started as a station is interested, then do station money is satisfied, do find this industry is too boring, like disgust as give yellow face, abandoned his station, but later found that this is a big mistake, if God give me a second a chance, I will not put you out, I will carefully stick, and combined with the industry to do station will make my website career more lasting, more and more beautiful.

my site growing experience

I will get some small "from 2001, when the main free homepage of the NetEase on 2003 to play, working in a small company network, responsible for website data update, 2004 truly begins to build their own on a personal website, advertising and advertising to make, then mainly for Baidu SEO mainly, find some popular words put it SEO to the top spot by such flow. By the end of 2006 to the end of 2008, due to the major search engine become mature, so I have to keep pace with the times, Jingxiaxinlai established with real content of useful friends stay visitors at the site, many webmaster keen on QQ website, I also consider the situation, establishes 2 types of site QQ that one is, one is, the two stations were the code in the QQ space, and QQ head have achieved good rankings, IP is also the tens of thousands of.

stands for standing,

to my station has been operating last year is still good, but because of personal thoughts emotional reasons is the bottom down, has been in the basic maintenance of the website and the lazy update state, while at the same time, the same type of website development, so that my two station flow a drop in the fall, so the mood is more a fall in the fall, I turned into a bad mood the vicious spiral station. Here, I think it is worth mentioning that my bad mood is bad, because I am a full-time webmaster. There is nothing else to do, can only rely on the website to survive, this situation leads to a boring life, without too much communication, no sense of achievement, suddenly feel void, although can get some living expenses from the website every month, but the overall feeling is not long, so do the heart slowly. In March 08, I in order to solve my problems, I decided to do the clothing industry, with the original on the site to earn a few money, rented a shops, from the operation of women’s clothing business, I am a man of my purchase eye is not good, the shop opened for half a year is not open, but in addition to open an online shop to continue to operate, no way I’m a band, want to do something to do. This is in the operation of women’s clothing business at the same time, I updated the site a little bit forgotten, the worst case is my space arrears stopped half a month, do not know, fortunately, domain name did not stop. This website traffic slowly become lower, while the women’s business and do nothing, then I found that gehangrugeshan ah, the impulse is the devil! I began to miss the original station start > time!

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