, wrote a "about QQ group promotion feasibility suggestion", this time Shao Guihu and everybody exchange is uses 51 nets promotion detail question. The title is intended to create a message book, because this article is mainly to explore the use of 51 nets message promotion skills. This is true of the promotion of local websites.

I started in 51 nets promotion time, 51 nets have not been old version. Recently, the 51 net revision, this article takes the new edition as an example.

, directional navigation,

is logged in, click on the top navigation bar "city online" enters the city where the home page, click on the top right "online friends" to view the list of online users, supported by gender view. At the top of the list are links to county-level units. If you are a county site, you can click on the county online list.

through the above introduction, we have found the place to be promoted. Next, you need to know some rules for leaving messages on the 51 web.

two, site rule

1, ordinary users at most 30 messages per day;

2, online users list, according to the online long rank;

3, message content appears outside the station limit;

4 generally does not restrict advertising, but it is not allowed to repeat advertisements on the same user’s page;

5, the message interval is 5 seconds. General webmaster manual release message, without the influence of time interval.

about the rules of the web, that’s all. In view of these rules, we should pay attention to some details in the promotion.

three, promotion details,

1, the average user has a limited number of message bars, so obviously can not meet the needs of website promotion. There are two solutions, one is to buy VIP privileges, to increase the number of messages per day, and two to register with vest. Since registration requires mailbox verification, you must register sufficient vest mailbox before you sign up for your vest. You can register the appropriate number of vests according to the number of local simultaneous users. For example, a county-level unit, while its number of online users at the same time about 300, then register 10 vests appropriate;

2, before the promotion, there is a particularly important details need to remind you. In the top left navigation of the 51 network, there is a "set", you must set browsing, for later to see other people’s home page, display a concise home page. Because the general homepage is a user interface, most of them are very slow and seriously affect the promotion efficiency.

3, the next step to the message promotion. Here are some tips for leaving messages:

(1) message content, or should be like QQ group promotion, must be polite and appropriate as the basic principle;

(2) message should be brief about the site, so that the other party to network

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