engaged in editorial work for more than a year, what did the data collection and analysis from did not go, often only in the Baidu search, share the experience of others in Sogou search, also cannot really feel they have the honor to participate in the sour, sweet, bitter, hot, 28 to push the 2 phase of training, the second phase of the task is data collection and analysis, I the group’s task is to collect the Tencent micro-blog 10 industry TOP10, I realized that the process analysis of a data collection and data.

collects data is exercise, executive ability.

collected the Tencent micro-blog 10 industries TOP10 is a physical activity, exercise is a person’s ability to perform, although not collect data more better, but if you can collect some useful data, it can be as much as possible the analysis of the data and tasks of the beginning of the week, a collection of my free time every day, I think that the foundation of a person with poor execution is Never mind, as long as you believe they can do with action, the results will be better than I thought.

data analysis is exercise thinking and attitude.

One of the

data collection is the phase of the task which is important for data analysis, collect data, if there is no analysis of the point, is of no significance, I collect, according to their own ideas, and the head of the advice, that is mainly to collect Tencent micro-blog data analysis of each micro-blog marketing value also, or to their location, I think micro-blog, in the industry of TOP10 should be taken into account: the number of fans, the number of broadcast, broadcast two times, broadcast, the amount collected, just started to analysis day broadcast frequency data, but in a few days and then feel troublesome and useless get rid of, I think it may be my attitude to the task, and later by the team members to share or feel every broadcast frequency or useful, this is the micro-blog is not every Every day has a basis for updates. Here are some of the data I collected for this task.

because in the process of data analysis is not allowed participants to share, then I see the end of the task group of students a good data analysis to know the gap, like Mou teacher said, through her analysis of the data can be very clear that the marketing value of each industry. For example, slimming products, want to do micro-blog marketing. Through her data to know which micro-blog to go to spread the effect is the best. She analyzed the data, can analyze the most popular, the most user targeted micro-blog, the following is part of the data she collected.


from this mission, let me know, data collection and analysis to execution, need attitude, also needs the ability of thinking, although the individual life, but if we can do the data analysis, the several core data sorted out, often can analysis; like Tencent micro-blog data, if we can find out the industry the Top10, positioning itself in what industry can be done by observing the top10 of micro-blog, "

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