is looking at the news of Shanda’s literary company. Suddenly, the Internet literature has been going on for ten years. I feel a bit older. However, in my eyes, the real life of network literature has not been ten years. Like many people, I have personally witnessed and witnessed the death of Internet literature. Its remains are still stored in cyberspace.

I got on the Internet in 1999, and I got a few lines of Internet cafes. In 1998, "the first intimate contact" became popular and landed in a book, becoming a landmark event in Chinese Internet literature. Internet cafe owner directly from the Internet down to print into brochures, placed in the doorway selling. Cai, as the godfather of the network literature, in this example, affects the desire of those in the Internet code of people. Everyone gathered under the banyan tree, gold bookstore, olive tree, queer network literature website, beating their dreams.

no exaggeration to say, at that time in the network code word network writers, mostly no utilitarian heart. As long as people send flowers or brick, is the biggest meet. As for fame, this is more about joy and pleasure. Remember a story was under the banyan tree to get the radio broadcast, then moved to can’t sleep sleep, feeling seems to have become a writer. (the story was later gold bookstore as a title, a network novel collection) was already famous, Ning Caishen, Li Xunhuan, Xing Yusen baby Anne et al, are not a professional writer. And in the banyan under the auspices of the forum writer Chen Village, in the eyes of many writers, is simply a great God of literature.

, a period of non utilitarian and free creation, constituted the golden age of Internet literature. However, the heyday is short, and network literature is no exception. The reason is not complicated. The desire to be famous flies higher and farther, even if not so famous, but also longs to find a desk that can afford literature. Amateur writing and literature in the sense that the flea market Liantan no difference. From this point of view, the network literature marketization, vulgarization, there is no suspense at all, it is only a matter of time. Think of is, in the market era, everything is inevitable economic tide coerced them, how can the network literature independent of


but it is also difficult to find any landmark events to prove that online literature has come to an end. As history has always been a process from quantitative change to qualitative change. On the Internet writer personally, from writing the play to come up with the money, but for a minute. Literature websites are in the new economic era and have to find their own profit models. Therefore, in 2001, Chen village has been clamoring: "the best period of network literature has passed."." If I remember correctly, that stage is the best time for publishing novels on the internet. The close contact between network literature and market economy directly declares that its chastity is not guaranteed. Although for the parties concerned, the purity of literature is nothing. With pleasure, we must shout.

since then, online literature has basically become a kind of books on the market selling products

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