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"If, you, are, not, growing, then, you, are, dying."! If you’re not growing, you’re on the decline" A famous saying by Nike founder Phil Knight tells the important value of "growth" for commercial enterprises. Whether Wall Street, listed companies or start-up companies, the concept of growth is very fancy, because it is the core of the business company pointer.

is concerned about the growth of enterprises and uses a variety of creative methods to promote growth in a group of people, the so-called Growth Hacker.

in 2010, Sean Ellis first proposed the concept of "growth hacker". A’s A hacker person true north is growth is the only mission of growing hackers, he says, whose growth is. Everything they do strives to bring the possibility of sustained growth to the product.

at Silicon Valley, unicorn companies like Airbnb, Dropbox and Slack have long begun to use hacking methods for business practice. Through creative methods and scientific methods of data analysis, they can attract millions of users and reach billions of dollars in valuations in a very short time at very low cost. But Sean Ellis discovered this characteristic more than 10 years ago, and he believes that modern enterprises must constantly innovate in order to achieve efficient growth.


man swept the United States "growth hackers", is the high cost of

The idea of

growth hackers didn’t appear today. In fact, as early as ten years ago, American commercial enterprises have already started the digital operation of the system. In China, many enterprises still retain extensive mode of operation. Why is that so? One of the central reasons is the high cost.

, let’s look at the example of Motivate, a shared bike company in New York, america.

Motivate has been around for nearly ten years more than China’s shared bike industry. It costs as much as $5000-10000 a year for a car. This is because, from raw materials, design, manufacture, to transportation, management, labor, the cost of each link is very high. Therefore, if it wants to be a money making business, it must improve the efficiency of conversion and operation in all aspects.

right now, China is racing to share bike wars, and the cost is not as high as in the United states. But as China’s demographic dividend, the Matthew effect, capital investment is even more

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