Anhui Internet Union ( organized by the Anhui webmaster seminar third, has today (2008.12.12) 14:30 successful conclusion. This period we have gone to the current high popularity of webmaster Madman: fast code network GJJ, participate in lecture group number: 47065533, at present 500 people in a large crowd, almost full, you can see the majority of webmaster GJJ welcome and support.

GJJ students in the busy finally give me the old K took home a day, invited him in 14:30 published a wonderful speech received wide acclaim in the head of the group, the following is the full text of the lecture notes, are interested in the webmaster review. We also carried on the full text broadcast in the Anhui stationmaster SNS:, uid=1&, do=blog&, id=10442

GJJ students usually don’t look in the domestic large and small are very active but may not be used in the group without obvious speech before, two figure king fish boss talkative, a lot of the time is to guide you. But the expert is expert, GJJ students come stunned: "do mostly Mensao shape, I also not listed, usually very little contact with the outside world, I was a grassroots webmaster". Compared with the publicity of the appearance, obviously low-key. He went on to say, "from the first website in 2001, I fell many times."… It’s still on the trail..

is usually at home for half a month without going out, go out for half a month without the kind of home. Recently ran very frequently! Ten Gong in nine, mainly in some aspects of the activities, one can learn a lot of knowledge, let oneself many detours in the process of construction, on the other hand can also meet some webmaster friends!! expand your circle of friends. Before the site is closed. I have the following sites:,, We wonder why CC is a suffix, because before the first domain name is CC, and later became accustomed to, now go to, two days before the application of a domain name originally wanted to do the SNS domain name, and was afraid of spoof."

GJJ is currently the students as everyone knows the famous webmaster madman, almost all of the owners will come, and forthright, hospitable style around by the webmaster favorite, SNS fast allusion net GJJ students founded domestic webmaster gathered in all the well-known domestic webmaster inside. He mentioned "actually do this SNS intention is to sort your contacts, once I attend stationmaster plenary meeting in Guangzhou, the next stop is to go to Hefei will have a free time to go to Nanchang tourism intermediate. A webmaster friend, after knowing very warm hospitality, I was also very grateful, >

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