first thing to say is that we are bound to original, can not give up, many new Adsense blindly copying with nothing, you a new station with CMS collection system with no what use acquisition for small and medium-sized station which is very normal, why people can go collection included and snapshots, you become K is the object and the object of


acquisition of course there will be many site owners will use a good tool to collect, specifically what I don’t know, they collected a lot, such as Admin5, each a good article once they are acquisition gone and has been Baidu’s identity that is why, because people have enough weight enough became a famous site, it is a condition of course! I do not know that the right.

let me tell you how is a collection, because I often collection, I am not the sage was a layman, not so much ability to update the original, not acquisition is not.

: a popular content not to collect Admin5 and other large forum website, learning is good or to take back to change! Because of your station is Baidu update slow, Baidu know you have the article, in fact, the outside do not know how many, death is you! I have seen many collected every day the station included also so, so what the actual meaning of it? Baidu does not receive you, you this call make an unnecessary move.

two: whenever you see a article that you think is very suitable for their stand, optimistic about the date of publication, Baidu search included in the quantity, and then make decisions.

three: do the most stupid change method, change the name of the article, add the content of your website propaganda piece.

four: it’s a good way to build your own social circle and share the next information with several friends.

five: firmly with manual collection to run the forum, such as Tianya forum almost no minute to update the article, if your life is good to see a good article and Baidu is not included, immediately collected modification and optimization, the article is you stand.

six: go to the same level and the same industry websites or forums, pay attention to them, because there will be new content appear, and are new sites, Baidu will not have such a fast update rate, the same can be collected.

this is the practice of this site to collect, perhaps a lot of people will oppose the acquisition, but I didn’t really love those who collect original false but shouting cries, as the new Adsense original is absolutely we do this the head of the fundamental can not be lost! You lost the full collection of you will fail apparently! But in the network society there are always a little means, but it does not violate or disturb any order, you also think about his station to provide more user content that is not wrong, even if the ten article sites that do SEO I see at least half and other stations, all it is a superficial reform! So we also novice webmaster >

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