I have about 5 local WeChat accounts, from more than 3000 fans to 100 thousand fans. But I’ve reviewed it carefully, and it seems that there’s a big difference between my 5 local WeChat accounts. Today is mainly to introduce to you, I do a regional, local WeChat. That is, I am now the location of entrepreneurship in Chongqing Banan District, only a population of about 900000 of the county’s local WeChat line promotion how to do?.

this account is my official operation began around March this year, and now it will be about half a year. Originally accumulated through the forum, QQ group, micro-blog and other local resources, the "Banan people" this WeChat fans pushed to around 1000, it is considered a foundation. But it would be difficult to see significant growth after the depletion of existing online resources.

happened to be in touch with the WeChat printer at this time, and the company’s ad said it was a powder artifact. The principle of powder absorption is simple, the machine is placed in many places, only pay attention to my WeChat, and then send the photos in your cell phone, you can print the photos at the scene.

to tell you the truth, before I bought the machine, I had high expectations for it and thought it would work out very well. But really do, will know how many difficulties inside. Not only did I buy the machine myself, but also 3 of them were going to be friends with the local WeChat.

1: the cost of the machine is not expensive, it is difficult to find a suitable place to put

machine is not expensive, because it was bought together several friends, production machinery companies are also familiar with the friends of friends, then also gave me a minimum price, about 7000 yuan. At that time, many of the WeChat printers on the market were selling more than 10 thousand. In addition, the cost of the photo and ink costs about 2 cents.

calculates to print a photo, that is, it costs 2 cents. Because, in my opinion, a local WeChat fan is worth at least 5 yuan, so the cost of the 2 cents is totally ignored. But the machine is there, but there is not enough offline resources, connections, machines can not be put out, then the machine is also wasted.

because I’ve been trying to do this for a few months in my local community, I’ve been working with some local businesses in Banan. Therefore, when the WeChat printer was bought, it was placed in the most popular cinema in Banan. But the cinema only provides venues, we need someone to guide us, and requires 2 days a week to promote the micro signals of the cinema.

was in the movie theater for about half a month, during which 3 days were tomb sweeping day. Remember, when the effect is good, 1 days can rise more than 200 fans. There are relatively few people watching movies on weekdays and only close to 100 fans. Later, in order to promote the movie at any time, I bought another machine. Then one of them promoted the movie theater WeChat, one of which promoted itself

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