users in this blog said: Hong Yi brother, to evaluate a Laomi, meters, accidentally shot, found 03 year old site, is a.

simple analysis:

November 2003 site, the domain name of the age of (approximate) 5 years in April. Originally built as a construction software network (built in Shanghai Engineering Software Co., Ltd.), and later on another type of website.

and the following domain names have been registered:

as an old domain name, the greatest value of should be used to build a site. The new owner is 2008 registered people dropped, and so far no longer do site, obviously this is a mistake, for an old domain name, even if do domain name parking is also good.


1, do a construction or software category called "build a good network", which is in line with the nature of the old website. Since the net friend is the auction, in the auction, there should be "do stand" idea.

2, "pig price nets", about pig raising topic, this year by Ding Lei fry hot, might as well catch up with the trend, stir fry "pig" concept.

3 and sell, domain name value in the 4-5 digit between, but it is difficult to find buyers. Because, on the one hand the domain name is net, on the other hand, the domain name "Zhujia" can reflect the Chinese vocabulary is limited: building good, price of pigs, Zhu, home, bamboo frame……

(Hong Yi

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