blog, the concept of the words in my blog I do this before you know, it is to use your own domain name, content management program of your choice, and then buy their own host space built blog, compared to Sina blog, Sohu and NetEase such as BSP blog blog blog, have no match the advantage in freedom, it can control their own domain name, it is equivalent to the control of their own brand; it can control the display style, fully customize their styles, do not have to buy accessories like QQ space; complete control of their own host space, the host is to buy their own independent blog the free space is now too hungry, if the blog is too slow, you can buy a good point, but can even choose the country in which.

blog has so many benefits, whether or not you heart? Independent blog although there are so many advantages, its disadvantages are also his independent blog this circle of people cannot expect.

, the early stage of an independent blog, is pretty bleak

independent blog than BSP blog, BSP blog circle gathered a very high popularity, there are new or new log recommended, such as Ge Bo Reuven recommended, even if not to do a special promotion, BSP system can also bring you some visitors, if the writing content is good, to put the BSP blog page. Traffic is not to say, eight better bloggers may even become blogger. These are not independent blog, independent blog is a web site or blog, no one would recommend your blog or blog, if not to promote no one knows your blog, independent blog – a deserted house. The independent blog is bleak, is completely automatic speaking occasionally several, from search engines to friends, like going, gently, gently walk, ABSP, leaving only the support you".

two, the early stage of an independent blog, is impetuous

everyone enters personal webmaster circle, no name is benefit, independent blogger belongs to webmaster category, no exception. Once with the dream of success into this circle, suddenly found that everything is not like that, low popularity, traffic can not go up, the ad no one points, every log of the reviews are numbered.

the blows in reality are cruel. In order to make money profitable, unable to bear the attack of the blogger began to embark on a very road. Deceptive advertising, or place or write soft to no one see the log, log collection and even plagiarism, I SPAM the most disgusting is no harm to others, the result is not that also harm other bloggers to delete delete comments. Once written blogging standards have long been thrown aside until blogs are abandoned.

three, independent blog, only adhere to a road,

no one can succeed by mere opportunism, especially for independent bloggers, because the success of blogs is very much

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