September 1, 2009, this is a very special day for me. My first website, Jiangcheng net (then called Jiangcheng Forum), was formally launched. I also from that time began to join the legend of the legendary dream industry. From an electrical and mechanical engineering graduates began an alternative employment path. Perhaps in other people’s eyes, my choice is a bit crazy, a little nervous. But sometimes the choice is like this. Once you choose, don’t give up easily. Because in the past 4 years, from a network to a blind now able to feed my occupation station. I still cherish the original dream, continue to walk in the webmaster’s road. Today I would like to talk about my failure to operate local communities in the past few years.

1: local communities are grassroots webmaster, a "trap"

why is it that the local community is a trap with grass owners? First of all, the local community is mainly operating ideas and local businesses to form a line to line transaction closed loop consumption chain. From the convergence of users and businesses, and ultimately achieve very profitable. This is the thinking of almost all very successful local communities now. The train of thought is very simple, but it is very difficult to do. For grassroots webmaster, online operation, we can still barely finished, but very difficult to line up. A simple example is how to negotiate and sign contracts with clients. Of course, this is a small problem for those running the business, but it is difficult for the webmaster who is facing the computer all day long. We can observe that a great number of successful local communities are made by people who do not know how to interact with each other. All I know is the proud life of Wuhan, the Jingmen community, and so on. Are some outside people do, and do not understand what is SEO, what is network promotion, so do so out of the excellent local community. They communicate directly with the user face to face with the user, and then the user has a relationship with the user, so it’s really hard for the grass roots who face the computer all day. So I’m here to say that the local community is really a "trap" for grass owners".

2: some suggestions about the operation and the upcoming operation of local communities, hope that we can avoid detours,

just talk about your failure experience. The road to success is mostly different, but the failure is basically the same. First of all, when we are doing local communities, we should not pursue big and complete, we should find a breakthrough point, such as: mother and child, local education, women’s consumption, shopping, property, etc.. At that time I did relatively large and complete, and finally nothing was done. Secondly, choose a very good point of profitability to break through, then I chose to make friends, can not form a good profit, so failed. Now there are a lot of good points, we have done more successful, I will not say more here. Finally is to adhere to go on, the success of a local community, the fastest accumulation of people, I think it will take a year. So it’s important to be patient. Simply make a classified information site and earn a little money or more

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