yesterday, delicacy recipe sharing application announces $25 million C round of financing, led Party voted for the capital and clean capital valuation of about $300 million, at the same time, bean fruit also released 5.3 new versions.

this revision in bean fruit food founder, Dark Horse Camp student Wang Yuxiang looks significant. He took his cell phone and showed the I dark horse reporter a new version of the bean fruit, and told reporters that beans fruit food has 75 million users, and this number of users will break through 100 million at the end.

Wang Yuxiang hand gestures said the revision to make menu beans into the market by a circle into a triangle. Round refers to the menu, the circle is produced in accordance with the recipes, and this revised "bean fruit" is more like a triangle, the menu is only one side, the other two sides, one is the electricity supplier, and the other is the community.

"on the surface, many of our structures and columns have undergone some changes, but in fact, we haven’t changed much. We’ve just changed a new form to show it."." Wang Yuxiang explained that the new version changes the menu to the underlying data, making the menu from the previous single list to open the application and feel like a recipe anywhere.

has a lot of competitors for gourmet recipes. Delicacy Jie, good beans nets, kitchen and other applications are respectively delicacy in the market to occupy a certain market, but Wang Yuxiang believes that the current recipe homogenization phenomenon is serious, and bean fruit wants to use the revision, a "subversion of the industry".

but the question is, why is the bean fruit? The mobile terminal launched in 2011 beans delicacy in the market, will undoubtedly be a leader in the rapid growth of user data from behind, beans fruit what unique growth path? Tools for App, from the tool to the community + the road how to go through


Wang Yuxiang gives the answer is, bean fruit to the community atmosphere training, formed the most important competitiveness of bean fruit food, also for its successful walk through the electricity supplier buried foreshadowing.

later came to

back in 2008. Wang Yuxiang also made product director in 12580. In 2006, Ali sold the word-of-mouth network of public comment and confrontation between the north and the south, GIT recipe site have appeared, and the Wang Yuxiang brothers after a series of thinking, which saw the opportunity: a recipe website plagiarism is serious, China Internet does not appear a community website that a man can cook, cooking and sharing, in the field of basic necessities of life eat, is a large scale market.

in the preliminary market analysis and research, "I dish network" on the PC side of the line. In the early days, Wang Yuxiang dug people from the gourmet blog when he got the user’s approach. Because of my dish network specifically designed for the kind of cookbook content clockwise, content publishing and reading experience is far better than the general blog, some bloggers began to publish content in my dish network in the invitation, but did not take them as the main battlefield of bean fruit. < >

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