said, "I’m not afraid of jokes," the company’s mechanical products station, 2 years, nearly 3 months before the turnaround. During the period, the site’s SEO has also done well, the main keywords, parking spaces, locks, etc. are ranked in the home page of Baidu, and so on, many of its bidding ads are Samsung, and its thesaurus and creativity is definitely ahead of most of the peer. But the problem is that the company is unprofitable and has been losing money for 2 years. Below, the author will talk about these 2 years of some experience, I hope useful to you.

, a small business, large and all dead =

website to do fine, dedicated to its profitability will improve, this sentence everyone knows, 2 years ago, I also understand. But a lot of times, the website is more and more overstaffed, often happen inadvertently.


company’s main car parking lock, but the boss has car perfume friends, their friends and friends do car decoration. The boss was originally thought so, buy parking lock consumers mostly owners, owners will have the demand for other automotive supplies, if the car supplies into the site, the formation of cross selling, which not only improves the website traffic value, can rise a class website performance.

the idea is good, the reality is cruel. Through more than 1 years of data comparison, the author found that the company’s website has never sold 1 single other automotive supplies, but the company’s Taobao store in January will be able to sell more than 30 single. Also, because the site placed a number of other automotive supplies, but minor, dilute the main parking lock, thus losing some orders. Secondly, the so-called cross selling, not simply put a few products into one, that is, cross sales. Cross selling is a product recommendation based on more specialized data analysis and user consumption analysis.

summary: enterprise website operation, do fine, do professional, do your most advantage products, from the success of the recent.

two, no need to envy competitors and build your own comparative advantage,

every successful enterprise has different success factors behind it. In the car parking lock industry, there are manufacturers, agents, distributors, OEM brands, Taobao, personal owners, wholesalers and Internet companies, etc.. This industry, there are so many players, must have their own comparative advantages in order to profit.

the company is OEM brand, the company’s products compared to the factory, there is no price advantage, but not the number of small inventory advantages; compared to Taobao personal owner, the company must ensure that products have greater profit to profit; compared to agents or distributors, a company under the line of no store, no channels, no product brand advantage; compared to the network company, the network team staffing the less poor, there is no promotion and advantages of network marketing. Facing the Nanchang region so many competitors, the author of the company is how to break through step by step,


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