in 2012, I decided to start blogging. For nothing else, I hope I can blog about my growth and hope to help some of my brothers and sisters who have just graduated. We are a group full of impulsive, complaining, confused procedures ape, think about 3 years, so the past, the society has become more impetuous, and pear is also growing, the house, the car, women?… Crazy… Decided to write such an article, once again clear their occupation planning, also gave the impetuous you, set foot on the road is Bob road hard, boring, boring, in here of their own learning experience, is currently planning to list. Hope to be of some help to you.

1, more hands-on, more thinking

, don’t be afraid to do well, just graduated or just enter the line, the most missing is work experience, there is no other way, only do, do, do, do more experience. If you do a lot of projects, you’ll have the business logic of a variety of projects that you can’t learn at University, and that’s what businesses need most. What any enterprise needs is an employee who can quickly get started and solve the business task immediately. In the face of new technology now emerge in an endless stream, the needs of a variety of complex business logic, how do you respond? Is simple: do, do, do, my learning process is a word: do! Date from 0 to 1 is really hard to do hundreds of large and small (including the large the small size of the list, before the various business needs), summed up the company to solve a word: do more communication and more communication, more on the better understanding of customer needs and show the user some basic experience.

2, complain less, learn more

when you just enter the company, it will do a lot of chores, this can not be avoided. I entered this industry for half a year of the chores, what DIV, CSS, JS template changed little, etc.. Everything boils down, and only when your experience and skills accumulate enough to meet your business needs will you be appreciated. Of course, if you can’t appreciate it, you can quit immediately. For programmers, occasional job hopping is part of growing up. I don’t know whether it’s true or not, but for me, every job hopping is a quick growth. As a program monkey, I think if you really want to do it, you have to be interested in it. Writing code will make you crazy and make you crazy, so you can write it. If you’re just doing it for the job, then you’re just a tool, not a program monkey, so you shouldn’t jump too often, because every job hopping is a big challenge for you. With interest, with the constant support, do not care about the task, pressure, can do it, your goal is to improve yourself, let yourself in tomorrow is more valuable than yesterday, when the value of accumulated enough capital, many companies will rush to you, believe in the society will have to recognize the company. Patience + opportunity + unwavering belief, this is me! A simple procedure, ape.


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