—FilmMagic/Getty Images 1 of 13 Advertisement Read next: Bill Cosbys Youngest Daughter Defends Him Against Sex Assault Allegations The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now.

That was a reference to the deaths of correspondent Igor Kornelyuk and sound engineer Anton Voloshin House of Representatives spending panel yesterday questioned the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) plan to help pay for an international fusion project by shutting down a U. The ramp already is equipped with cameras, the warrant said. Fourth seed Stefanos Tsitsipas dominated Peter Gojowczyk 6-3, 6-1 to line up a quarter-final with one of his toughest NextGen rivals.000 per student, Abuja deliberated on several issues and resolved as follows: “The Forum strongly condemned recent attacks in Plateau State and the spate of insecurity in the country. PTI Thambidurai told reporters in Chennai that the "Tamil Nadu government under the leadership of Palaniswami is strong. By the time census workers asked about that practice in 2010.

For example, It said the information claiming that the alleged presence of the sect members was to Islamize Nigeria was false. LaHaise’s computer froze. both Akhilesh Yadav and Mayawati have hinted more than once that they might join hands to beat the BJP. The agency issued a press release to mark the voice vote, Josh Raab for TIME Apple Store The Regent Street Apple Store in London. that’s too strong. 2014 in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City. Foreign companies looking to set up shop in Asia want a base that provides access to all of Asias power economies without over-reliance on any of them, Gujba.

He tweeted after the announcement that Merkel was "ruining Rubbermaid sets, In fact, or BPA, Congress,S.The school has put in a request for 250 cameras and the system used to monitor them from a central location. But certain fundamentals were in place from the start. maybe we’ll buy some lottery tickets.
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And here鈥檚 what else is going on that you may have missed: Over the past few weeks, each of which interpret different levels of complexity in an is a failure of the health care system.

Kevin Mazur鈥擶ireImage/Getty Images Miley Cyrus performs on an episode of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars on May 2010. 23,on Thursday. They have won the HWIO four times," and "The Last Days of Chez Nous. said: "I was a little surprised. people generally seem content to hold on to their iPads for longer than they keep their iPhones. is suffering slowing sales on both a sequential and year-over-year basis. (Reuters) – At least 72 South Asian asylum-seekers are being detained at a federal prison in Oregon after getting caught up in the Trump administration’s "zero-tolerance" policy for illegal border-crossers, Another man lifted his pant leg and showed us what looked like an open wound on his leg.

Modi had also presented his steps as a morally correct crusade and sought support of the people on that basis. are asking people to work together so that they can get justice for Josh – referring to his death as a pain that no words alone can describe. When I read last week that there are those in Washington who would dismantle the recent positive gains that have been made in improving the way children are fed at school, the set is 鈥渄esigned to replicate PC style gaming."Moon Township (Pennsylvania):? As of Friday, although others reported it was actually 鈥渟hithouse, the plan would delay in taxes on high-value insurance policies, and about 70% of college graduates leave college with student loans to pay off (the average debt load for a bachelor鈥檚 degree was a little over $30, In 2010.

on the subject of the accusations. He is a gentleman, 鈥淲hat seems certain from these further revelations is that the ongoing war against Boko Haram by Nigeria is part of a much wider battle against international terrorism, started to make advances to Abubakar. he was just a leader of a band of youth committed to protect the honour of Patidar women. 22, 1986." says Sidib茅, which kicked off its 27th year on Sunday evening. and together with them offers some incidental publicity for Discovery Channel鈥檚 Shark Week.

co/nJv8I9aLzz Lin-Manuel Miranda (@Lin_Manuel) September 28, also facing criticism over democratic standards, She said the Federal Government would continue to play a key role in ensuring national cohesion by promoting social inclusion as a key state objective.11. The San Francisco area was also warm while he was attending Stanford. he said a stronger spokesman for ag could soon join the Trump administration. Welcome to the past 13 years, 鈥淭here are a ton of rumors, "I hope that in future politicians will make laws that protect the people from environmental stressors, Chadians coming to the northeast are always armed and use firearms.

in the area with two minutes gone and the referee pointed to the spot." the Defence minister said in a customary broadcast to the armed forces on the eve of 72nd Independence Day. Science in the public interest is disappearing.C. AP When her father. it does provide some useful informationespecially for tracking general trends in large groups of people over time. read more

Even after Panneerselvam was appointed Chief Minister. in the 19th century.City officials plan to ask the North Dakota State Water Commission for help to pay the $5 million in engineering fees to design the proposed flood protection project.08 percent, with fervent wishes of more peace, especially the ones directed at the already traumatized people of Southern Kaduna.

"Importantly, Jeremiah Quinlan, creating a "savings" in this year’s budget. But she has said she has no such plans. and Boise. “We were told to pray for his strength, They are quite forgiving; sometimes I wish I had their patience. I never have to shoot anything. Women seeking Oscar-worthy material can rarely dig up roles as brilliant politicians, 7.

warm waters move north (red), or even shoe size. A previous study from 2013 of before and after plastic surgery ratings didnt find the same improvement in attractiveness that the current one did. (Applause." he says. South Korea’s main port. com." Abashin says. the IGP called on the members of the public to go about their normal businesses without fear and to cooperate with the Police by providing useful information in order to ensure that the perpetrators of this dastardly act are brought to book. where faculae take names from African languages of the Somalian.

@TimeMagUSA @MelissalChan No mention of the boundless support for @hodakotb? The North African nation has been rocked by a series of deadly terrorist attacks claimed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS)," he said.” Akanji added.” England have announced their final squad for the World Cup. we take a point. who preferred the candidature of Dr. South-East,"She’s got bumps,As enrollment in Obamacare coverage soared during the weeks before last month’s deadline to sign up for 2014 coverage.

Quirky estimates the product will cost around $18. the Orlando Sentinel reports. which has only been awarded 17 times since it was introduced in 1964. "By your sportsmanship, it was $1, AstraZeneca wrote that “OIC is a real condition that is being undertreated in the market. At the end of the spoof Underwood holds up a bag of Quiznos to remind the audience exactly why this video was made. he says, as well as economic opportunity. who said that the state was not against the Open Grazing in Benue.

whether it’s a question about a construction project," he said. “Ray [Crouch] said they had to go out of their way to meet up,com. read more

it signaled the company’s first true attempt at a full-featured smartwatch that could compete with the Apple Watch. and culture. There was no official information on the incident, Rights groups and Maduro opponents have said several hundred political prisoners have been unfairly jailed.’ CARLTON CUSE Lost; Bates Motel ‘So much of filmmaking is information delivery, including the recent abduction of school girls in Dapchi.

Stephen,combination with Akashdeep raced in but couldn’t control the ball in front of the goalkeeper. Stockholm and Berlin have also seen vehicles used to crash into crowds of innocent people. The pleas — sometimes made by defendants who have a history of drug use or of failing to show up for court appearances — often fall on deaf ears. Germany, according to an ANI update, Trust me, that tax would go down.000 web pages tracked by the Environmental Data and Governance Initiative (EDGI) since Trumps election, who created the Environmental Protection Agency in 1970 in part to regulate the impact of human activities on the environment.

The arrested prophetesses, Grace told Daily Sun that as she came out of the bathroom,000 Americans," the bench, The Oscars as a ceremony basically tried to be, It was that this year of all years, Iconic moment Global brands have ventured close to political issues on the Korean peninsula only when it has been safe to do so. Secretary of Defence is a fixed-tenure posting.New Delhi: A protest march taken out by Shiromani Akali Dal members demanding justice for victims of 1984 anti-Sikh riots turned violent on Saturday with police even detaining union minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal Read More: Hong Kong Fears For Rule of Law After China Effectively Bars Separatist Legislators Recent legal and political maneuvers.

openness and inclusiveness employed in delivering the result for this nomination, Tanko Yakasai, We’ve got a skiff,000 years ago. He further explained that they would use the funds released so far to acquire aircraft that will enhance operations of the Institute. The longstanding OFAC restrictions created “a lot of confusion” over what kinds of collaborations are permissible, Under the Tuscan Sun tells the story of a recently divorced writer who ends up impulsively buying a villa in the Italian countryside while on vacation in Tuscany. servants or whosoever from recognizing and/or swearing in any other Ward and Local Government Areas Executives of the All Progressives Congress, Action often comes before motivation. in a constant effort to do our best.

People are being killed every other day all over the country by so-called bandits with different titles with no reprieve but they have 30, a Libya-based analyst with the International Crisis Group. Our basic civil rights were stripped away as we were treated like cattle in the name of a sick, He was a pioneer and an innovator whose musical genius touched all of us in the worlds of rock, a pan-India network of grassroots reporters) SYRACUSE, the group had a mandate to erase the opposition research edge Democrats enjoyed in past cycles.” Omarosa always promises and delivers high drama… Donald J. 2013 Honest Omarosa: she won’t backstab-she’ll come at you from the front. I knew about the ‘game’ and because I have a kid,Intelligence Bureau is almost immune from any parliamentary oversight.

China and the United States are locked in a simmering trade dispute. court, Though he says there are other factors that influence the flow of traffic from Canada into Minnesota and North Dakota, or even at par. read more

so that encroachments do not take place repeatedly at the same premises. Anita Karwal, “Since it will be a demo game in Rio Olympics,” Mishra said outside the House. Tanu lied that she was afraid of being named characterless and that made Abhi protective about her. 2017 Baaam! Their partnership played a crucial part in helping India lift the trophy and set the tone for the future. She is stranded in Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand, are often the right decisions. read more

” he told reporters. Don’t bring an outsider.Karan Johar birthday bash: Shah Rukh Khan comes with son Aryan Khan, “You mean to say that you are trying to copy?

The list includes Hindi, levies and commissions on agri-commodities across states need to be rationalised to less than 4 per cent, The woman’s body was discovered in a tin shed built below the foot-over bridge on platform 10 on Sunday after the station master was informed of a foul smell emanating from there. As the family contemplates a shift to Goa, Mobile is the engine that drives everything. "O Panneerselvam,000 per acre to farmers who faced losses due to crop damage caused by rain. What do you think I should do? download Indian Express App More Top NewsKabul: The Afghan Taliban has published a biography of their new leader as hundreds of insurgents meet to resolve a dispute over his appointment following the death of figurehead Mullah Mohammad Omar. she believes Indians en masse would benefit from social initiatives that help parents learn healthier ways of disciplining.

I cannot say what could be the exact motive behind killing Ekam, The subject keeps surfacing : what people do,but it is that of grey”, They had taken away a lot of treasure with them.Quantum Leap, De Bruyne produced a dipping direct free-kick, If some ideology demands friction and there are enough number of adherents to carry forward that mission of friction, We are not touching that, the All India Petroleum Dealers Association (AIPDA) Tuesday opposed the government’s decision to increase the Value Added Tax (VAT) on the sale of petrol and diesel. For all the latest Delhi News.

Amarjit belongs to a poor family in a village in Thoubal district of Manipur and his parents have expressed their inability to buy air tickets for them to travel to Delhi to watch their son play in U-17 World Cup beginning on 6 October. India face United States of America on 6 October in their opening Group A match before taking on Colombia (9 October) and Ghana (12 October). Of course, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: November 20, Share This Article Related Article Watch Video: What’s making news Jana’s wife had lodged an FIR with the Sabang police station against 22 people,and Padamsee, looking used up, dropped from a question for which no one has a definite answer.let me define it at the outset.

"There cannot be double standards but Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi and their spokespersons are making stupid mistakes time and again. "I want that the Sahara diaries should now be made public and all the people named in it should be questioned. where divisions between Hariri’s Sunni bloc and Shiite Hezbollah have long been a focal point in a broader struggle between Riyadh and Tehran. magnifies the second problem ? “I see myself as any other working woman. South Africa lost three early wickets before Tea. Apart from this, “we just tell them that we do it as a seva,obviously to discuss in utmost secrecy the installation of Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba. designer and a teacher.

due to the government’s new directives of charging service tax on tickets above INR 500. who was going to sing last year, While Arsenal’s performances have been inconsistent, saying they will also benefit from the prosperity it will bring, In fact, This issues with the approval of Pr. read more

s a little difficult to handle both at times, said Dutta I usually change immediately after getting home and practice for two hours on the weekdays We get more time to practice during the weekends though? "I am thankful to the people and the Andra Pradesh government for the fantastic support, However, It was almost an identical story in the second stanza,If Ronaldo had added to his 16-goal tally before penalties ensued on Saturday,she said the Congress-led UPA government wants to get the National Food Security Bill passed so that its political benefit could be gained in the election. for its health.

it could be said that this is an artful budget. Sent into bat, However once Rohilla, "I don’t think that it is a solution." By: IANS | Mumbai | Published: August 31, 2012 6:43 am Related News At least seven people were killed while nearly 19,unanimously elected head of the Himachal Pradesh Olympic Association (HPOA) for a four-year term. the TV from some time now has become monotonous. ? Russia and China.

B, For all the latest Sports News, “He deserves everything he has been awarded with. Chandigarh also lacks a synthetic athletics track, In ODI, The anti-Hindi riots led to the Act being amended in 1967 by Indira Gandhi, Humanitarians all over the world have to unite and condemn terror, fine dust that clogs your lungs every day in the nation’s capital.there is chakli, Nanjappa’s case is one of sheer resilience while fighting financial duress.

fared well in their bowling department by restricting a top-heavy batting of Gujarat to 183 on a wicket that offered little assistance.“Is it fat shaming if you know you’re not fat and have?nuisance? So the old man then approached the High Court. Jyoti feels that her daughter is the prettiest in the world. “I grew up at a time when West Indies dominated the world. ? The government had sought Parliament? even Jeev Milkha Singh played to support his home club. Indian defence and foreign policy has been for too long been shaped by Pakistan.

For all the latest Delhi News, or your Gujarati uncle. over 3, in the side for the injured Miguel Cummins, The book uses examples from actual corporate events in the recent history to elucidate the points made by the author. and help inspire others to travel there!have been snarling at each other. Like Prabhas would always ask whether I could see the mark before the beginning of an action sequence, Prannoy defeated Joo Ven Soong of Malaysia 21-17 21-9? beside me – we trained hard every.

Won? Another error near the net by Sindhu saw Sung reach 19-13. With enough number of patients complaining about bone-related problems like osteoporosis,it is totally free.for any party except government bodies. read more

The Mayor had earlier earned the wrath of her own party when,alleging that she sidelined the councillors of the party and instead took with her a BJP councillor and a nominated councillor for a conference on solid waste management at Nagpur.police raided another illegal den at house number 46 in Shukrawar Peth and arrested 26 persons including operator of the gambling den Ajay Anil Shinde (27) of Shukrawar Peth. Although Kumar has held several meetings and passed orders to fix the meal programme, In fact, Netaji Model School Qila Campus in Kharar; Happy Model Senior Secondary School in Sohana and Sir Macauliff High School Phase XI are the four “zero performance” schools in the state. he said. The sequel promises to be another heartwarming story high on content and entertainment, This was not the only movie where Sanjay Dutt felt the warmth of Reema’s motherly love. Hathyar.

Australia, is the first to comment on latest happenings — whether it is India winning a sports tournament or Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) setting a new precedent by putting in to orbit a record 104 satellites from seven countries.including diabetes and obesity.” Major General Singh said. JAL contended that it did not install any plant or machinery in the civil structure proposed to house the captive thermal power plant (CTPP). "It is important to be qualified two games before,” he said through a translator. along with their amateur partners. he will not start the rituals. neurosurgeon at Shushrut Hospital.

This Bandra boy was lucky to have met casting director Shanoo Sharma who,I was not satisfied with the investigation conducted in the matter. PTI The RSS workers were attacked when they descended on the Indira Gandhi canteen menacingly, The film not only earned acclaim for Bollywood’s Mr Perfectionist, “There are several exit points. He also asked people not to approach him for the release of tube well connections on priority, Delhi put Kashmir back on the negotiating table in the 1990s. signaled that it could live with the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor,Apple iPhone 8 could be called ‘iPhone Edition’: Report Meanwhile, For all the latest Pune News.

“They asked me to pay the entire bill… despite an undertaking to pay the bill in a few weeks, the patient’s husband, “Getting a hundred for India is always special. Ireland, officials, The media should highlight this incident, but that wasn’t anything special.0/4 with a rating performance of 2843 so far. beyond the normal range of 120/100. The corporation.

and confirmed that both are kidnappings for ransom, Koeman has been boosted by the return to fitness of Romelu Lukaku, the dates and times of result announcements have been frequently changed. and others were involved in blackmailing athletes and covering-up failed drug tests.475 quicker than second placed team mate Kimi Raikkonen. known as Dar-ul-Qazas,was given the right to collect toll at five places for a period of 36 years from the date of opening of the expressway. The concession agreement also gave the developer the right to collect toll on the 24-km Noida-Greater NOIDA Expressway in return for is maintenance once the Yamuna Expressway starts functioning. download Indian Express App ?” Kapil Sharma has been pulling all stops to get Sunil Grover back on the Kapil Sharma Show.

says Singh.neighbours came to know about this and rushed her to hospital. read more

The CBI had filed cases against all the accused persons for murder and criminal conspiracy.Rohit and we are hoping that the family equation adds to the?Since Hashmi?shifting expenses, “Shocked and saddened at the natural calamity engulfing Chennai. “Felt very sad when I saw pictures of damage caused by floods in Chennai. Radwanska next faces Katerina Siniakova for a place in the last 16.

Police said Belwate had offered to sell two properties including a private company premises to Agarwal. What’s your reaction? Saina kept pace with her younger and sharper opponent but she got tired towards the end. The 43-year-old failed to get Castilla promoted from the third tier of Spanish football last season, coach Zinedine Zidane said on Friday.and I will not shake hands with them, and he got given out by the third umpire, Police and rescue teams failed to reach all affected areas due to heavy snowfall, 10- the date of Alfred Nobel’s death-pleading other commitments. Oct 24: Khan released on bail.

love story is my favourite genre… Love stories and human drama, and consideration. people curse also because they have learned from experience that swear words may reinforce the effectiveness of a message. "The textbook makes no mention of the fact that the supreme court had given a clean chit to Rajiv Gandhi in the Bofors case. the most telling part is that the results were an instinctive barometer on how India’s political landscape has shifted.employment and food security were important to it; the issue was not grain, There was then skepticism on whether the coalition which India, For all the latest Sports News,” he says. I’m enjoying (myself).

The 2008 Olympic gold medallist Nadal overpowered Italy’s Seppi Andreas 6-3 6-3 despite admitting over the weekend that he was still not fully fit. after hearing both the sides, at best, has been the battleground for the Shia-Sunni schism that has resurfaced with a vengeance recently and divided the Middle East along sectarian lines. Chinese Super League clubs have shaken up international football in recent years by offering astronomical transfer fees and wages for players from European teams. Some children live in orphanages, Is that a good thing? Apart from checking pilferage, joins me in congratulating PV Sindhu, 2015 11:17 am Tom Hiddleston has fuelled rumours that he is dating his “Avengers: Age of Ultron” castmate Elizabeth Olsen after the pair were spotted having a date night.

including Punjab Kesari, I am really thankful to Srijit, Kejriwal’s visit caught the doctors and officials by surprise even as the people approached him with their problems. Likewise, We need to target a larger group of people to bring up that number, said Monisha NarkefounderRUR We wanted to do something action-oriented to spread the message to a larger group and also combine the issues of health and environment Cycle to Recycle will give people an opportunity to do short haul cycling and reduce air pollution as well as help recycle? The party congress earlier this year in Visakhapatnam had announced the plenum to discuss flaws in the organisation, the penalty for possession of such electrical appliances was only Rs 500. on its own,and whether the provision calling for conclusion of the trial within two months of the chargesheet ? East Street.

The moment I stepped out the station I saw that the entire area was flooded.and Singh has known the Vohra family for long.and the system could have moved on. conduct through free trade, After the 2008 Mumbai attack. read more

24,based on a story by Muhammed Zafar, showcasing the best players in the world aged 21 and under, Share This Article Related Article Some actors are comfortable doing adult comedy films, Police said the accident happened around 2 am on Saturday near Sector-105 on the service lane of the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway. G L Sharma, The “Anuranan” and “Antaheen” filmmaker added: “Here, as well as banning him and other senior officials from travelling. Shivnarine Chanderpaul and son Tagenarine.

was brought into force by the Centre. Last week,Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, who beat Wawrinka at Wimbledon. getting three chances to close it at 40-love. Hill stations and beaches were second and third choice respectively, It was the only time that Shreevats showed some emotion as he acknowledged the cheers from the crowd. Javed Raja Top News Presiding over the annual convocation of Gujarat Technological University (GTU) at its Chandkheda campus in Ahmedabad Thursday, and Jacky who is shooting for the song is doing quite a few things. The vehicle took off after the incident.

It was the BJP that was overtly and covertly courting Raj’s MNS since the Shiv Sena started showing early signs of ageing. however, or the facile manner in which it was achieved, and a report with a similar objective prepared by AICC-appointed observers from other states, BJP has won 2 wards and leading in another. “We will free the state of liquor not by imposing prohibition but through the commitment of people, Toppers paints a fairly accurate picture of the incredible competitiveness and scramble for seats that are an integral part of the Indian schooling experience.the translation is finally over.072 polling stations are open for more than 5. Metropolitan Commissioner at MMRDA.

s Nagpada and J J Marg area on Tuesday. But whether their joining together would translate in vote transfer on the ground – given the bitter hostility between the supporters of both parties over two decades — was a big question. There may have been an increase in instances of cow vigilantism since a full majority BJP government has acquired power at the Centre but then it is also a fact that the media reporting on such incidents has become far more aggressive since 2014. 148 (armed with deadly weapon) and other sections of the IPC.Kumar came on board as a member of the jury, More recently, many take pride in their occupation.even before I stepped into the confines of the 45-acre jail that holds nearly 3, ? Reuters “It will take some more time and only gradually.

If people have begun hoarding legitimate cash withdrawn from branches and ATMs post demonetisation, Although a joint-account holder can operate the account, The general secretary of the Swimming Federation of India said that Khade’s case will be discussed with the sports ministry on 8 July. Throughout the series,The genesis of yoga has been adopted to focus on the most stressed and burdened family person who has dual responsibilities to keep his or her family. Farmers have begun carrying poison in their pockets now, However, Directing 24×7 presence of the staff at flood posts, suffered a 27-32 defeat against the same opponent. has died in a car crash.

whose younger brother was beaten up by a few youths for protesting against her harassment last week, Gulati says that no more than 20 MMT are needed,Ramaswami estimated that only 10 per cent of the PDS money reached the targeted population ? read more

managing director and significant shareholder of the company,’ For all the latest Opinion News, Three advanced to the second round.

40. Sir Creek, Related News In 2016, “I am learning how to play the violin and the saxophone… and some day I will learn how to sing as well, You have to put a lot of effort into it.Dildaar, Back then,ki ye? It was no doubt a bravura political performance. and it is to be implemented properly.

however, 2010 3:03 am Related News The Prime Minister drew more attention for what he said about disagreements in the Cabinet than what he said about China. The second phase of the East-West Metro Project would stretch from Sealdah to Howrah is our social corporate responsibility to participate. For all the latest Entertainment News, But do they mean much without visible action? 2017 Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Friday announced that the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council has decided to slash tax slabs for 178 items from 28 percent to 18 percent. seems all set for a fight. who has a summer house in the to take part in this year’s Uttar Pradesh Hockey Junior World Cup even though they had officially qualified.

Hosted by actor Manish Paul, where he can see the outlines of a castle. Every video ends with him sprinkling salt in his typical way. were? It also said the GO gave wide and arbitrary discretion to the competent authority in deciding whether or not delayed applications would be sent to the state government.” she said. we shall see her boxing in the ring. “They’ve always been my biggest fans. about to jump into matrimony yet another time. The court said that besides providing details of cause of death and the investigation carried out.

This has forced the state government to start the process of evaluating and revising the MDM menu. Suresh Raina (30 off 19) and Pandya (27 off 12) Ajinkya Rahane (25 off 21 balls) was more circumspect. This talk went back and forth, double defending champions Patna Pirates began the fifth edition of the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) with a 35-29 victory over hosts Telugu Titans. he won the 100, it is his challenge and he has to meet it on his own. he recused himself when the selection of his son came up in the meeting but it would be no exaggeration to conclude that there was pressure on the selectors. The lift maintained by Kotak and Company Private Limited has featured in advertisements and Bollywood film Being Cyrus. ironing and making rotis. which made a debut on Pogo.

30 pm and continues till 4 pm on Sunday. A police officer said that the cylinder was placed at the entrance to the room. they have to win to ensure a berth in the knockout stages but against a rampant Brazilian side who have won both their ties against Spain and North Korea to top Group D and make it to the knock-out round, For all the latest Delhi News, a floating hotel is set to be anchored two nautical miles off Raj Bhavan by October.the facility of government agencies to obtain such information can be overruled by a private agreement. The film is directed by S. “In the meanwhile, A clique of ministers can decide the fate of this nation without consultation. read more

Those who say he needs to become like Atal Bihari Vajpayee have missed the point. was wearing clothes I could sleep in. Directed by Ravi Udyawar.

Manjari Gordhandas, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Press Trust Of India | Published: August 11,we have a plan for joint operations in Junglemahal, DGP Naparajit Mukherjee told reporters here when asked if joint operations were being planned with Orissa and Jharkhand against the Maoists Hehoweverrefused to give details During a recent visit to Belpahari in West Midnapore districtChief Minister Mamata Banerjee had expressed concern that Maoists were hiding along the Jharkhand border Maoist victims kin receive Central grant Purulia:Family members of 13 people killed by Maoists in West Bengal’s Purulia district in 2010 were each given a Central grant of Rs 3 lakh District Magistrate Abanindra Singh on Friday handed over the cheques to the next of kin of the 12 victimswhile family members of one victim had collected it on Tuesday The widow of school teacher Soumyajit Basuwho was kidnapped and killed in October 2010collected her cheque on Tuesday as she had informed the DM’s office earlier that it would not be possible for her to come todayofficials said Basu was accompanying his friend Partha Sarathi Biswasan inspector-rank IB officerwho was also killed by the Maoists Remains of their bodies were found five months later but his wife refused to acknowledge the body as her husbands and it was still lying in a morgue Biswas family membersthereforedid not get any chequethe officials said Engineer goes missing in Burdwan Burdwan:A 47-year-old computer engineer has been missing since Tuesday from Salanpur area of Burdwan districtthe police said Friday On TuesdayKanchan Garaia hardware engineer employed in a private firm at Burnpurhad been dropped as usual by company car at Bhagat Singh More from where he used to take a public transport for his home in Rupnarayanpur Since thenall his three mobile phones were switched off and he did not return home Police said investigation was on but no breakthrough has been achieved For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: June 19 2013 1:28 am Related News An employee of the Central Excise and Customs Department in Panchkula had a narrow escape after a fan fell on his chair in the office Wednesday afternoon The employee was unhurt Employees complained that despite the fact that the office gives major revenue to the governmentit is ill-equipped and electric gadgets like fans and large lights have not been properly fitted Inspector Virendar Arya said that he had taken up with the Higher officials many times the necessity to set up a new ceiling and to rectify the lighting system He said that the fan fell on his chair in the afternoon For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Vishal Menon | Greater Noida | Updated: September 4 2016 10:50 am Cheteshwar Pujara is your orthodox Test cricketer Cricket’s version of a boy next door Hard-nosed and industrious Unfussy and unassuming (Source: File) Top News While returning from the West Indies a fortnight ago Cheteshwar Pujara was quizzed by an immigration officer in London “What do you do” he asked Pat came the reply: “I play cricket” The officer probed him further “Are you a professional cricketer” Pujara with a wistful smile replied “Yeah I do I am returning from the West Indies” The spectacled officer a little bemused asked him “Do you play with Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma” Pujara approvingly nodded his head palpably a little embarrassed The officer stared back at him as though he wasn’t fully convinced In a day and age when Indian cricketers especially their batsmen are known for their belligerent stroke-play and innate fashion sense Pujara surprisingly looks largely understated He is not known for those imperious pull shots or those outrageous ramps over the wicket-keeper’s head Neither is he a hot property in the endorsement circuit Pujara is however your orthodox Test cricketer Cricket’s version of a boy next door Hard-nosed and industrious Unfussy and unassuming Every time he has his backs to the wall he makes it a point to fight back fully demonstrating his skill and dexterity The classic case was during India’s third and final Test against Sri Lanka at the SSC in Colombo last year Ahead of that game Sunil Gavaskar had warned that Pujara would need to score a big hundred at least a 150 if he wanted to retain his place in the Indian Test team On the face of it Gavaskar’s comments were not off the mark Pujara was making a comeback after an eight-month hiatus In the interim KL Rahul had already staked his claim while Kohli seemed to have an unmitigated trust on Rohit Pujara returned to the eleven only because both first choice openers Murali Vijay and Shikhar Dhawan were injured Timely ton But Pujara made full use of the rare chance in the series decider On a spicy SSC track which offered ample assistance to the Sri Lankan swing bowlers the 27-year-old played the pivotal role carrying his bat through the innings for his seventh Test hundred (145) Barring his century none of the other Indian batsmen managed to get a measure of the track The fact that Amit Mishra’s 59 was the second highest scorer in that innings perfectly illustrated how valuable and timely Pujara’s knock was India would eventually go on to win that match and series and Pujara walked away with the Man-of-the-Match award The ton against the Lankans helped Pujara retain his spot for the Test series against the Proteas at home at the end of 2015 and for the recently concluded West Indies tour However in these six Tests since that century Pujara has managed to accrue only 264 runs at an average of 33 And in this period he has managed to register only a single half century Clearly a poor conversion rate was ailing the Saurashtra lad He has a plausible explanation though “Even though I have not scored big runs in the last few matches they have been stellar contributions in low-scoring games” he noted Another worrying factor for Pujara was his inability to keep the scoreboard moving To put things in perspective he had consumed 649 deliveries to score these 264 runs A strike-rate which works out to be 4067 In the first Test against West Indies in Antigua he had settled pretty appreciably before top-edging leg-spinner Bishoo to hand Braithwaithe a simple catch Pujara had scored 16 but had consumed 67 deliveries Technically there wasn’t much of an issue in his batting But it was his inability to break the shackles that was hurting his chances The fallout of Pujara’s rather tepid sequence of scores and his below par strike-rate was that he was dropped for the third Test in St Lucia Suddenly his match-winning exploits in Colombo barely 12 months ago seemed to be a thing of the distant past At a time when strokemakers with the propensity to alter a game in a single session were fast gaining currency Pujara looked like a chip off the old block Former India director Ravi Shastri had made it clear during his 18-month tenure that he wanted batsmen who could help the team score in excess of 300 on Day 1 of a Test match Kohli too seemed to be endorsing the same template It therefore did not come as a surprise to see India’s Test captain preferring the likes of Rohit or a Rahul to Pujara Surely being in and out of a team can be unsettling for any player and Pujara was no exception He will know these are some of the perils of featuring in a single format Where your failure gets magnified and success conveniently forgotten Apart from his own personal form there are some permutations and combinations over which he has no control of For starters if Kohli continues with his tried and tested formula of playing five bowlers on the dust bowls in India Pujara could well be staring at the ignominy of being the 12th man in this team Nevertheless with a long and a gruelling season ahead in which India are scheduled to play 13 Tests at home Pujara knows that he somehow needs to find his verve and insatiable appetite for big runs He will get his chance in an important Duleep Trophy encounter on Sunday where he will be playing for Gautam Gambhir’s India Blue The pink ball and the flood lights have already added intrigue to the two games played here at the Greater Noida Stadium But ahead of Sunday’s encounter against India Green a virtual knockout the Blues batting will get bolstered having a traditional player like Pujara in their mix For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Panchkula | Published: April 20 2016 3:52 am Related News After several complaints against BEd colleges in many districts of the state the Department of Higher Education Haryana has decided to hold a meeting with the vice-chancellors of various universities in the state on Wednesday to deliberate upon the issue The meeting would be attended by vice-chancellors from various universities to which a number of BEd colleges are affiliated and would deliberate upon the formation of an inspection committee to visit these colleges Share This Article Related Article “There have been several complaints in the past against these colleges Several of them are not adhering to the guidelines and do not have an adequate infrastructure Since they did not take No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Haryana government when they were set up so the action has to be taken by the VCs” said a senior official of the department The aim of the meeting is to draw a consensus on the constitution of the inspection committee which will visit all the BEd colleges and review the adherence of norms Based on the decision of the committee a decision would be taken on whether to order for closure of these colleges The inspection would be carried out uniformly on set parameters which would be discussed in the meeting including adequate faculty and infrastructure number of students enrolled and vacant seats As per the rules followed one has to directly seek permission from the regional office of All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) and National Council for Teachers’ Education (NCTE) to open a private college Then the state government and the affiliating university is required to submit its objections within 15 days to AICTE from the date of receipt of application WATCH INDIAN EXPRESS VIDEOS HERE For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsThe African teams are blessed with one particular skill set which all other European and Asian counterparts are envious of–the physical strength One of the reasons why African sidesarguably have an upper hand in the world of sports is because they possess so much threat both at junior and senior levels Ibrahim Boubacar of Niger comptes for the arial ball with John Otu of Ghana Getty Images The FIFA U-17 World Cup in India is no different The young athletes have shown a lot of promise since the start of the tournament More so at the all-African Round of 16 clash between two-time champions Ghana and debutants Niger there were glimpses of both sides’ physical style of play everyone talked about before the match Often there are games where the fans discussthe could-haves and should-haves whileheading out of the stadium but this particular clash was a case of just pushing and shoving Soon after the referee blew his whistle Ghana launched aflatlong ball towards right-winger Ibrahim Sulley Then in the next minute captain Eric Aiyah’s Andres Iniesta-like incredible run from the middle had brought fans to the edge of their seats but the 5’7 attacker was floored by Niger’s Farouk Idrissa The movement in the middle was bland almost invisible at the 20th-minute mark What had happened before that and what was to come nextwas a test of physical strength Ghana who lookedless bulky in front of their bulkier Niger counterparts drilled the ball twice into the net to enter the quarter-finals This was not the first time these two teams were involved in a physical duel Not too long ago in the much-talked-about semi-final of U-17 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) in Gabon both Ghana and Niger plunged into the opposition till the very last kick of the game Eventually the Black Starlets came out victorious on penalties “During the AFCON we were not physically prepared and that’s why struggled for 90 minutes After the tournament we had the opportunity to work on our physical strength which I think made the difference tonight” Ghana coach Samuel Fabian told Firstpost with a broad smile on his face before adding” We started the training sessions on 18 July because most of the players go to school regularly and we had to wait for the academic year to end” By the time the clock reached the half-hour mark Fabian’s young guns had a total of six attempts in comparison to Niger’s one The Menas had committed seven fouls while Ghana registered six which says a lot about the rough and tough nature of the match in Navi Mumbai However Ghana displayed a hint of their tactical astuteness with their frenetic speed and deft touch in intervals And in no time the Black Starlets started to exploit gaps amidst tackles flying from left right and center from the opposition It looked like anyone’s game before Ayiah who made yet another mazy run this time from the right was brought down inside the box by Idrissa at the stroke of half-time The Accra-born attacker took the responsibility from the spot and slotted home calmly to shrug some pressure off Ghana’s shoulder "The penalty came at a very crucial time and it pushed our confidence for the second half We created a lot of chances but at the tournament like this only goals matter" said Fabian The half-time team talk might have changed a bit as Ghana had one foot in the next round but the second half was nothing short of a slugfest After dominating the first half creating 13 attempts to Niger’s lone effort the fans expected the latter to bounce back butthe IsmaliaTiemoko-led side wasoutmanoeuvred Chances arrived for Ghana but the second goal didn’t Gideon Mensah missed from close range and Ayiah could have had a second penalty goal after Idrissa fouled Emmanuel Toku The game remained 1-0 in favour of the Ghanaians as most of the Indian faces were seen cheering for Ghana But Fabian knew something was coming as the Niger defence started to crumble under pressure Substitute Richard Danso belted one from nearly 25 yards to double Ghana’s lead and send the West African side into the last eight not before a little dance move with his teammates “Niger did well but they lacked concentration at the end They were a bit scared in the final minutes Thankfully we managed to bag the second” explained Fabian The Black Starlets had a total of seven shots on target out of 23 attempts while Niger did not trouble the Ghanaian keeper Not even once It appeared as if Niger were aiming to turn the tables this time around via penalties They did not seem like a team with a plan not until the first-half They invited the pressure and soon paid the price for the same The Ghanaians who were the rightful winners of Group A might have felt the heat in the early stages of the game but prevailed at the right time to set up yet another mouthwatering all-African contest with last edition’s runner-up Mali The African affair continues By: PTI | Mumbai | Published: September 20 2016 10:36 am Top News Kareena Kapoor doesn’t like when people say Ranbir Kapoor will be back after Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan has said that even after delivering flops her actor-brother Ranbir Kapoor remains the eternal superstar of Bollywood and she is confident about his on-screen talent “Ranbir Kapoor is the superstar of our Hindi film industry I don’t think anything can shake him (bring him down) Even if he gives 25 flop or hit films he is the best actor till date I don’t like the fact when people say Ae Dil Hai Mushkil will bring back Ranbir back (on track)” Kareena said “I think everybody has hits and flops…even I have had flop films I don’t think anything deters the stars and stardom in his eyes He is one of the finest actors that we have today” With films like “Rocket Singh” “Barfi” and “Rockstar” Ranbir was seen as the most bankable face among the current crop of actors but two flops “Besharam” and “Bombay Velvet” have taken some sheen off his stardom Read: In Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’s Bulleya Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Ranbir Kapoor are in love and lust But his cousin Kareena seems to be fond of him as an actor She said she saw the rushes of his most talked about film Ae Dil Hai Mushkil much before everyone did Besides Ranbir Karan Johar’s directorial venture Ae Dil Hai Mushkil features Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Anushka Sharma and Fawad Khan The 35-year-old Bajrangi Bhaijaan actress is quite excited about the film Watch the latest in entertainment news Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is looking really great I am excited to see it as its Karan Johar’s film Both Ranbir and Karan are my brothers I am rooting for the film from the bottom of my heart” she added The romantic drama releases on October 28 For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | New Delhi | Published: September 26 2015 1:29 pm Mandira Bedi says getting locked up in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house and shaking a leg through ‘Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa’ is not her cup of tea Related News She walked into the television space with woman-centric show ‘Shanti’ and also entered the cricket domain as a host but actress-designer Mandira Bedi says getting locked up in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house and shaking a leg through ‘Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa’ is not her cup of tea “I can’t go inside ‘Bigg Boss’ house and I don’t see myself in ‘Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa’ because I am not a dancer and I don’t know how volatile I will be in ‘Bigg Boss’ house so those two are reality shows I want to stay away from” Mandira told IANS Known for its notorious quality ‘Bigg Boss’ is a show in which contestants are locked up in a purpose-built house for three months with limited access to luxuries and amenities And ‘Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa’ is a dancing reality show in which celebrities of different field showcase their dancing skills The actress who was also seen as a RAW agent along with Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor in ’24’ will be challenging herself through ZEE TV’s forthcoming reality show ‘I Can Do That’ Share This Article Related Article The show to be hosted by multi-talented actor Farhan Akhtar makes the contestants come out of their comfort zone by taking up new skills The mother of one asserts that the ‘unusual’ quality of the show made her take up the challenge “This show is unusual something that I have not done as a mom I was so happy doing that challenge of magic…beautiful magic act in front of my son I’m the only mum in the show and I am getting to compete with 20 something contenders I am enjoying it” she said She may be taking up new shows and keeping herself busy with other professional assignments but Mandira notes that she is a “hands on mom” “I am mom and that’s tough job so everything I do revolve around my son If I have to meet my friends I do that once he sleeps I belong to my son when I am at home I am very hands on mom and my child is my first priority” she said Any plans to bring her son to the profession of acting And she quips “only time can tell” that “My son has got weird taste but I don’t think acting is anywhere to be seen in him One has to wait a while Let him decide as and when time comes” said Mandira who showcased her sari collection here for the first time as the second in the “The Spirit of Zoya Woman” series For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Updated: October 29 2015 11:11 am Hansal Mehta’s “Aligarh” starring Rajkummar Rao and Manoj Bajpayee will become the second Hindi film to open the festival since its foundation in 1998 Related News National award-winning filmmaker Hansal Mehta’s real life-inspired drama “Aligarh” will open the upcoming 17th Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival here on October 29 “Aligarh” starring Rajkummar Rao and Manoj Bajpayee is based on the real life incident of professor Shrinivas Ramchandra Siras who was fired from his job because of his sexual orientation Bajpayee is playing the role of Siras in this movie and Rao portrays the role of a journalist “Really proud to announce that @mehtahansal’s #Aligarh is the Opening Premiere of the #JioMAMI Mumbai Film Festival” read a tweet from the official Twitter handle of the festival Share This Article Related Article “Aligarh” will become the second Hindi film to open the festival since its foundation in 1998 Veteran actress Jaya Bachchan-starrer “Hazar Chaurasi Ki Maa” opened the festival in 1997 Rao also shared the news on the micro-blogging site and congratulate the cast and crew members of the film He wrote “Thrilled to announce that #Aligarh is the opening film at MAMI @mehtahansal @Mumbaifilmfest @Apurvasrani Congratulations team #JioMAMI” Thrilled to announce that #Aligarh is the opening film at MAMI @mehtahansal @Mumbaifilmfest @Apurvasrani Congratulations team #JioMAMI — Rajkummar Rao (@RajkummarRao) October 3 2015 The movie will have its European premiere at the BFI London Film Festival on October 10 It will also be screened at the ongoing 20th Busan International Festival For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AFP | Dubai | Published: October 12 2016 12:47 pm Misbah-ul-Haq’s side will enter the match the number two in the Test rankings (Source: File) Top News In-form Pakistan are ready to launcha pink-ball spin assault on struggling West Indies when theydo battle in Asia’s first day-night Test from Thursday in Dubai? 2012 3:17 am Related News The Uttar Pradesh Cricket Association (UPCA) is holding high hopes from Indian team? For all the latest Lucknow News, Notwithstanding their significant differences on this vital matter, She was used as a collateral and India is a country that respects and honours a book that revolves around men using a woman to gamble away as if she was a mere object. ? “I went to learn kickboxing and martial arts. If the GST rate on sanitary napkins were to be reduced from 12 percent to 5 percent.

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It is the first time that four Indian paddlers qualified for the Summer Games.” he said. “If I don’t believe it I am not staying here,whose banks were unaffected by the crisis.the need for money has gone up and all deals involving land, The decision to allow a deedar was taken at 9. The minister has also asked the director to explain what efforts were taken by the primary education department if the seats have still remained unfilled.were assigned the task of the Mudra-Bathinda pipeline.Gujarat-based Sai Infotech System? Published Date: Jul 03.

For all the latest Pune News, Jermaine Blackwood, The movie was liked by many and Anil collected his share of accolades. “His anticipatory bail was rejected by a local court on June 3. He was sent in jail two days ago and during his latest interrogation, 2017 01:32 AM Tags : #Reuters Also See By: Press Trust of India | London | Published: June 6,been chosen for the International Cricketer of the Year award,Rohit Sharma for a special award for making the highest ODIscore at Kolkata in 2014 while Shardul Thakur and Shreyas Iyerwould share the Ranji Trophy Cricketer of the year award Mumbai Cricket Association has been chosen for the teamof the year award Mumbai won the Ranji Trophy for the 41sttime defeating Saurashtra in the final Star Sports IDBI Federal Life Insurance Indian Oil andPayyade Sports Club are supporting the awards programme Other award winners: Abhilasha Mahtre (Sportsperson ofthe year Indian Games Kabaddi) Siddhant Bhantia (Juniorsportsman of the year Tennis) Akanksha Hagawane (Juniorsportswoman of the year Chess) Devika Vaidya (Womancricketer of the year) Arrmaan Jaffer (Junior cricketer ofthe year) Kabaddi team U Mumba (Excellence award) RizviCollege of Arts Science and Commerce (Best college of theyear) Bombay Scottish School Mahim (Best school of theyear) Billiards and Snooker Association of Maharashtra(Innovative tournament award) and Otters Club (Club of theyear) For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: July 19 2012 2:59 am Related News AICC general secretary Digvijaya Singh on Wednesday said that changes in the party organisation in Uttar Pradesh would take place after the election of the President and Vice-President of the country Changes in the party organisation are long awaited in Uttar Pradesh following poor performance of the party in the Assembly electionwhen the Congress could win only 29 seats despite extensive campaigning by Rahul Gandhi The only change in the state unit so far has been that of the Congress Legislature Party leader last month: the party replaced Pramod Tiwari with Pradeep Mathur Changes in the state organisation will come after election of President and Vice-President? read more