wants to make money through the network, it is difficult to say, but also to need efforts and patience. I contact the network is also from 2003, that is, the rise of China’s Internet cafes in the era of it. It was also the first young man to contact the computer network in 80s. The network has been obsessed with, at first only know online game fun, then open website, is also driven by interest! Now age is 24~25, when the business, so want to be engaged in Internet business, to create their own wealth through the network.

although I do not have any high level of network technology, but I am confident and ambitious. For the network of warm loyalty, let me clear the direction of their career. There is always a philosophy, that is " through interest, hobbies, imagination, coupled with a sustained heart to create wealth, is a lifelong goal and pursuit. "

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now Wangzhuan for individuals, basically is several, basically do not make money


1, promote websites for others. Propaganda。 Is to let you register an account. Then give you a code. Let you go to the major forums to post propaganda. Others through your address sent to register, is your downline, the official will give you the corresponding commission. You can’t make any money in this way.

2, in recent years in the ALEXA rankings, many webmasters are out of vanity. Most want to get good rankings. Therefore, through various means to strive for greater flow. So there has been a lot of traffic alliances, selling traffic, traffic transactions sites. There’s a lot of traffic that can be done. Whether you have a website or not, you can help people brush traffic, and then sell points for cash. If I want to own a computer can also be income hundred dollars a month. If you don’t have a computer, you have to choose something else. This approach does not make money.

3, if you have the talent, grace, you can write an article, write some technical articles, to a large contribution the visibility of the site, if the article is enough cattle, technical content, an article in the official will give you dozens of pieces or even a hundred dollars. Of course, it would be better if you did a video tutorial. This method is for people with technical and literary talent, profits should be more than the previous two to make money. But it is not a permanent solution.

4, for personal web site owners. Is to advertising, such as whiteness, GOOGLE, thunder, etc. a lot of Alibaba to obtain advertising alliance code, on the website, click on the rate to make money, but only the flow of the site owners will have a high income, for our small website, every day several IP, ten, hundreds of IP, it is a torture. Before the site is not popular and traffic, or do not engage in this, will make themselves crazy. Or think about how to improve traffic, how to beautify the site, how to make their website attractive?.

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