April 24th, my Internet cafe union station. Since then, every day about 5 articles updated, I do Internet technology and information integration of the release station. Because just opened the station, from time to time to open the home flow statistics. In the first week of the week, IP hovered around two figures.

I’m in the Internet business. I have many friends from the same trade. Everyone in order to improve the popularity of the station, but also spent a lot of effort to help me publicity. Ha-ha。 Or the harvest is pretty big. A month down, IP guarantee about 500, PR also rose to 2. Six months later, IP reached several thousand, PR amounted to 4, Baidu included thousands. The article continues to be updated every day, mostly with its own experience, experience and modifications.

pays, has the repayment, the homepage does that several advertisement, guarantees my daily expenses. It makes me feel the joy and comfort of being a station.

webmaster, no matter what station, from their own success in the next article, has been persistent, there will always be results.

would like www.58un.com.cn to create more brilliance. Do you guys have any good ideas to talk about with my QQ:151415379?.

QQ group, 1:2560322 QQ group, 2:2748418

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