traffic, traditionally, is also a hard indicator of a web site. In fact, the flow is king, but in a large amount of traffic to a certain extent, or, although the flow is not large, but the flow of relatively stable sources, belonging to a category when the flow is valuable.

I met a friend at the WordCamp Shanghai meeting. His personal information was not disclosed because I didn’t get his permission. Now he resigned, dedicated to the Google Adsense for a living, he did very well, his website every day only about 600 IP, but a 500USD/ month income, he told me some tips on how to share here:

1. do a special website, don’t be big and complete; write one or two blogs every day.

2. uses only 336*300728*90160*600 ad sizes;

3. english.

in addition, there is a reluctance to disclose the names of friends share me with his blog, he every 100 thousand IP, every more than 100 USD Adsense revenue, his blog is also in line with the tips above the friend, but his blog, only 336*300 size of ads. In comparison, he may have higher absolute income, but the relative value is very low.

1. for a manufacturing enterprise, the enterprise website to flow, a year may only need a visit, if the visit can bring him a big customer, other traffic is redundant; at this time, Google put on the website of the Adsense to shunt excess flow. Exchange value to a certain extent, can let visitors get a better experience;

2. for more complex content sites, it requires the flow of a good advertising system to triage value, the system is undoubtedly the best Google Adsense, now Chinese Adsense value has been seriously underestimated, if you want to do the promotion, Google’s investment in Adwords is the best;

3. for the content of vertical websites, can realize value through advertising system orientation, in addition to Google’s Adsense, there are more choices, for example, the topic of FeedSky advertising, Ali mother according to the time of broadcast advertising.

The role of

online advertising is to translate excess traffic into sufficient and effective traffic. Because many sites do not have enough traffic, sites that offer extra traffic can reflect their value.

leaves an effective network advertising system, leaving a good layout, traffic is not Wang, but garbage and interference.

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