first stated that the article was not intended for any private institution, from the title of the article to the end of the article.

Desheng company is a management case which has been mentioned many times during the past two years in various management training. Desheng is a company that makes wooden villas and is responsible for the construction and installation of wooden houses. So, what’s so special about the company,


Desheng requires everyone to chew gum regularly and keep it fresh.

Every employee of

Desheng company first learned how to wash the toilet. After the toilet was cleaned, the water in the toilet could be drunk directly. Tecsun boss had to face many employees, brushing a toilet, then drink from water.


Desheng employees build houses, a nail is nailed at 3 cm and will not be pinned at 4 cm.

won’t go out of its way to pursue its performance and refuse many orders every year.

at the Desheng company, the employees at the grassroots level can directly reimburse the fees without signing.

building company employees will refuse to accept the customer’s gift, even good but difficult, will take the initiative to the company, then the public auction.

some people say this is a Christian company, and some people say it’s a humane management style. Opinions vary, one thing can be confirmed is: Desheng company every year to maintain this stable performance, and brand awareness is good, there is no excessive publicity and advertising.

management is facing, under the Tecsun management mode, we can see such a scene: everyone becomes a screw, and is gentle and noble screws, for their work to maintain strictly and down-to-earth attitude, even if there is no incentive or little incentive, they have no the work is still not lax. Without slogans, without material drivers, the machines operate quietly.

contrast, SEO industry and non Western management mode, has a very high similarity.

first, there are no industrial workers in the SEO industry. The chairman of Desheng company believes that China has construction industry, but there is no industrial worker. Engaged in the construction industry in China people are farmers, farm work yesterday, today you can walk on the scaffold, with such a person, certainly can not guarantee the quality of products, so China building life is very short. Tecsun are a group of industrial workers, they through learning and training, professional work, and even regard it as a lifelong career. A comparison of SEO, there is also no industry and industrial workers, SEO optimization company a lot of money, but in SEO personnel often is left or from a start, because the culture of SEO China College of industrial workers. SEO practitioners tend to have several roles, such as editing, planning, copywriting, etc., and will not focus on one thing

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