, according to many WeChat operators, admits, "I don’t know what WeChat is going to make." but there are thousands of users who sign up for public numbers every day. It’s obvious that the two are a bit contradictory. We all go to WeChat public number this circle inside drill, that shows that this is a piece of fat, but we did not properly study the specific profit model. Now we each have a habit, that is to get up every day, lunch time, will not consciously open WeChat QQ see the circle of friends, this has become a disease we 80, 90.

must be aware that no one can afford to fail early. However, WeChat public number can really make money? What is the mode of operation? How can we maximize the benefits, then I will specifically talk about how to maximize the profitability of the WeChat public number.

1. do pay reading

I think, most of our predecessors do WeChat public number are operating experience, and have worked hard in this for several years. For operational promotion, we have their own methods, these are our hands-on experience, we can combine their own public numbers, gather some willing and hard to fight their partners. Every day in the WeChat public number to push their marketing experience, and mistakes have been made, so there are many people willing to pay for learning. This is because our own experience is to practice, although subscribers spent some money to read, but it can take a lot less detours, may he session a few days to do one thing, but we may have a word can help him to solve this problem.

2. hair soft advertising

WeChat’s biggest selling point is not how much it pays in terms of shopping or shopping, but because it has a large user base and 600 million users, then what we need to do is to increase the number of fans. When we are orders according to the amount of fans to count, general soft is 200-300/ million price, if I have 100 thousand words of our fans, we send a price of two thousand or three thousand or so, a month is not how much hair, hair once a week then tens of thousands of income. Orders for us do not have to worry about the transformation, because it is not our own products, do not worry about the conversion to commission.

3. with trumpet

we know that there are thousands of WeChat public numbers registered every day, and this is a huge group. We know that the promotion is now more and more difficult, then there are many people want to grow rapidly fans, but there is no way, it is only on the large belt. We can now see a lot of WeChat public number just started, it is difficult to promote, very want to be able to bring their own, then these people are our user groups. To tell you the truth, it’s a fast way to increase fans, but it’s also a risk for us.

4. do Taobao products

actually, everybody understands the mistake, micro >

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