recently in the local network group purchase and chose several items, from last year to now close the network group purchase group purchase, I found the local network and gradually increased, while last year in the network group purchase choice of goods in my city is only 2 sites and the number of goods is not a lot, but these days to choose items but found that there have been 4 group purchase network exists and the quantity of the goods variety, and the difference is that the network group purchase more or less have their own change.

before the group purchase net didn’t what the station the connection between QQ and consulting and so on, and now we entered the network group purchase at the website also have their own counseling and QQ contact, the group purchase network constantly changes, and these changes for the user to say is good. Therefore, the local group buying network has gradually restored its vitality. Then, as a webmaster, what can we learn in the process of the recovery of the local group buying network?

adhere to the website is the top priority, without perseverance, the final success is difficult!


do anything we must insist, operation of the site is the same, take our local group purchase network, the largest network is also ranked first in a group purchase group purchase network has gone through several years, from the beginning of the network to the network group purchase group purchase hot close to today’s situation, the network group purchase from the beginning to the end are not shut down or go downhill, this also resulted in the group purchase network is many of the local young men and women trust group purchase network, why should we trust him, because of the time. The network group purchase in exchange for the trust of users with time, we in the course site you think about this? To adhere to the operation of the site, regardless of the market environment, industry fluctuations or personal ability, we should make their sites persist, perhaps this is persisted for months or even years, but I want to as long as your own mind, will, even if just a few years off is worth it, no perseverance to succeed. Remember last year when stocks, a shares were suspended 07 years from the beginning of last year, to finally resume trading on the first day of resumption of trading, up 10 times, 2 yuan is from a 07 year suspension of money rose to 26 last year, which makes some investors smile to open eyes, but also some investors in the loud lament, because they do not stick to their hands of the stock sold out, which resulted in the loss of more than ten times. From what we can see – persistence is the top priority of the website operation, no insistence, no matter what to do, it is impossible to succeed.

innovation is the user core of website operation, without innovation can not keep user,

is not alone in creativity of your site, so your site may not keep users, if the A5 website for a few years a friend may be very clear, and now the difference between the A5 forum, and A5 portal and now is different, A5 site in the change and innovation gradually go now, they rely on change and innovation to retain users. And why doesn’t our website change and innovate?

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