How does

operate users from 0 to 1

1: definition and classification of users

The definition of

1. user


user is a person who uses a product of a particular technology, product, service, user, or product. Although the definition is very simple, but the simpler the concept, the more it is clear what it means. The key word here is someone who uses some product.

)Classification of

2. users

is classified according to importance. They can be divided into three types: users, target users, and core users.

users are people who use some product.

target users are potential users of enterprise products or services.

core users are the most core target users of the product.

, for example, some students are now staging a particular fire, so people who use this stage service are defined by their users. Their target audience is college students. In the University, there are online shopping and consumer demand for goods, students, that is, the core user. Students who do not have the ability to consume or are reluctant to buy online will not use their products.


, speaking of target users, has to talk about seed users, with three major differences between target and seed users.


1. already used the product?. The person who uses your product is your seed user.


2. give product feedback?. Seed users are willing to continue to give advice on products that help optimize the product, but the target user does not necessarily give feedback.


3. willing to share and disseminate products?. Seed users can help spread the product better, and are willing to introduce your products to the social circle around you. However, the target users may run out of use, there will be no share of this link.

from these three points of view, the target user is actually some groups will use products, but the seed user groups, but also the core of the products will continue to make suggestions, and willing to share and spread. So that’s why many people try to get some seed users in the early days when they make products.

is classified according to liveness, and can be divided into three types, active users, lost users and retained users.

active users in a period of time for a product or service has any behavior of users, according to the time dimension to distinguish words, including daily living (DAU), week (WAU) and (MAU), live is the definition of an active user.

refers to the loss of customers in a period of time, not to open the product or service users, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days if defined, after such a long time, the users will not come back, we can judge for this.

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