play a long time, I feel very interesting, in the above can often see some good information and comments can also express their views to allow more people to pay attention to the above speak freely, but also know some industry celebrities, which help to the future work and career development. Micro-blog promotion has become a lot of people on the Internet the new marketing channel, Mou Changqing had in the Tencent micro-blog boasted that their micro-blog audience reached ten thousand, will share some of their own experience and experience of micro-blog promotion. As of today, my micro-blog audience is only 3000 years old, and still has a certain distance from ten thousand, so I haven’t shared my experience in promoting micro-blog. But recently I have on some of the popular micro-blog is how to operate micro-blog, which Cai Wensheng is my most for a long time, so today and share the "Master Wang Cai Wensheng how to write his micro-blog

you play Sina, micro-blog will find that there are a lot of Internet circles in the IT celebrity, and the number of fans are not low. Less than thousands, more than tens of thousands, I personally analyzed the reasons for these IT celebrity fans more than 3 main reasons.

1: because in the industry’s own visibility, can take the initiative to attract a group of people to pay attention to him.

2: easy to make special recommendations, such as Sina, micro-blog will recommend a number of IT celebrities through various means.

3: because of being a celebrity, speech is easily transmitted by micro-blog, a similarly popular celebrity, so that more people pay attention to it.

This is the most

celebrity blog reason many fans, but it is particularly well-known IT celebrities, such as "Zhou Hongyi" and "Koo" and "Yang Weiqing" and so on, the number of fans of them is hard to break the bottleneck of 50 thousand. I have carefully observed, in Sina, micro-blog, more than 50 thousand fans of the Internet circle of IT celebrities, very few. Among them, Cai Wensheng is one of them, the number of fans nearly 10W, and Cai Wensheng opened in April 15th, Sina, micro-blog, more than many celebrities late. Coincidentally my wife’s website was also April 15th Bo excellent the registered domain name, now Baidu search ranking: Second)

as figure: Cai Wensheng in Sina micro-blog fans number


Internet circle, especially the webmaster circle of friends to believe that "Cai Wensheng" are not unfamiliar, tens of thousands of the best domain name, hand G.cn, 360.cn, qiyi.com and other famous sites are in the hand of Cai Wensheng, it is recognized the most cattle "king of the domain name". Because the investment in a number of sites, such as the 4399 game, CNZZ statistics, 58 city, storm, Meitu Xiu Xiu and so on, are all known as the "king of the webmaster". Therefore, Cai Wensheng in Sina, Tencent opened micro-blog after a large number of people concerned about the industry, but this is not Cai Wensheng, micro-blog fans can break through 50 thousand bottlenecks, reaching more than 90 thousand fans reasons

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