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"operation" is an interesting thing.

As one of the most popular work functions in the Internet industry,

is often called a big "metaphysics"".

on the one hand, its position and weight are getting higher and higher; on the other hand, it seems very vague, and it seems that few people can really tell what is "operation" in the true sense.

recalled, "operation" the emergence of this type of work, in fact, only a short span of ten years.

in a sense, we are willing to believe that one thing, if you do not know enough about its past, then you must be very difficult to understand its present and future.

we suppose it would be interesting and worthwhile if we could go back and look back at the history of "operation" in the Internet world. This formed the original intention of this article.

so what exactly is "operation",


I found on the Internet in the world, "the specific content of the work can include operations under the category, can be described as complicated ones: to promote the launch, planning activities, content production, data monitoring, user management, customer service…… A lot of content seems to be able to fill in it, almost every is called "operation" Internet practitioner, the person can carry more than one job content.

therefore, to try to talk about operations, we must first define operations.

, as defined in my first chapter in operation light, operates for the purpose of better connecting products and users". Furthermore, there are two purposes, one is to obtain users and to pay users; two, to better maintain these users, so that they are willing to continue to have relations with you.

, and all of the specific work that revolves around these two objectives can be seen as a means of operation. And a reliable operation, must be able to understand, and master a variety of means of operation – which is different from the traditional state of the industry.

but what exactly is a complex and diverse and sometimes somewhat broad function, exactly how it was born, and why it was born?

in order to answer such questions better, we are combing the course of development so far from the birth of the Internet industry, summarizes each stage representative products, and tries to go to analyze these Internet products in their era, is how to realize the "user access to & users pay", "" users to maintain two things.

and we also focus on "operation"

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