local venture alliance

1 is very readable.

I am through the entrepreneurial website opened, and I have a deep understanding, that is, those who pay attention to the web site, no one is attracted to, the site has a strong readability. Now the creative type of website, basically extends to the network project, has a very high threshold, at least love network, familiar with the network, the authorized network, decided to go to the network, this way you blocked a lot of good people to pay attention to the creative station, if this is a type of entrepreneurship website, gradually extended the creative aspects of the network, so the readability of the website is more, because this is a gradual process.

2, lack of credibility,

creative business class website, readable, and lack of credibility, because a lot of creative class of the title is the daily income of several hundred yuan, thousands of yuan, which for some network novice or do business friends, they think it is not going to happen, why? Because people have a habit. That is what I can’t do something others do is difficult, so do not believe others better than ourselves, so when someone puts forward than when their income is high, many of the ideas of the first reaction is that this is a scam, some items plus a fee, in accordance with the temptation + charging car standard. So we immediately rejected the project, but if the same, then the problem is easily solved, because understanding a person is very simple.

3, cohesive

understand the creative station, has a strong cohesion, the cohesive force from not understand, nor from one person, but from the characteristics of the industry, that is we are together every day to learn, have feelings, if there are friends, between their careers, so there is no common the language is too much, but if it is business people on the network, is the site, then perhaps the common language and a lot more, because most of the time we are in the same project operation, many usually communicate.

if you are in the city, then this cohesion will be greater,

4, a huge circle of friends,

I often wondered if the station to understand all the people in the local sunshine, so I should be a happy man, should be much higher than the income of high status people happier, because I basically every industry in the local have their own friends, because now stand on friends, everyone has their own different industries and jobs, if in local words, because I am the master identity, so I may have a first-class circle of friends, these friends will let me in the whole city life, full of joy, full of passion, full of vitality.

5, expanding from city to other city,

if a station develops in a city, >

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