2010 we saw the hundred regiments, in 2011 we see the overwhelming put billions of dollars at the group purchase advertising, group purchase website battle, it is the battle for the group purchase site competition, rather than marketing financial competition. The United States Groupon to the wind blowing Chinese group purchase, let Chinese Internet reproduction "frenzy" tide, but follow the trend of high-speed burn blindly seeking fast at the same time, there was growing homogenization phenomenon, such as the page experience homogenization, homogenization of consumer products, resource users, the viscosity is too low a serious lack of sustainable competitiveness and so on, more than half of the future group purchase website will disappear. Thinking determines the way out, the survival of the fittest is inevitable, and only by strengthening their own competitiveness, we can long-term foothold.

one, website content is rich,


group purchase website product resources from most of the traditional businesses, can be said that the group purchase website, more like a consumer guide, including product and service consumption in almost all areas of life. With the gradual homogenization of product resources, the content with readability becomes an important factor to attract users.

life information is numerous and jumbled, and the content of the information must be related to its own website products, to promote product sales, the role of green leaves are basically to foil the safflower. For example, cosmetics group buying, beauty services, you can tell the user certain beauty knowledge, teach you how to beauty, and so on. If the user is only looking for concessions, discounts, and in the face of homogenization of the product, it is difficult to eventually retain users, it is difficult to dig deeper needs of users. When users have greater satisfaction and trust, users are more likely to increase the purchase rate.

two, website user SNS

face the large loss rate of e-commerce website users and higher and higher user costs, then bring huge advertising costs, and some website users cost as high as 100 yuan. The user viscosity has been Like attracts like. same interests, Birds of a feather flock together., the same demand, group effect of each website has a user (Social Relations), at present most of the sites are just use some third party or third party sharing platform SNS platform for users to share, but its lack of user relevance SNS platform.

now many electricity supplier websites have SNS platform, such as community, blog and so on. It has become the most direct interactive platform for websites and users. It is also an interactive platform for users to communicate with each other. For example, for restaurant lovers who regularly buy food, they will enjoy frequent exchanges of food information and share with their friends around them. Amazon Web user community SNS features are very obvious, not only become a source of user word-of-mouth communication, but also related to the viscosity platform of user groups.

three, business services specialization

for the group buying website, in addition to the physical product group buying, more traditional business service products, especially >

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