after several years do I have to do station exploration, the station understand technology, has accumulated considerable experience, so I choose to do stand as my occupation work. At the same time, however, there is one problem that bothers me all the time. By standing, I always find it difficult to get the benefits that make me feel safe. The income is always unstable, at worst, even just to recover the cost. This makes me have to think about how to explore an updated model, not all chips are on the website above, you can risk sharing, access to a relatively stable income. With my own expertise, I decided to open a computer repair store, on the one hand can continue in my head, on the other hand can also repair computer live this technology to obtain additional income, it is an ideal collocation. In fact, after a period of operation, I found that the collocation pattern let me far beyond my expectations of the gains from, a computer repair shop, not only led to the popularity of the forum and advertising revenue, while the previous forum is to bring more and more customers, compared to my absolute returns achieved over a few times. Today, with A5 platform, and I share my feelings and ideas in this regard, I hope to be able to inspire the webmaster, and common success.

experience 1: switching thinking, so that the site is no longer a single source of profit.

because of the current Chinese Internet structure, the major Internet Co are dominated by one market, individual owners want to get a slice of the difficulty is much higher than before. At this time, they need to change their thinking, and do the station as a source of income, no longer simply rely on the site to obtain a single type of income. It should be based on their own expertise, develop new projects, and can combine with the website, the relationship between mutual support and promote, so that they can make profit for expansion, and both the effect of the good results can be obtained under the push each other.

experience two: do forum and physical store mutual benefit.

forum, one is considered to be in the early stages of development for our potential customers from the forum, the forum for local optimization of user needs computer maintenance services to search my forum, so I found the store and found me, the other is the body shop business to customer referrals at the forum, the forum to make their intimacy and sense of belonging to the enhancement, they become the loyal members of the forum, and through the interaction between the two projects for members and customers continuously into each other, provides a good model for this is the objective of my business development.

experience three: the use of real and affordable to win the hearts of customers.

whether it is to do any project, as long as the need to deal with customers, need to make money from other people’s pockets, need to always respect and try to understand the customer’s psychology. I am in the process of operating the forum, as well as in the process of doing business, will allow customers to feel my true and give them tangible benefits. For example, in forums, I often organize all kinds of responses

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